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House resolution Voting means that the impediment request goes into an open phase: NPR

Rep. Adam Schiff (center) chairs the House Intelligence Committee, which will hold any open hearings in the context of Parliament's impeachment inquiry, following the procedures set out in a resolution that formalizes the process.

Patrick Semanski / AP

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Patrick Semanski / AP

Rep. Adam Schiff (center) chairs the House Intelligence Committee, which will hold any open hearings in the context of Parliament's impeachment inquiry, following the procedures set out in a resolution that formalizes the process.

Patrick Semanski / AP

The impeachment investigation enters a new open phase with Parliament's vote on a resolution that formalizes the impeachment investigation. The measure taken by the House Democrats sets out the basic rules for public hearings, provides procedures for the president and his council to respond to evidence, and determines the process of consideration of impeachment members in the Judiciary Committee and the full chamber.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, announced the vote in a letter to the House Democrats this week after weeks saying there was no requirement for a full House vote. The move means the House is one step closer to voting on impeachment articles against President Trump.

House Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern, D-Mass., Author of the House resolution, told NPR that the vote means the House "is entering in a different phase "of the impeachment process. He said he expects Democrats to be largely united in the vote and that when he became aware of the British issue, he emphasized that "a clear and transparent process is important."

Most of the House Democrats publicly support the investigation. , so the measure is expected to pass with few members separating from their leaders.

This move is also a way for Democrats to try to take away the primary attack from Republicans, who for weeks declare this investigation a "shaman" because

Republican Conference President Haz Liz Cheney called the impeachment investigation "broken" "And" tainted "and said," We will not participate to help them. provide legitimacy to this process. "

Ohio Reporter Jim Jordan, the Republican's highest-ranking Republican on the House Oversight Committee and Trump's trusted ally, predicts that" every single Republican "will vote against the resolution.

GOP leaders urge their members to vote "No" for the resolution, spreading conversation points that break the "Soviet-style" process, which they say has "a predetermined result from the This is how the process can play out, as the three committees tasked with investigating the Ukraine affair continue their closed-door interviews:

open hearings

The resolution identifies House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif.

"The American people will hear firsthand about the president's misconduct," Schiff said in a statement Monday, but did not specify which witnesses he would call.

Schiff and the best Republican in the House, Devin Nunes, California, are the two lawmakers to lead the hearings – but they can succumb to their employees. Most of the closed-door inquiries conducted so far have been conducted by attorneys of the Democratic and Republican committees.

Republicans may ask witnesses to appear in open hearings and may request subpoenas to be approved, but these must be approved.

Democrats say they would like William Taylor to testify in an open session. He is the top US diplomat in Ukraine and provided detailed information about a parallel foreign policy effort led by Rudy Giuliani, the president's personal lawyer, to use military aid to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. [19659008] Committee Public Report

The resolution directs the Intelligence Committee to issue a report on its findings and recommendations and to send a report to the House Judiciary Committee, which will consider possible impeachment members. He must also be released publicly. The report will be prepared in consultation with the Foreign Affairs and Oversight Committees of the Chamber, the two other panels that have so far participated in witness interviews.

In addition, Schiff is obliged to make public any transcripts of closed-door testimony. – Potential removal or blocking of sensitive information.

Pelosi and most parliamentary Democrats emphasize that the current impeachment probe is closely focused on the issues surrounding the issue in Ukraine. But all of the Chamber's chambers investigating possible impeachment issues are directed to submit their evidence to the Judiciary Committee.

Hearing of the Judiciary on Impeachment Articles

The Judiciary Committee of the Chamber is the committee which has jurisdiction over impeachment proceedings After the Intelligence Committee has been able to send its report to the group begin the process of drafting articles for impeachment.

Top Democrats argue that the president's purported desire to withhold military aid for Ukraine – which Congress has already authorized – to secure a commitment to investigate for his own political gain is justified in impeachment. But it is unclear what the specific charge in the article would be.

Impeachment articles are compared with an indictment and the standard set out in the Constitution is broad and at the discretion of the majority: "high crimes and offenses. "

Schiff made it clear that he did not plan to go to court to impose summonses and documents on those administration officials who refused to comply. Instead, he maintains that these Trump officials "will be building a very powerful case against the President for Obstruction – an obstacle-based impeachment article."

Marking the Judiciary and Voting on Impeachment Articles [19659008] The Judiciary Committee released its own procedures on Tuesday on how it would treat all impeachment members separate from the House resolution.

Chairman Jerry Nadler, DN.Y., said in a written statement that the committee's process confers "minority and presidential rights equal to those granted during the Nixon and Clinton investigations. "

These include the ability of the President's attorneys to obtain copies of documents and evidence, attend hearings and hearings, present witnesses, and

Republicans have complained that the process allowed for the Judiciary Committee should also be allowed for open hearings of the Intelligence Committee.

Full House Membership impeachment new

After the Judiciary Committee has concluded its hearings and voted on any impeachment members, its report will go to the full House for vote.

There is no time limit for these next steps in Parliament. Democratic leaders have indicated they would like to end the process before the end of the year

If the House accepts members and votes on impeachment, the process is headed to the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that if the House approves members and hands them over to the Senate, it will begin the process of conducting the process and ultimately voting whether to justify or remove the president.

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