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Hong Kong protests: a city on the edge after a day of violence

A protestor was detained in central Hong Kong on November 11.

Police officers surround an area where a traffic officer shot a 21-year-old protestor and fired two more rounds of live at Sai Wan Ho on Nov. 11, a protestor is in critical condition, hospital authorities say.

People have responded after tear gas was fired by police during a protest in Hong Kong's central district on November 1


Protesters use a catapult against police during a protest in Hong Kong's central district on November 11.

Riot police rally with protesters outside a shopping mall entrance during a Nov. 10 demonstration.

Protesters use umbrellas to block the mall door on Nov. 10. Protesters broke windows at a metro station and a shopping mall on Sunday and police arrested in areas in Hong Kong.

A man is assisted by a volunteer doctor after police use pepper spray during the Demon Traction on November 10th.

A police officer yells at passers-by as they try to apprehend a man in Mong Kok County in Hong Kong on November 10.

Protesters place barricades in Teng Kwan O after a ceremony honoring Chow Tz-lok on November 8.

A man places a flower on a memorial for a 22-year-old student from Hong Kong's Chow Tz-lok University on November 8.

Students wearing gas masks are seen during a graduation ceremony at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on Thursday, November 7 in Hong Kong.

Firefighters are standing at the offices of the Chinese Xinhua News Agency after its windows were damaged by protesters in Hong Kong on Saturday, November 2. Police fired several tear gas cartridges and used a water cannon on Saturday to crack a rally of thousands of masked protesters demanding autonomy after Beijing indicated it could tighten its grip on Chinese territory.

Richard Chan, a candidate for county council or election, reacted after pepper spray was sprayed on November 2 by Hong Kong police.

Thousands of masked masked protesters flocked to Hong Kong's central shopping district for another rally on November 2.

A Halloween woman in a suit talks with a police officer in riot gear on October 31st.

A man dressed as a Joker for Halloween passes by cops on October 31st.

A protester against democracy was arrested by police in Mong Kok District on October 27 in Hong Kong.

Democratic activist Joshua Wong (2nd L) and Kelvin Lam (2nd P) shout slogans while meeting with media outside the Legislative Council (LegCo) in Hong Kong on October 29, 2019, after Wong was banned from is running for the upcoming local elections. On October 29, Wong was forbidden to face the upcoming local elections after months of major and often violent protests in the city.

Protest tosses a tear gas container on October 27 in Hong Kong.

A pair wearing a Guy Fawkes mask observed a rally in Chater Garden in Hong Kong on October 26.

Protesters start a fire outside MTR station during a demonstration on October 27.

The tear gas smoke was seen bursting over reporters during an anti-government protest in Hong Kong's Mong Kok neighborhood on October 27.

Supporters of democracy hold large letters of light that say "Free Hong Kong" during a medical professionals meeting in central Hong Kong on October 26.

High school students participate in a human chain rally outside Kowloon Park in Hong Kong on October 25.

Democratic activist and South Horizons community organizer Joshua Wong answers media questions after asking to see Officer Dorothy Ma return to Hong Kong's South District Office on October 24.

Police fire blue paint on protesters in Hong Kong on Sunday, October 20th. Blue dye can be used to color and identify masked protests

Protesters set fire to a store on October 20.

Police charged during a march on democracy in Kowloon County on 20 October.

Protester set fire to a branch of the Bank of China on October 20.

A protester against democracy was arrested by police on 20 October.

Lam arrives in the Legislative Council on October 16th.

A protester shoots a basketball in a Lam poster during a rally on Tuesday, October 15.

Protesters set fire to a branch of the Bank of China on Sunday, October 13. It was the 19th consecutive weekend of anti-government protests in Hong Kong.

Protesters use the lights of their phones during a rally in downtown Hong Kong's Business District.

A protester is trying to break the window of a tourist bus on October 13th.

Anti-government protesters erected the statue "Lady Hong Kong Freedom", symbolizing the city's recent democratic movement. The figure stands just over 13 feet tall and is shipped to the top of Lion Rock, one of Hong Kong's iconic peaks.

Protesters crash restaurant for shopping malls on October 13th.

Police lit lamps of protesters outside the Ma On Shan police station on October 9.

Protesters broke a branch of a Bank of China on Monday, October 7th.

A woman was treated after police fired tear gas to disperse protesters in Hong Kong's Mong Kok area on October 7.

Police clear the street as protesters and pedestrians gather near the Mong Kok police station on October 7.

Demonstrators gather at a mall on October 7th.

A masked protestor pauses for a portrait in Hong Kong on Sunday, October 6th.

Protesters vandalize local government offices in Cheung Sha Wang on October 6.

Rescue personnel checked the bottom of a taxi after a driver claimed to have boarded the sidewalk, striking protesters in Hong Kong on October 6.

On October 6, a Chinese Construction Bank was seen in the area of ​​Hong Kong's Kausway Bay.

Demonstrators have ignited fires in the street near Cowhouse Bay.

People protesting the protest of the ban on masks on Saturday, October 5th.

Police detained a protester on October 5.

An anti-government protester stands near a fire on Friday, October 4th.

Protesters move a statue depicting a protester armed with a gas mask, helmet and umbrella on the streets of Hong Kong on October 4.

Protesters set fire to Chinese Construction Bank.

Police unleashed tear gas in front of a restaurant during a protest in the Cowhouse Bay area. [19659002] Protesters spray paint slogans on tunnel entrance on October 4.

A fire is seen in front of a shop vandalized by protesters.

Shop after being vandalized by protesters.

Democratic protesters hold hands up to symbolize their five demands to hold a rally on October 4.

Protesters throw gasoline bombs at the gate to the Zwen Wang Police Department on Wednesday, October 2.

A young protestor was shot dead on Tuesday, October 1, after violent protests broke out in Hong Kong on the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China. The incident was a major escalation of violence that could lead to a protest movement in Hong Kong.

On October 1, police detained an anti-government protestor. Thousands of black protesters have been protesting in central Hong Kong as part of many pro-democracy rallies.

Protesters stand surrounded by smoke from tear gas shells on October 1.

Marching anti-government protesters are seen through a window with peeled posters on October 1.

Police are handling the arrest and arrest of democrats protesting during the October 1 clashes.

Protesters respond after police fired tear gas near the central government offices in the Admiralty District of Hong Kong on October 1.

Protesters against democracy form a Pepe the Frog themed human chain on Monday, September 30th.

A man was detained by Hong Kong police during a protest in the Cowsuy Bay shopping district on Sunday, September 29th.

Riot police try to disperse protesters on September 29th.

Bus passengers watch a burning barricade lit by Democratic protesters outside Mong Kok police on Sunday, September 22nd.

Demonstrators singing songs and chanting slogans during a rally at a shopping mall on September 22nd. [19659002] An anti-government protester throws a Molotov cocktail during a demonstration near the central government complex on Sunday, September 15th.

A Chinese supporter escorted by police after meeting with reporters in Hong Kong on September 15.

Government and anti-government supporters chant one another at a shopping mall in Hong Kong on Friday, September 13th. The sign translates as “Stop violence and limit chaos; protecting Hong Kong. "

Demonstrators hold up the lights on their cellphone as they form a human chain at the top, a tourist spot in Hong Kong, on September 13.

Police escort an injured man after attacking protesters outside Prince Edward Station in Hong Kong on Friday, 6 Sept.

Protesters burn paper money to pay their respects to wounded protesters

Protesters prepare to clash with police outside Mong Kok police station on Sept. 6.

Protestant detained Po Lam Mass Transit Station on Thursday, September 5.

A man watches TV at a Hong Kong store while CEO Carrie Lam announces the withdrawal of the extradition bill on Wednesday, September 4. [

Demonstrators travel through train station at rally on Tuesday, September 3.

Students get tired Fire masks and helmets contain a banner that reads "five basic requirements are irreplaceable" at St. John's Canos College.

Protesters gather at the bus terminal at Hong Kong International Airport on Sunday, September 1. Hundreds of democracy activists have tried to block transport routes to the city's airport.

A passenger walks to the airport at 1 a.m.

Protester uses slingshot outside central Complex government during clashes with police on Saturday, August 31. Thousands of anti-democracy protesters held anti-government rallies rally one day after several leading activists and lawmakers were arrested in widespread repression.

Protesters light Molotov cocktail on August 31.

Police officers move forward during clashes with protesters on August 31

. Protesters are hiding as police shoot blue at them, and the blue dye can be used to color and identify masked protesters.

The surveillance camera is covered with white paint during protests.

A top view shows protesters responding after police fired tear gas on August 31st.

Democracy Activists Agnes Chow and Joshua Wong speak to the media after being released on bail in the Eastern Magistrates Courts on Friday, August 30. They were arrested earlier that day in a Hong Kong raid.

A police officer aims a gun at a protester on August 25.

Some protesters shine laser pointers at police lines on August 25.

Protesters and police clash on Saturday, August 24th.

Protesters collect bricks to use as projectiles on August 24th

Police withdraw after clashes with protesters on August 24th.

People shake hands as they gather on the shore of Zim Sha Tsui on Friday, August 23rd. Protesters form human chain in Hong Kong in a display of solid

Mobile phones shine from the summit of Lion Rock on August 23.

Protesters march under umbrellas on Sunday, August 18th.

Tens of thousands of protesters appeared on the streets on August 18. [19659002] Protestor marches on Saturday, August 17th. His eye is covered in red gauze, citing a woman who was allegedly shot in the eye with a circle for the first time during clashes between protesters and police.

Protesters respond after police fired tear gas to broadcast a demonstration at the Sham Shui Po Police Station in Hong Kong on Wednesday, August 14th.

Protesters aim lasers at Sham Shui Po Police Station on August 14.

Police use pepper spray to disperse protesters at the airport on August 13.

Police and protesters clash at the airport on August 13th. The violence came after the Hong Kong airport announced that all check-in services would be suspended for another night, as terminal operations were "Sir

A traveler hands over his luggage to security guards when she tries to enter the gate to

A display board shows canceled flights on August 13.

Anti-government protesters stand on a barricade made of luggage carts during an airport demonstration on August 13.

Medics care for a woman injured face during clashes on Sunday, August 11.

A protester against democracy was detained by police outside Tsim Sha Tsui police station on August 11.

Police fired tear gas at protesters during a demonstration in Wong Tai Xin on Monday, 5 August

A passenger train gestures toward a protestor on the right, who has been obstructing train doors since closing on August 5. The protestor was trying to interrupt his morning commute to Hong Kong.

A man gets on an underground train during a protest on August 5.

A man comforting his pregnant wife near a train platform after a protest wiped the train door on 5 August.

A protestor stands in tear gas during a confrontation with police in the early hours of Sunday, August 4.

A Chinese flag floats in the water after being thrown by protesters during a demonstration on Saturday, August 3rd.

Protester spray paint on wall on August 3.

Members of the Hong Kong medical sector attend a protest in Edinburgh on Friday 2 August.

The emblem of China The liaison office was protected by Plexiglas during a demonstration on Sunday 28 July.

Protester escapes from police owning a stick in Yuen Long's Hong Kong area on Saturday, July 27.

Protester looks through umbrella clashes with police on July 27.

Travelers watch protesters gather at Hong Kong International Airport on Friday, July 26.

Protesters clash with police on Sunday, July 21st.

Nurses help the protester, affected by tears. gas on July 21st. [19659002] The office of pro-Beijing lawmaker Unius Ho was crashed by protesters in Hong Kong's Tsuen Wang.

Police officers use pepper spray to disperse protesters after a rally in Shang Shui on Saturday, July 13.

A demonstrator sprays paint on a camera at the Hong Kong Legislative Council building, where protesters break through on Monday, July 1.

The Legislative Council meeting room was taken over by the demonstrators on 1 July.

Protester breaks window of Legislative Council building.

Columns of sunlight roll over the crowd during the July 1 march.

Helicopters carrying the flags of China and Hong Kong fly over demonstrators on July 1.

Pro-Democratic lawmaker Roy Quong gathers demonstrators with a megaphone on July 1.

A police officer used pepper spray during a clash with protesters on July 1.

A protester wearing a "revolution" T-shirt walks past cry crypto along the way saying "Live HK."

Police detained protesters near a government headquarters in Hong Kong on July 1.

A top view shows thousands of protesters marching across a street in Hong Kong on Sunday, June 16.

Protesters flee after police fired tear gas on Wednesday, June 12.

Protesters confront police during a rally on June 12.

By the morning of June 12, tens of thousands of mostly young people had

a demonstrator holding a sign during a rally on June 12.

Police officers blame protesters during clashes on Monday, June 10th. This is a continuation of the protests that started the previous day.

Protesters hold pictures of Hong Kong CEO Kari Lam on Sunday, June 9th.

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