Google Maps has recently seen many user interface changes that some of us find redundant or at least not a priority. But over the past few days, two really important features have emerged in the apps – speed camera cameras and speed limitations while driving – and now there is a third addition. When using navigation in the car, you can now set your departure or arrival time and get an estimate of how long your route will take. all kinds of navigation, but on mobile, it is limited to public transport. Finally, version 1

0.8.0 of Maps adds the option. You can find it in the top-right overflow menu when you check what steps are step-by-step instructions.

Left: Maps 10.7.1. Right: Cards 10.8.0 add a new "Set and Arrival".

You can select any date and time and get an estimate of how long you will be traveling and when you arrive (if you set your departure) or when you have to leave (if you have set your arrival). At this time, you do not seem to be able to add a reminder or notification, so you will not bother when you need it. It's also impossible to monitor the traffic situation if the unexpected jam drastically changes your departure time. let this (sometimes) appear when you have a calendar event with a specific location and you are still far away.

You can check out the new feature in Google Maps v.10.8.0, which is available in the Play Store beta and the APK mirror.

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