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Google June 2021 The impact of the major update is now noticeable

As you know, Google’s major update of June 2021 began running around 6:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday, June 2, 2021, but the chatter in the industry was not at the levels of the major update. This means that the SEOs who are tracking these changes are not actually saying that this is a big update and I still think it will be so on some level, even this morning.

The spread started to pick up on Saturday night (in terms of SEO chatter, SEO optimizers notice the major update) even today, but it’s still not at the high levels of the major update I usually see. This reminds me of the major update from September 201

9, which was noticed a few days after this spread was slow.

Maybe this June 2021 update is similar to this one? Who knows. We know that Google said that this update from June 2021 is in two parts, and another release in July. Maybe it will have a bigger impact than the typical kernel update when this part is released?

Don’t get me wrong, many of the tools show large fluctuations the day after the release, but the chatter is not at the levels of a typical kernel update in terms of time since its announcement. Usually, when it is announced, within 12-24 hours we see a huge jump in chatter. But here’s the chatter, there’s much, but much more common than the typical kernel update, for a few days after the release.

Here’s the chatter from the weekend and this morning from WebmasterWorld, Black Hat World and Twitter:

Keep in mind that it was mostly quiet and people were asking if anyone else was noticing the changes until Saturday. Comments like “I browsed today like over 100 sites and see absolutely nothing” is what I saw. But then it hit Saturday, Sunday and we saw a little chatter:

It finally hit me yesterday at 19:00 EST at the point. I’m down about 25% on my biggest blog in law and government. Other blogs see small changes up and down. The last few days have been quiet, but overall it seems to have been very volatile for my blogs. I was surprised that the update was announced after all the volatility in May … Hoping for a correction with the “two-part update” in July. Good luck to all, this is an uneven journey.

Here I have seen mostly positive movements. Both of my websites have recovered significantly from the previous major update.

A huge blow suddenly in the last few hours. Semrush shows that our ranks are falling sharply across the site. Entertainment / education.

From today he began to notice changes. It is very difficult to say exactly what the impact is, but at the moment it seems negative. You have reason to believe that next week the SERP may start to move dramatically and we will see the end result for this update.

The last few days have been quiet, now the update shows its face. As always, when we improve the site again despite all the highs / lows and increase our income, it decreases again.

I see another big drop in both rankings and traffic to my most important pages. My homepage and my more popular landing pages with the most inbound links disappeared and had one visit this morning. For the first time, I see low-ranking, low-traffic interior pages receiving more traffic than my highest-ranking pages. To me, this seems to be an indication of some kind of sanction in action. I find myself dropping out on page five for terms I’ve been on top for years, and not because other sites have high DAs, links, or content.

To be honest, I’m quite panicked when I see the results for my site. I haven’t done anything drastic on my site / structure in a long time. It has been naturally bred for 20 years, naturally earning feedback from articles, etc. or something like that.

If these results that I see now stick, for me the game is over, because 80% + of my business comes from organic results. I can’t afford to spend thousands on advertising.

Oh, my lord, Google just freaked out one of my sites. I only have a handful, so it’s noticeable.

What do I mean by crazy? I mean, it gets the same amount of traffic, but it’s no longer based in the US, now it comes from all countries, whether they speak the language or not. Overall the same amount, but a 70% drop from the US. My site needs to be translated to make sense.

A big drop for us so far. But this time we were hit with an updated introduction. With that, we got a boost until the update started and dropped a few days later. I hope this time is different.

My site has lost about 30% in a few days, but also almost all of my niche competitors is design and marketing

I saw an increase in impressions on 5 sites. All show a little more impressions in the last 3-4 days

The ranking is currently on my site.

I lost 50% of my traffic

am I the only one with positive results? =)

Massive improvement of the company site I work for, 125% increase in traffic on Sunday compared to the previous week, high ranking increases – I hope it stays!

They seemed to be testing this two weeks ago, my ranking jumped, but it only lasted a few hours and shot straight down. The ranking looks very similar to then.

Here are some Twitter rankings:

So there is really a lot of traffic for some sites.

This is how automated tracking tools are doing right now.


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Advanced network ranking:

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Cognitive SEO:

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It’s interesting to see that some of the tools follow the chatter, where there was a delay from Google’s announcement until SEO optimists noticed changes on Sunday or so. But some have seen changes before the chatter in the industry – makes you wonder.

Forum discussion in WebmasterWorld and Black Hat World.

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