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HBO's Los Espookys will make you want to be a horror technician

Austin, Tex. "When did you last see such a show?" Derek Waters was drinking the story asked the crowd after the world premiere of the ATX television festival last week. "It is my honor to moderate this panel because what you have just seen is innovative."

To be clear, "never" can not be the answer to Waters' question. And this panel is no center of drunk history ; even no other comedy appeared. Instead, the host sat down on stage with the main group of all Latin and head writers of what might be the next big comedy HBO: half an hour, Spanish, a horror-adjacent series debuted this evening (23:00 ET) Los Espookys Los Espookys Los Espookys Los Espookys Los Espookys of everyday life. After the friends successfully perform a spooky themed Quinceañera for one of their younger sisters, wise Uncle Tico (Fred Armisen of SNL, Portlandia ) says their work seems so good, so full of passion that you need to pursue as a lateral noise. "All I ever wanted to do is park the cars – now I'm doing it full time," says the legend of the servant of Renaldo, the head of the growing group. "The horror is your car parking."

Our heroes, Bernardo Velasco, his friends Andres ( SNL- writer Julio Torres) and Úrsula (Kassandra Tzaherotti) and her sister Tati ( Chris Hethard Shaw Fabrega finally takes Tikko's advice and creates a production company focused on creating horror scenes for others, and you need exorcism in your church to get the glamor from the hot, young priest, for example, who you call? Espookys, where the show combines the weekly adventures of classical television with seasonal is the evolution of these friends, their business and their understanding of the life in their area.All of the beautiful pieces Los Espookys may somehow be the most poignant show to pursue your creative passions or experience to find his professional background as a young adult An American Vandal with his ability to combine jokes of genitals with observations on grappling with identity in high school can be a good starting point.)

Just Labeling Los Espookys "horror comedy," vol that feels inaccurate. Although the observation of the show on the ever-popular genre can not be better appreciated for this renaissance moment, built on the Outing Heritage and the Empire of Blumhouse, the show has more to do with a sketch with high absurdity than with Tremor or Ghostbusters. He feels closer to the new series of Tim Robinson () I think you have to leave ) than Peale's Zone of Twilight ), and these writers are not worry.

Now horror is a means of terrible social criticism, like the work of Jordan Peale, Torres says. "It's more stupid than that – there's a lot of stupid sensitivity."

In this aspect, Los Espookys has tonal and comedic sensitivity, unlike many other things on television – occasionally I challenge the naivety and obsession of the ] Nathan for you, or the main group relationship of Brod City . The symbols have chocolate-rich families, but they can also be cursed orphans ("I like when the chocolate prince gets angry," says the character of the premiere ularsula – you will soon feel like it). Laughter comes equally often from extremely glossy lips, as they are annoyed by Boingo's brilliant Wi-Fi connection.

But again, this degree of stupidity does not mean impure. Torres's character is that Andres has a perfectionist hue when it comes to details about Los Espookys's various concerts, for example. And its unidirectional insertion of how the heir introduces a persecuted night at the mansion or the accents used by the dreaded icons will be "OMG, they also see it!" moments of horror worshipers. Most of these perfect observations have grown from Torres and Co. And a comedy style more than any encyclopedic study of the history of B cinema.

"I really love the horror, but I'm talking to Julio as a real person," Arsyson says of Ars. "He's very detail-oriented. What you see on stage is what he does on the show. It's … "

" Little criticism, "Torres inserts."

"Which is good – helped to show yourself exclusively," Armsen admits, even within just the first three episodes, Ars shown for this review , Los Espookys has too many perfect touches to call them: platform boots carried by the leader of the group with Gothic fashion sense, a city that wants to stimulate tourism through a dark urban legend, motives for revenge small as ignored chain letters

The trailer of Los Espookys

This is not TV – it's HBO From From Gary Shanding Show to (19459014) The Americans had regular bits in Russian on FX, the Spanish heavy Narcos was a big draw for Netflix, and I go to watch German Deutschland 83 right now), maybe Los Espookys odhodyashtiya home for this show after Armisen and cooperation. HBO stood out for the writers at least in part because they never questioned the setup of the show or the choice was mostly in Spanish (only LA scenes with Uncle Tico in English and everything was subtitled).

This setting and sensitivity remain the core of [Los Angeles] Los Angeles. "I always wanted to do something spooky in Spanish, and I always wanted to play a man – they look so fast and purposeful," Armisen said during the show at the 2019 ATX Television Festival panel. "I love horror movies, but I also love people's love for horror movies – that's like their own genre, so I made this trip to Mexico City and saw firsthand that it was a real scene, not just horror, but Gothic, and I wanted to bet. "Armisen also told Ars that the horror scene in Mexico feels different and unaffected by these fan communities in the US, and Los Espookys tries to reflect that. way, "as Torres put it on the ATX TV panel." My mother has seen Brazilian telenovelas that are different from Mexican in that it has a very magical realism. I remember where there is a man who is in love with the moon, and the whole nation is like, "Oh, you see the moon?" He would chain around his waist because he would swim to the moon during full moons. .

The first season Los Espookys continues only six episodes, viewed as fairly tight. Like Fleabag S2 or Chernobyl refreshing after years of slogging over a 90-plus minute Westworld or Playing Thrones [

And the Look and Feeling of the Show Only Los Espookys was shot in Chile in collaboration with the Oscar-winning production house, Fabula, and has a sophisticated design and frame assignment that could trigger Wes Anderson, unlike the traditional result of horror with stunning orchestrations and a bit of terrain, the music of this show is based on minimalist electronic agreements to lean into its unusual spirit. [19599013] Los Espookys proves to be innovative "for a wider audience, as for Waters – and to make it clear, this show is definitely good and refreshing – HBO could not find it in better time. TV comedy, and HBO as a whole may change as the summer of 2019 rolls in. Some of the most passionate and lovable comedies of recent years Veep The Good Place Wide City heck even A modern family ) will end or end in the next year, the same goes for HBO's The Silicon Valley Since the real world continues to be terrible enough, most of us need an escape and / or semi-ordered laughter, and fortunately, these self-proclaimed horror technicians keep up with this task.

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