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How a grandmother from Nigeria found herself in Beyonce’s new visual album

The 69-year-old Nigerian grandmother appeared in two music videos on Beyoncé’s long-awaited album “Beach King”, which premiered at Disney + on Friday.
The album is based on the singer’s soundtrack album “The Lion King: The Gift”, which was created for a remake in 2019 of the original Disney movie “The Lion King”.
In a video, speaking of the album’s release, Beyoncé said the project aims to show that “black is regal and rich in history, purpose and genealogy.”
Numerous African artists, including Yemi Alade of Nigeria, Shatta Wale of Ghana and Salatiel of Cameroon, also appeared on the nearly 90-minute album.
Odegbami appeared in The Bigger, taking on the role of African queen, and in Mood 4 Eve, where she was dressed in African attire, including gel, a traditional head covering commonly worn in West and South Africa.
She told CNN that her trip to air began with a medical trip to California in July 201
9, where she met the young actor of Folajomi “FJ” Akinmurele. “I was staying with my daughter’s friend. This friend of hers has a 7-year-old son. The son, FJ, is the main character in ‘Black Is King,'” Odegbami explained.

“Every time he had to go to practice, I was the one who took him there because his mother would go to work. At that moment, Beyoncé’s staff recognized me as Grandma Modi,” she added.

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Participates in ‘Black Is King’

Although Beyoncé’s staff knew Odegyami, she was not invited to participate in the album until her daughter’s friend made the leap and signed her with the talent agency responsible for selecting characters for the album.

“One day I was shopping and she called me and asked me to go home right away. I was scared, you know. She said, ‘Grandma, it’s very important that you need to go home,'” she said.

When Odegbami returned that afternoon, she said her daughter’s boyfriend admitted to signing her for part of the album.

“So I was on my way to LA. The same day to participate in the album. At first I didn’t want to go, but she begged me, so I agreed,” she said.

After a two-hour drive to the set of “Black Is King” in Los Angeles, she was introduced by Beyonce’s staff and gave instructions for action scenarios.

It was tested with fun parts to play like getting a baby, holding and marking the baby’s forehead. “I was just having fun, you know. “Everything went smoothly, playing those parts I was asked to do,” she said.

As soon as he acted on the scripts, Odegbami said it all happened quickly. She was told that she would participate in the album and meet Beyonce.

Meeting with Beyonce

Cameras and telephones were not allowed on the set, so she did not take pictures with her with the Grammy-winning singer, she said.

Odegbami was also required to sign a non-disclosure agreement that prevented her from disclosing details of the video session to the public until the album was released.

“They dressed me, made me up and chose clothes for me. And then they showed me where to stand on the set and wait for Beyonce,” she explained.

The team was able to correctly guess her size from photos and videos that their daughter’s friend sent them, she said.

In a scene in the video “Mood 4 Eva” starring Jay Z, Childish Gambino and Malay singer Oumou Sangaré, Odegbami was sitting directly on Beyonce’s back, wearing a colorful pink dress with a cape.

She also wore dark shades and purple gloves to match her extravagant gel.

And the video “Better” showed her dressed in all white as she walked behind Beyonce and FJ.

Representing Nigeria

Odegbami said meeting Beyoncé was a wonderful experience. Everyone on stage, she said, was receptive and kind.

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“I mean, before that day I knew there was a singer named Beyonce, but I had never seen her. My children are her fans. In fact, my last birth is always called Beyonce of our family. Her brothers and siblings call it that, ”she said.

She added that like her children, she is now a fan of the singer.

Odegbami, who lives in Abeokuta, southwestern Nigeria, told CNN she was happy to represent Nigeria and, as an extension of Africa, in “Black is King.”

It was an opportunity to show Nigerian culture through its appearance, she said.

“I pay tribute to my daughter’s friend who saw me as fit to represent our culture. She didn’t even know what I was going to do on set, she just felt I would be appropriate to appear on the album,” she said.

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