Justin Bieber suggested to Haley Baldwin

Haley Baldwin stresses the importance of mental health one week after husband Justin Bieber asked for prayers to fans, revealing that he "fights a lot."

An annual model said that self-service can take many forms, including "proper nutrition, drinking plenty of water, and making."

"It's really good for your mentality," Baldwin said. "I think your mental health should be No. 1, and it falls a long way off."

Baldwin is not the only one who sees the importance of caring for himself because the discussion about mental health is gradually entering

"I think there is more attention to mental health nowadays and I see why I understand why" , she said. "I think you need to know what works for you." Haley Baldwin Visits Levy's Times Square Store ” width=”180″ data-mycapture-src=”” data-mycapture-sm-src=””/>

Haley Baldwin visits the opening of the Haley Baldwin for a marriage with Justin Bieber: "It's frightening to be young and get married"