Over the past few days, updates to the Google Play Store have broken the change menu in My Apps and Games. Users have noticed that tapping the small arrow on each application does not trigger the change log to appear below it, so they must delve into the list of applications, looking for the latest changes made by each update. Fortunately, this is already fixed with the latest Play Store v17.

The bug came with Play Store versions 1

6.8 and 16.9, and while benign, it was inconvenient for anyone accustomed to checking the latest changes to all their apps under the same page – expand, read, collapse, done . Now with version 17, things are back to normal. Touching the application arrow falls down the list of changes, and touching it again hides it.

Left : Play Store 16.9, Chrome Change History seems to be expanding but showing nothing. Right : Play Store 17, fixed.

Play Store Version 17 is slowly unfolding to users, but if you're worried about the fix, you can get it directly from the APK Mirror. [19659008]
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