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GreedFall Review (PS4) | Push Square

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Spiders are occupied by this generation. The French developer has released two role-playing titles so far: Bound by Flame in 2014 and The Technomancer in 2016. Both games had some cool ideas and a unique feel, but they were eventually dropped by the sparkling gameplay mechanics and stunning storytelling . There is a spark in the heart of Spiders' production – but so far it's stifled.

We say so far, because GreedFall is without a doubt the best studio title ever. For the third time, the developer has finally stepped up his passion for some kind of weird fantasy on a solid gameplay foundation. GreedFall is larger than its predecessors, but also much more consistent in tone and structure ̵

1; this could be the release of the Spiders for a breakthrough.

When it comes to western action RPGs, it's a surprisingly slim choice on PlayStation 4, and GreedFall seems to fill that void in the post-Witch World 3. It has a lot to do with Dragon Age: Inquisition: party-based combat, choice-based dialogue , an emphasis on character classes and outfitting. He also prefers large, isolated areas over a large open map. But unlike the Inquisition, GreedFall is not weighed down by innumerable searches and different purposes – it is a neat experience from start to finish.

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You play as De Sardet, the kind of diplomat who is tasked with establishing order on a mostly spotless island. Far from the troubles of the continent – which include a rather nasty plague – the island of Thier Freudy may seem like paradise at first glance, but it is not long for De Sardet and his friends to realize that tensions between the warring nations and the island's locals are high level. Of course, your job is to try to get everyone to understand each other.

As hinted, De Sardet can be a man or a woman, and you may want to ask about some basic character customizations right at the beginning of the story. However, De Sardet never feels like his character. Their personality has been set in stone from the very beginning and there is no real way to remake it – either you are performing your diplomatic duty well or deepening it.

Indeed, a meaningful choice of dialogue is few and far between. Most of the time, you will find that you just pick questions from the list when you talk, with De Sardet deciding the tone for himself. For an RPG that is obviously trying to bet on BioWare territory, it's disappointing that only a handful of key events present you with real choices and consequences.

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All that said, there are still role-playing games you can find here, especially in how you build De Sardet. Investing in traits such as charisma or intuition, for example, allows dialogues that can change the search result. But they don't really feel like a choice when they make the optimal conclusion. Numerous missions will end in bloody (bad) or successful negotiations (good). Black and white is too common and it looks like GreedFall is being sold short.

Now don't get us wrong, RPG fans will still find a lot to like here. There must be some pleasure in the gap between religious zealous and angry natives, but we just want to have a little more depth on the outside to bring all the skill points into charisma status.

The role-playing game may fall a bit, but GreedFall is doing well with its world-class building. This is an intriguing fantasy inspired by European colonization, complete with muskets, casual clothing and bold facial hair. At best, it's a captivating, character-proving setting – unique for all the right reasons.

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The factions that inhabit this world do a great job of selling it. The scientifically minded Bridge Alliance is bumping heads with Thelema, a deeply pious (and violent) nation built on the teachings of a saint. Meanwhile, Teer Fradee locals adore nature and as you can imagine, many are not very happy to see their home clean from outsiders. Although the dynamics between the three main factions may be predictable, it is still a well-balanced triangle that makes you question where your loyalty lies.

Similarly, the core cast of characters in the game is quite strong. They don't have a huge amount of depth for them, but all your moons have their weirdness, and getting to know them is a highlight. In fact, many of the side title searches are issued by your friends, which gives you both an idea of ​​their character and of the organizations or people they are a part of.

With decent cast and good build in the world, GreedFall history has everything you need to succeed, but entire pieces of the game are hampered by monotonous writing. This is not a deal-breaker, but dialogue tends to turn into background noise. The thing is, there is hardly any humor about GreedFall. Everything and everything is just a little angry, a little dissatisfied, lacking any distinct taste. The younger characters grunt and engage for minutes about their problems, and while generally well-acted, it's hard to pay attention when everything is so consistently boring. To make it worse, a few side missions have to go back and forth listening to absolutely everything every NPC has to say before you can advance. This can be mind-blowing and certainly not aided by the complete lack of background music or ambient noise during dialogue.

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But not everything is a slap in the mouth – it's an action RPG for a reason. GreedFall has the best fight of any Spiders game – this becomes clear immediately. It's surprisingly concise and responsive, focusing on basic combinations, special abilities and evasive techniques. Attack parrying is also an important feature and really useful when you have to open a particularly aggressive enemy. Battles tend to be fast and engaging, not least because a few heavy hits can make you stun healing potions with no one working.

Yes, GreedFall can be challenging at times, but apart from some noticeably tricky hits, it rarely fails (and it's worth noting that there's an easy mode). Our only concern is that your companions, as competent as they usually are, seem to have difficulty against certain poor bosses. Some attacks seem to stun your allies – either that or suddenly they're too stupid to escape. With more difficult difficulty, this is especially noticeable and the enemies can be so deadly that if you don't bring your friends back, it will almost certainly lead to a game. It's annoying, but hopefully the AI ​​is pinched after launch.

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Combat is largely a good time, and then supported by the various fighting styles you can switch between on the go. One-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, pistols, traps and magic are all options, and you can mix and match as much as you want through De Sarde's skill tree. It's not the deepest progression system out there, but it's well balanced; Striking a heavily armored opponent with a swinging ax feels satisfying, while splitting the battlefield firing magical blasts is pleasantly fluid. This is not the Dogma of the Dragon or the Monster Hunter or the Dark Souls, but it is infinitely better than what the Spiders have ruled before.

Do you know what else sets the bar for the developer? GreedFall Performance Unlike Technomancer, GreedFall works very, very well on the PS4 Pro. Charging time is fast and barely misses a frame, resulting in an impressively smooth experience. Of course, this is not an incredibly looking edition (even if its artistic direction is really pleasant), but it is flawless where it counts, small graphic errors aside.


GreedFall is the best Spiders game of some distance and it's impressive how far the developer has come in just a few short years. He successfully scratched that BioWare itch with an intriguing world, liking characters and rock solid gameplay. Despite its unique setting, nothing about GreedFall really stands out. His battle is good but not great, the role-playing game is largely subtle but ultimately stunning, and its writing is competent, but sometimes boring. GreedFall is just about to be something special. RPG fans will find a lot to like, but don't forget to expect the next masterpiece of the genre.

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