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Government exclusion: Answers to your questions

As the exclusion stops, more and more federal employees are called to work – unpaid, at least in the foreseeable future – to keep the key things safe.

Your assumption is good like ours.

President Donald Trump and House President Nancy Pelosi are locked in a duel for Trump's request that Congress allocates $ 5.7 billion to build a wall on the US-Mexico border. The president is expected to offer Democrats another proposal to end the shutdown when he turns to the nation on Saturday afternoon from the White House. Trump is not expected to give up his request for a border wall, but to offer a plan that seeks to lure Democrats with other concessions.

Are there foods I have to avoid?

The US Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday resumed some food safety inspections that were halted since the closure began.

But even with back-to-work inspectors ̵
1; free of charge – some experts still have concerns about safety and recommend avoiding certain foods.

Is it safe to travel?

Yes. Staff related issues, such as unplanned absences from the Transportation Security Office, could become a safety hazard, although experts say it is far away. The Federal Aviation Administration announced on Tuesday it would pull thousands of workers, adding to air traffic controllers and other FAA employees who work without pay.
Some airports have had longer waiting times at checkpoints while other containment operations. But TSA says most operations are running normally.
Meanwhile, investigations of significant incidents of aircraft, railways and vehicles have been detained as workers at the National Transport Safety Council have also been arrested. Most of the military is not affected because a bill was passed in September to fund the Ministry of Defense.

However, the US Coast Guard is under the Department of Homeland Security, and thousands of members of the incumbent services who were working on the closure went without pay on Tuesday. This is the first time members of the armed forces have not received remuneration at the time of closure, said the high-level Coast Guard official.
The Veterans Affairs Department is fully funded for the financial year 2019 and all operations will continue normally at the time of closure.

Are US diplomatic posts secure?

Yes. The State Department ordered staff to return to work this week, stating that they needed US embassies, consulates and local offices to have staff to ensure national security. The department said it would find money to pay workers for a while, despite the closure. Employees were relieved because officials thought the stop would end sooner, they said. And while the operations will continue, the Bureau and posts are expected to adhere to a strict budget for contract, travel and other needs.

How about forecasting weather?

The longer production stops, the more vulnerable the country is for the next season of hurricanes and other extreme climatic conditions.

The hurricane season does not begin until June, but predictions and researchers use off-season to improve and improve storm forecasting models, techniques and techniques. Now much of the research is under threat.

Will I get your mail?

Yes. The post office does not use federal appropriations for operations instead of relying on sales of postal items, products and services.

Will I get my tax refund?

Yes, but it's about the employees of the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS has ordered tens of thousands of employees to get back to work this week without pay because the tax season has begun. Switching to tax return processing is a deviation from the IRS policy of non-payment of refunds while the government is closed.

Will I get my food labels?

Foods are funded by February. The Ministry of Agriculture claims to work with the states for the granting of benefits for February earlier than usual until January 20th. Some recipients may receive an unusually large payment, intended to last another month, which may cause confusion. The special program for additional food for women, babies and children, known as WIC, is also funded by February. Children's food programs, including school snacks, lunches and after-school meals, are funded by March.

Is social insurance affected?

No, social services are not affected and benefits will continue to arrive on time.

How were the Indian tribes affected?

Tribes relying on federal funds for services such as health clinics and food closets are affected.

Around 1.9 million Indians and natives of Alaska receive funding from the Indian Affairs Bureau, which is headed by the Ministry of Interior, one of the agencies affected by the closure.

For a Chipepea tribe in Michigan, the price is $ 100,000 each day when the government is closed.

Can I still visit national parks?

Some are completely closed. Others are still open, but with little staff.

Martin Luther King's National Historic Park in Atlanta will open again on Saturday before the federal holiday with financial help from Delta Air Lines. It will remain open for 16 days, meaning that passengers visiting Super Bowl on February 3 will also get a chance to visit the places, the Park Service said.
In other parks, local volunteers are picking up until the government reopens.

What about the Smithsonian Museum?

All the museums of Smithsonian and the National Zoo are now closed.

What happens to court cases?

Federal courts have so far dug deep to find funds to keep things up and workers have paid, but the judiciary will spend its money on Friday. Then the main staff would work without pay.
More than 40,000 immigration hearings were canceled due to the closure, according to a report. Immigration courts dealing with cases of people who are not detained will be reinstated after the government reopens. Cases of detainees continue on schedule

Can I marry in Washington?

Yes. Because of the capital's unique management, some municipal functions, including the granting of marriage licenses, are affected by the closure.

But the mayor of Washington signs the Love Act by temporarily allowing the city employee to issue marriage licenses at the time of closure so that couples can get the benefits of tax and property at home

The President and ] the members of the Congress are paid?

Yes. The salaries of the president and the members of Congress are recorded in the Constitution and are not financed through annual budget appropriations

Since his inauguration, Trump has paid his quarterly salary to various federal agencies. And some members of Congress donate their wages to charity.

Is federal workers getting help?

Federal officials who work – or do not work – free of charge, could use beer. Now everyone can buy the next round of drinks for the affected ones.
Workers also receive help from their friends across the border: Canadian air traffic controllers order pizzas for their American counterparts.
Food banks have also grown to provide food and production to government workers. Will federal workers return?

About 800,000 federal officials are required to work or remain unpaid. The two Chambers of Congress have adopted legislation to ensure that late federal workers are paid back, and Trump signed this week.

Contract workers may not be so happy. Whether they will get paid depends on their employer.

Some Democrat Party senators have enacted legislation to ensure that low-wage federal contractors receive a payback. A similar bill for the building was suspended in 2017

Whether the employees who worried should return to work if the government so requests?

Yes. Employees who are called back to work must appear. Most of them, including those at the IRS and the FAA, will work without pay. The State Department has promised to find a way to pay out workers withdrawn for a payment period, although they will not be paid for the length of time they have been extended until the government reopens.
So why do not workers just refuse to work without pay? Well, it's illegal for federal workers to strike. If they did, they could be sacked after the government resumed.

Can federal officials pay weekends ?

Any payment of paid leave is canceled during the exclusion, as instructed by the Office of Administration and Budget. Employees may be able to carry forward the planned holiday time last year after the government reopens.

What about the benefits of federal workers? Health insurance will continue, and premiums will accumulate at the time of closure to be denied wages after the reopening of the government.

Life insurance lasts up to one year at no cost to the employee or agency.

However, requests for a flexible account will not be refunded until the exclusion expires. And premiums for long-term care and dental and visual insurance will accumulate, after which employees will be charged directly. Workers can also not contribute to Savings Plans, their federal savings accounts for retirement. They can borrow money from these accounts – but only if the suspension is expected to last for less than 30 days. Employees may withdraw from the accounts if they are 59½ years old or face "financial difficulties".

Can employees get another job or request donations? Workers looking for another job must continue the standards and rules of ethical conduct of the executive, as well as the relevant rules of the agency. These rules could limit the kind of work they can take, as well as the money they can earn. And there is always the opportunity for employees to be called back to their government positions in a short time.

Meanwhile, some officials have created GoFundMe pages looking for donations to help them survive the closure, although this may be against the law. 19659004] Federal workers may have difficulties, however, to get answers to their ethical questions: Only three out of 68 ethics staff are working at the time of closure.

Can Federal Workers Apply for Unemployment Insurance?

Depends. If they have to work without pay, then no. Managed workers could qualify and the requirements vary depending on the state. Most countries pay payments within 21 days of filing a claim, as directed by the Personnel Management Office.
Also, most states – and Washington – require federal workers to return unemployment benefits if they eventually receive a paycheck.

Is federal workers getting financial help? Some banks and credit unions provide financial assistance to federal workers, including advance payments and low or non-interest-bearing loans.

Proposals are for short-term emergencies, and may not be as useful to employees when excluded.

Can Federal Workers Retire or Retire?

Most employees who plan to retire have already filed their relevant documents a few months earlier. They will retire, in effect on the given date, regardless of the exclusion.

Those who have not applied for retirement may have to wait until the government reopens.

CNN's Greg Wallace contributed to this report.

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