The Turtle, the Night Angel and the Frog face the “Masked Singer”

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Attention spoiler! Below are details of the May 12 episode of The Folk Singer, including the identities of the unmasked celebrities.

Welcome to the “Masked Singer” quarterfinals!

Only five suits remained on top of Wednesday’s download. The Black Swan, Chameleon, Piglet, Yeti and Russian Dolls brought their A-game, hoping to advance in the singing competition.

The show’s cast – Ken Yong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Tick – received a boost from actor / comedian Rob Riggle. This week, the contenders’ tips revealed the celebrities who inspired them, while the fans’ mail delivered to the “Masked Singer” stage shed light on the players’ identities.

Here’s how it all went downhill.

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The costume of the Russian dolls has room for two

Evidence: Footage from the group’s costume chamber confirms that there was sometimes more than one member of the group in a large doll. The contestants also shared that they were inspired by the parody musician “Weird Al” Jankovic. “He literally gave us great guidance in our lives,” said a Russian doll.

Dressed in big glasses and boas, the contestants performed “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John before reading a letter from a fan. “I was a fan of you individually, but when I saw you get together in person – wow!” the letter read. “Like, I can’t even. I love you to the moon and back.”

Assumptions: Riggle wondered if he could be the rock band Devo on stage. Yeon suggested that the singers of “One Week” were Barenaked Ladies, while Scherzinger bet on the performers of “MMMBop” Hanson.

Black Swan Cher, Oprah ties

Evidence: The black swan revealed that the Cher icon has a special place in his heart. “We’re both part of iconic fantasy movies, and she was part of my world the first time I shared my voice,” Black Swan said.

On stage, Swan puts his own stamp on Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud,” which thaws McCarthy and Scherzinger. “I literally wrote, ‘It made me shiver under that sweaty latex,'” Scherzinger said, mocking his thick plaid gloves.

A fan letter connects the contender with a specific lover of bread host. “You are mega talented,” Black Swan read. “I will never forget when you were at Oprah and (you were) so excited that you recently received the great recognition you deserve. I love you.”

Assumptions: Jeong’s instinct led him to “Levitating” singer Dua Lipa, while Thicke imagined “Motivation” artist Normani under the costume.

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Fenboys of piglets over Bruce Willis

Evidence: Yippie-kay-yay! Piglet describes actor Bruce Willis as his “idol of all time” and says that when the two met, he was “speechless.”

After nailing Stevie Wonder’s Superstition, Piglet opened his flattering fan mail. “Whether on my TV or in my headphones, I’m so lucky to have found you in the ’90s, but I’ve never envied your public relations,” wrote Zealot Piglet. “PS I drew your picture.”

Assumptions: For McCarthy, the signs pointed to musician / actor Justin Timberlake, while Yeong suspected Hawk star Jeremy Renner. But we think Thicke has the right answer with his assumption of 98-degree member Nick Lachey.

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Yeti’s assumptions on the panel are “so far”

Evidence: Yeti said he collaborated with Sean Combs, calling him a great inspiration. “He helped me get to the top of the mountain,” Yeti said.

Scherzinger was outraged that the performance of the contender for “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flats had caused her heart to “melt”. Scherzinger added, “It was really beautiful because you took it off and it was very sincere.”

The praise continued as the Yeti read the words of a fan. “You are a real triple – no – quadruple threat,” the letter said. “I’m glad you got involved with the legend of the masked singer and I’m proud to be your biggest fan.”

Assumptions: Tick ​​speculated that it could be “Magic Mike” star Channing Tatum, while Jeong mentioned rapper Twista and McCarthy threw Ne-Yo into the mix. But Cluedle-Doo interrupted the episode to knock. He said the panel was “so far from your assumptions about the Yeti,” and added that the Yeti “makes a much better discussion panel than you.”

Chameleon, a reason not to “change your head”

Evidence: Chameleon named star / martial artist Jackie Chan “Rush Hour” as his “personal hero.”

The lizard then received the studio “Masked Singer” live with “Drop It Like It Hot” by Snoop Dogg, starring Pharrell.

After his performance, Chameleon shared the correspondence of his fan. “Every friend of Martha Stewart’s is my friend,” Chameleon read. “I even saw you play at Madison Square Garden. I just wish you success.”

Assumptions: Scherzinger had Snoop Dogg in his brain, but Riggle thought his chances were good of betting on NBA player Blake Griffin. Jeong went with rapper Young Thug.

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Russian dolls have been eliminated

The Russian dolls came so close to the final four, but were eliminated from the race on Wednesday night.

Before the stars were revealed, the host of the show Nick Cannon reminded the panel of their first assumptions and asked for their latest suggestions. Scherzinger suggested the cast of “Glee” for Hanson, a popular response to the evening. McCarthy also changed his assumptions from Boyz II Men to Hanson. Riggle rejected his earlier conjecture, Virgo, about the trio of brothers.

Thicke decided against his first premonition of and Fergie and went with the country duo Sugarland. Jeong backed away from his original instincts, Donny and Marie Osmond, for the Jonas Brothers.

After the Russian dolls were disguised, it turned out that Scherzinger, McCarthy and Riggle were on the right track. It was Hanson – created by the brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zack Hanson – who entertained the audience all the time.

“You created the story of ‘Masked Singer,’ this is the first time we’ve ever had a band on our show,” Scherzinger said after the big revelation.

“There was something quite liberating (about) in this anonymous suit,” Isaac said in an interview after the post. “You just have fun with it and you just say to yourself, ‘Listen, this is the fun part of making these dolls a character.’ “

Episodes of The Masked Singer can be viewed on the Fox website.

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