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Hands on: Scene View of Bang & Olufsen Beosound

You may be surprised, shocked and completely alarmed to read that Bang & Olufsen Beosound Stage is the company's first soundtrack. In fact, the Danish brand is so late in the market that Stage's birth date does not even share the same decade as the first soundtracks.

Recognizing this puzzling fact in the global Beosound Stage message at Glaria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca & # 39; oro in Venice yesterday, John Mollanger, B&O Executive Vice President and President of Brand & Markets said with a smile: "We take our time."

"We don't want to be the biggest or the best the fastest . But we want to create the most desired audio products, "he continued.

  Bang & Olufsen Beosound Stage

(Credit: Future)

Not that B&O has overlooked the AV market with its extensive two-channel hi-fi catalog. TV has been involved in television since the 1

950s, remember, and in recent years has been creating custom audio kits – as shown in its latest Harmony television, which launched earlier this year.

However, the scene is the first standalone sound solution that can be shared with any TV. And its multi-channel three-channel form is designed to be "so powerful that you won't need other speakers or a subwoofer."


For this purpose, it sports not less than 11 drivers: four 10 cm waves, two 3.8 cm drivers and a 2 cm center channel tunnel and a 3.8 cm driver and 2 cm gun for each right and left channels. Each channel is powered by its own 50 watts amplifier – do the math and you will find that it reaches a total power of 550 watts.

B&O specifically selected large personalized waves in an attempt to provide deep bass, while right and left guides were placed close to each other and at a 45-degree angle to aid dispersion.

B&O's commitment to creating large, immersive sound is evident in its support and certification of Dolby Atmos. Play a movie with a song in Atmos and the promise is that the stage will decode the shape and give it a predicted sense of height and scale. The company says Atmos plays a role in the product philosophy of delivering immersive home theater sound from a single box.

  Bang & Olufsen Beosound Stage

(Image Credit: Future)

Unlike some Atmos audio tapes, such as the award-winning Sony HT-ST5000, Stage does not emit sound through speakers to added pitch to the sound field. Instead, when mounted on a wall, it uses machining to create practical effects through forward-facing angular drivers. This is his most natural orientation (and the position in which he is demonstrated). Alternatively, it can be stacked so that all the speakers are facing up – the audio processing changes accordingly.

The Stage Bang & Olufsen Stage is a thin-sounding soundbar, clad in cloth and framed entirely by a single piece of aluminum or oak, depending on the coating. It is a little over a meter wide, which means it will stretch well across a 50-inch + TV while also 7.7 cm thick to allow for the amplifier, speakers and processor motor.

B&O has not abandoned aesthetics, creating an attractive, architecturally interesting premium soundbar in collaboration with Danish studio NORM Architects.

The possibilities of voice control of TVs these days will not be surprised if someone comes out and declares their gratitude for partnering with one.

  Bang & Olufsen Beosound Stage

(Image Credit: Future)


Speaking of voice assistants who have penetrated more or less in each category of consumer audio products in the last year or two, the scene is devoid of one. B&O decided not to offer it with microphones – this is the view that voice control on TVs is of limited use – which, compared to wireless speakers and headphones, may be the case. Yet this omission will no doubt leave some potential customers sore.

What will not be is the touch control panel of the strap and the appropriate fantastic remote control. The third means of control is through the application of B&O.

There are many regarding connection functions. Once connected to the Internet via wifi or Ethernet, Beosound Stage can stream music and videos via Chromecast (from a smartphone) or AirPlay 2 (from an Apple device). Both platforms open up room for multiple rooms, and naturally B&O's own platform and application allows Stage to pair with other products in the B&O ecosystem in a multi-room environment. Don't worry, reliable ol 'Bluetooth is also on board.

  Bang & Olufsen Beosound Stage

(Image Credit: Future)

There are 4K HDR-enabled HDMI jacks to take advantage of which also include an unexpected bonus: eARC support. Turning on the new-fashioned feature means that Stage can receive Atmos audio from a TV via an HDMI cable – handy if you want to indulge in Atmos content on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Optical input is strangely absent, with B&O settling for analog connections as an alternative to HDMI.

HDMI ARC and HDMI eARC: Everything You Need to Know


While sitting for a demo, B&O encourages us to experiment with its ToneTouch feature, which allows us to capture TV, music modes , movie and soundbar night according to our preferences through the app. You can make the scene sound warmer, brighter, or more exciting – convenient and useful for some, we imagine – although during our short game we found B&O presets to fall into place for content, which is shown anyway.

One of the clips demonstrations is the concert scene in Bohemian Rhapsody in 4K, HDR and Atmos. This is a video that we have played many times, through many pieces of the whale, this year, easy to achieve with its innate musicality, crowd-pleasing and interwoven dialogue.

Although we may have heard some soundtracks show a greater sense of height (such as the aforementioned Sony and Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar), Beosound Stage does well to convey the sonic enormity of the occasion as the crowd and participation crowd sound a large and filling room. Does this make Atmos soundtracks with complete justice? This is something that only one complete review will answer.

  Bang & Olufsen Beosound Stage

(Image Credit: Future)

We are pleased with the clear prognosis and body of the dialogue and these decent sized woofers put in the work to make the actor drum Ben Hardy playing justice. Just don't expect the bass-like bass you could get from an external submarine with a threefold size – the waves on stage are clearly capable, but not magical.

Usually, this is a music performance that we are not surprised to hear that we are considering a long and significant two-channel company career that lends itself to electronic music guided by a Spoon synthesizer that we broadcast on AirPlay 2. Thereafter.

  Bang & Olufsen Beosound Stage

(Credit: Future)

Initial Sentence

At this point, we are more encouraged than unambiguous by the talents of B&O Beosound Stage. How it compares to other premium soundbars, priced at £ 1,250, is something we can't be sure yet.

Two and a half years ago, Bang & Olufsen set out on a mission to create a simple, one-box speaker for your television needs. Whether it's really worth the wait will be decided in the first test, but for now, we're glad it's finally here.


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