After an initial stalemate, two Republican members of the Waynes County Canvassers Council reversed the course, voting to validate the county̵

7;s election results.

Detroit Free Press

LANCING – John James, the Republican candidate for the US Senate in the November 3 election, asked the State Council on Friday to postpone the certification of the results of the election in Michigan.

The four-member council, made up of two Republicans and two Democrats, is due to meet Monday to test the results, amid continued efforts by Republican Donald Trump to overturn results showing Democrat-elected President Joe Biden is defeating him in Michigan. with about 154,000 votes.

Trump has made baseless allegations of election irregularities in Detroit and elsewhere. The alleged irregularities will not come close to annulling the result, even if they are proven to be true and have been rejected by several state courts.

In a letter to the board, James requested a two-week delay “for a full audit of the election results.”

He included an extensive letter from his lawyers and affidavits or declarations from three contenders and voters.

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“I make this request because I am interested in the truth and I am defending the integrity of our election,” James said. “Sometimes the truth takes time to surface and it’s rarely easy to get to.”

Unofficial results show that US Senator Gary Peters, a Democrat, defeated James by just over 92,000 votes.

James, a Detroit businessman, declined to admit it.

Norm Shinkle, a member of the Republican board, said he was willing to ask for a delay.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said post-certification audits were planned and there were no credible allegations of fraud to justify delaying the Council’s obligation to certify the results.

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