The new Pixel 4 launches with some great photos that make jealous of owners of previous generations of the device. Although Google will eventually bring a few of them to its older phones, this is not the case for everyone, and the Android community is already stepping up to fill the void. Google Camera's most famous mod, GCam by cstark27, has been updated to bring some exclusive Pixel 4 features to older Pixels.

Astrophotography, Pixel 4's greatest jaw-dropping skill, is the headliner of this fashion update. It should also work on Pixel 1

and 2; all you need to do is switch to Night Sight and keep your phone extremely stable, then touch the shutter button when the "Astrophotography on" message is displayed. I tested it on my Pixel 2 XL and was able to take lots of 60 second exposure shots. If I had less light pollution around me, it would have to increase.

A very cloudy night, so you will have to look closely to see some stars towards the top.

Another supported feature is Super Res Zoom (which comes with Pixel 3, not Zoom +, which launches with 4). I tested it against a regular Google camera and saw a clearer image as a result of zooming up to 7x on my Pixel 2 XL.

Left : 4x magnification with Google Camera. Right : 4x magnification with GCam 7.2 mode. Bottom : Same, cut.

The mod also features many new settings and enhancements such as focal length and Super Res Zoom, while in Night Sight, Photobooth mode (look for the auto-timer in the selfie camera settings) and a synthetic fill flash to illuminate faces when they are taken on a light background.

Left : Night Vision Focus and Toast Astrophotography. Law : Photobooth for selfies.

* Enable Astro mode for pixels 1 and 2
* Enable Night Sight focus options (together with infinity – can be the same as before)
* Modified portrait depth cover in portrait (Pixel 2) mode
* Activate Super Res Zoom while zoomed in or night vision (no zoom required) – it's like Pixel 3 stock
* Activate automatic timer (photo wake), it's in selfie camera in Timer options
* Activate synthetic flash to fill Pixel 2 and activate SFF in Camera mode for 3a

cstark27 says test Paragraph those of its Pixel 2 and I, but some of them have also worked on the pixels of the first and third race. To try them out, you can get GCam PXv3.0, which is based on Google Camera 7.2, from the official source or from the APK Mirror.