Google's new hardware range expired before its official launch and with less than a week left to hear new rumors. According to a new and not entirely surprising report, Google is planning a 5G Pixel device that may or may not be unveiling at its October 15 hardware event.

Nikkei Asian Review sources tell this publication that this 5G phone is already in test production, Sources have not limited launch time ̵

1; the phone will either be announced with the regular Pixel 4 and 4 XL next week, or in spring 2020 with a "Pixel budget phone" (probably Pixel 4a).

Next week's announcement of the 5G Pixel will mark the first device from a US company to support the new wireless standard. Even if the phone comes next spring, it will probably be so; Apple, the only other US company likely to launch a 5G phone in the near future, announces its new iPhones this fall.