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How Antivaxis Are Targeted by Mourning Mothers and Crusaders

Fifteen miles west of Minneapolis, a billboard rises above a field of tall grass to Highway 55. The placard shows a photograph of Ive Clobes, a girl with sparkling eyes, red cheeks and an expression frozen in wonder. The words "HEALTHY BABY SHOULD NOT BE DEAD" are written next to her face. The web address of a group opposing mandatory vaccinations is at the bottom.

Ever since his death in March, Eve has served as a literal poster child for the anti-vaccination movement. Her face and brittle legs – adorned with strips of help from her photos – are featured on anti-vaccination websites and billboards. The story of her death was told in protests read aloud in state houses and was offered by her mother and other activists as evidence of the vaccines of terror.

Eve's story, as told by her mother, Catherine Clobes, is of a healthy 6-month-old age, who died 36 hours after examination, where she received several vaccinations. Clobes and an army of online activists say the vaccines caused Eve's death. This belief and Klobes's desire to turn Ivey into a national media campaign made the grieving mother a rising star in the world of anti-vaccination. Her Facebook posts have attracted hundreds of thousands of views, and multiple funds created by vaccination activists on her behalf have raised tens of thousands of dollars. She became the champion of other vaccination parents across the country.

But there is a problem with the story at the heart of this crusade, and with Klobes's new role as an anti-vaccine heroine. Her local health care specialist decided that the evidence ̵

1; collected at autopsy and by first responders – shows that Eve accidentally suffocated while dreaming with her mother.

Vaccination activists have long since sent their message to the parents of children with autism. However, they have also pursued another vulnerable population of parents seeking answers – mothers and fathers of babies who died unexpectedly, especially when death is associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. At a time when the United States is facing the largest outbreaks of vaccine-preventable disease for decades, a network of activists is finding recruits against the vaccine agent, raising questions about the sudden deaths of several dozen babies and young children.

This network includes Andrew Wakefield's celebrity with a discredited, anti-vaccination doctor whose downloaded study promotes the false belief that vaccines are associated with autism; Del Bigtree, a former Dr. Phil producer who runs the nation's best-funded non-profit vaccine, Informed Consent Action Network; and social media activist Larry Cook, who hosts the largest and most active vaccination community on Facebook.

Since 2018, Cook has published at least 20 different articles claiming that the death of a baby is the result of vaccination – despite official, medical-supported explanations that include SIDS, pneumonia and accidental asphyxia. Clobes has joined the Cook group since Ivey's death, and her story is in Cook's 20s.

Stories like Eve's are "incredibly common and very effective," says Naomi Smith, a professor at the Federal University of Australia who has studied the vaccination movement. "Anti-vaccination communities have long preferred this type of personal testimony to receive their message. These stories also appear to be more meaningful and 'true' than official statistics.

"They [hit] who are primarily afraid of parents need to keep their children safe," Smith added.

And while public health officials work to control outbreaks of preventable diseases such as measles and social media platforms, destroying vaccine misinformation, Clobes serves another purpose in the fight against vaccination, and testimonies like hers not only lead billions of anti-vaccination websites or raise millions for the cause, but also provide a human shield.

How did Eve's story spread?

Catherine Klobes spent the night of February 28, and most others, with Iv. Klobes nursing Ivey to sleep and put her in the queen's bed they shared, According to the Wright County Sheriff's report, then Clobes had a whiskey cocktail, watched some basketball, and lay down next to Ivey after a few hours, according to the report. , Clobes told investigators.

Upset, Klobes called 911. "This can't be real," Klobes told the operator, according to a transcript of the conversation. "That's because she slept with me."

According to reports from a detective who examined Ivey at the scene of the incident and the medical examiner who performed Ivey's autopsy, Eve's skin had folds that look like that they could come from a blanket. The areas of the nose, chest, arms and legs were discolored and pooled with blood, indicating that Evie had been face down for some time.

Initially, a medical examination found that the cause of death was "undetermined" by co-sleeping with an adult as a "significant condition". Three months later, at the request of Clobes, the same examiner reviewed the case and changed the cause of death to positional asphyxia or suffocation.

"There are no discoveries on the scene or an autopsy and there is no scientific literature to support vaccination as a cause of, or contributing to, the death of Ivey," Wright County Medical Review Dr. A. Quinn Strobble wrote in a June letter.

The clubs dismissed these findings in an interview with NBC News. [19659007] "I slept safely with my daughter, it has nothing to do with her death," she said via Facebook Messenger.

On the day after Ive's death – before the medical examiner made any findings – Clobes began pouring her out Sir

"This feeling of pain is indescribable," writes Klobes to a video of laughter from Ivey, now viewed over half a million times and attracting 3,000 comments. "The unanswered questions about how or why they aggravate it . "

Klobes's torment and Ive's giggles were like sirens, attracting dozens of family and friends, and then hundreds and thousands of strangers condoling in the comments.

Within hours of her post, some of them received replies.

"Vaccine injuries are real and movement is spreading across the country," one woman wrote. "Organizations are full of people and parents who understand what you are going through and can help offer guidance and support."

Some posters add links to "Compulsory Vaccination", a website founded by Larry Cook, a non-medical person training who made a name for himself as the leader of the online vaccination movement.

Links published on Clobes chronology are recommendations and interviews involving mothers who suggest that their children have been irreparably injured or killed by vaccines, pages that make up

within a week of the death of their daughter her, Catherine Clobes joins the Larry Cook mandatory vaccination group Facebook. via Facebook

Cook & # 39; s not the only site that publishes these stories, though her publications are the most popular. Other websites, including the Mommy Vaccine Prayer Community, have made similar allegations.

Since 2015, Cook has been creating a business from anti-vaccination stories of distressed parents. He raised over $ 100,000 through multiple GoFundMe campaigns and then through other platforms after GoFundMe banned him in March. Cook has his own showcase on Amazon, where he promotes vaccine books and movies, reducing sales and collecting an unknown amount through his website, accepting PayPal donations that "go directly to me," according to his website.

"I and I decide how to use the funds," the site says. Cook says the money has funded ads for vaccines, advocacy and "secret projects". Currently launching a dating site for people with anti-vaccine opinions. Cook did not respond to numerous requests for comment.

The klobeses seemed open to the vaccine messages aimed at it. The day after her initial post, she posted updates, urged other people with stories of health fears after baby vaccinations to connect.

Within a week of his daughter's death, Klobes joined the closed-door Facebook group of 169,000 members for a wonderful vaccination. , filed a report with the vaccine adverse event reporting system, the federal government's vaccine safety monitoring program, and retained a lawyer. The Compulsory Vaccination Stop Website publishes an article on Clobes.

The following week, a local activist helped Clobes create a fundraiser through GoFundMe to raise $ 5,000 for "private autopsy" and other expenses related to Clobes' search for answers. (Clobes received more than $ 22,000 and raised the goal to $ 40,000.)

For an autopsy – more specifically, a tissue test detained by Wright County – Clobes's lawyer hired Dr. Douglas Miller, Clinical a professor of pathology at the University of Missouri and one of the few specialists in the field of medical medicine vaccination professionals seems respected. He served as an expert witness for the parents who filed the case, claiming that the vaccines caused SIDS in their children.

Miller, who charges $ 500 an hour to evaluate a case for a vaccine injury claim, confirmed to NBC News that he made an assessment for Clobes in July.

Miller said his investigation found no evidence that the vaccines contributed to Eve's death. He said he told Clobes his conclusion and refused to support her case in the federal government's National Injury Compensation Program, more commonly known as a vaccine court. He declined to name the factors that led to his decision, citing Clobes privacy concerns.

However, online, Clobes states Dr. Miller's report provides "evidence" that Evie underwent "cellular infiltration triggered by an immune response from vaccinations. "

In an email to NBC News, Miller said that neurologist Clobes stated," It's not me if he or she actually exists. " "

" I didn't tell Mrs. The clubs of any such finding, ”Miller said,“ and I did not provide her or her lawyer with any report claiming such a finding.

When asked about Miller's statements, Klobes referred questions to his non-returning lawyer. multiple requests for comment.

The Globes continued and expanded their advocacy after receiving the Miller report. In August, she registered the Eve for Justice nonprofit organization in Minnesota and began collecting donations. Through her website, Clobes also sells Evee-themed merchandise, including T-shirts, stickers, and bumper pins, with proceeds set aside for a move to Minnesota and beyond vaccine advocacy.

Billboard on Evee Clobes west of Minneapolis. [19659028] NBC News

But Clobes doesn't just tell his own story. She uses her growing platform to spread the stories of other families who say vaccines kill their babies. After Yves's death, Clobes posted on Facebook about seven other babies who died unexpectedly, tagging their mothers and sharing the story with their followers, who now number more than 11,000. She started GoFundMe campaigns for two of the mothers.

A separate Evee-branded campaign was launched by Health Choice Minnesota, the local group of American Citizens for Health Choice, a national anti-vaccine organization that raised nearly half a million dollars from 2012 to 2017, according to federal tax filings. Minnesota Health Choice paid for two Evee billboards outside of Minneapolis, and signs directed viewers to the group's website, which has a donation opportunity "to fund legal fees as well as public education and support campaigns."

Health representative Choice Minnesota declined to answer questions about the money raised by Evee's campaign. "We confirmed the details and provided support," the spokesman said via Facebook. "Every family deserves respect and support after the loss of a loved one."

Health Choice founder, vaccine advocate and state Republican Party Finance chair Jennifer Larson also co-founded the Minnesota Vaccine Safety Council, which made news earlier this year about promoting vaccination theories among local Somali-American populations. Larson did not respond to a request for comment.

In September, Clobes appeared in Del Bigtree's nationally known online talk show, "The HighWire," as a vaccine advocate. Klobes hinted he could sue Wright County medical examination for "cover-up."

In an interview with NBC News, Bigtree rejected the proposal, claiming that Klobes deserves additional scrutiny.

I do let it tell its story, "said Bigtree, whose nonprofit brought in $ 1.4 million in revenue in 2017 – more than any other comparable group. He compares his work to coverage in the media of the #MeToo movement, in which women are accused of sexually assaulting powerful men. "Shouldn't we listen to women?"

Through Facebook Messenger, Klobes said she came by herself and wants others to do the same .

"I'm not out on this big 'anti-wax' van to fool people," she wrote. "I'm just telling my truth. What happened to my daughter. How much I loved her. How much that broke me.

" I just want the truth there. "

Eve is not the first baby whose face is included in the vaccination cause. Nicholas Caiton, a 20-month-old who died in 2017, was involved in a 30-bill campaign last year by Learn The Risk, a California-based national nonprofit organization that claims to be exposed to vaccine risks. finding a "sudden, unexplained death" and instead blame the vaccine given and three weeks earlier.

Sometimes the baby becomes the face of the movement without the consent of both parents.

Mark Cooney, 30, lost his daughter Sofia in February.

Kuni describes Sofia as a happy 2-month-old. With her mother's blue eyes and sandy blond hair On the night Sophie died, Coney went home to find her friend and Sofia mother, Laura Stanard, asleep on the couch in their Fort Collins, Colorado apartment. He called 911 when he saw his daughter.

Mark Kuoney with his daughter Sofia. Courtesy of Mark Kuoney

Sofia was "lying down, with her head" pushed into an area between two pillows "

Kuuni told NBC News that Stanard" pulled Sofia between her and the pillow, but the baby was purple and limp. "

Kuni performed CPR, but neither he nor the paramedics could revive Sofia.

Sofia's death was an incident caused by "suffocation due to being in a compromised position while sleeping together," according to the coroner's report. "Her mother was nursing her on the couch and, unfortunately, she was still sleeping with her in her arms.

According to the police report on the incident, the detective "asked Laura what he thought of the incident and Laura said she believed Sofia was suffocated against the back of the sofa. Laura said it was her fault because she fell asleep with her. Laura began to cry. "

The detective writes that Stanard said he smoked marijuana that morning and afternoon, which is legal in Colorado. The detective wrote that a doctor consulted about the incident said he would use alcohol or marijuana Dreaming is dangerous. "

After Sophie's death, Kuoney said he couldn't work. He and Stanard split, and soon after, Kuni moved to Las Vegas, then returned to Nebraska.

Sophie Kuoney's death saw a stranger named Katie Klobes launch a G campaign oFundMe on Facebook by asking for donations to help Stanard with "bills and expenses" after Sofia's death.Sofia is one of six babies in as many months whose death, without medical evidence, raised Clobes to 10,000 followers and various groups on Facebook as a vaccine, articles about Sofia soon followed on websites such as "Suspending Compulsory Vaccination", which published the story entitled "Baby Dies 14 Hours After Receiving 8 Vaccines." The article is one of the most popular this year, receiving about 57,000 likes, comments and Facebook shares, according to an analysis by Buzzsumo.

Когато видя публикациите, Кууни каза: „Не мога да дишам. Това е като някой се подиграваше с моята скъпоценна малка Софи. "

Кууни помоли Станард, Клобес и след това GoFundMe да свали кампанията на София, и когато тези искания бяха игнорирани, той се свърза с полицията във Форт Колинс, която откри разследване на акаунта в GoFundMe , След като Cooney, приятели и семейство заредиха секцията за коментари на кампанията с оплаквания, тя беше свалена, като събра едва $ 225.

Станар каза в кратък разговор пред Facebook Messenger, че се е обърнала към Клобес, след като е видяла историята си във Facebook. „Избрах да посегна, защото кой не би посегнал на някой, който е преминал през същото нещо? – каза Станард. „Всеки просто иска да намери някой, с когото да се свърже, и най-накрая намерих някой, който всъщност ми повярва.“

Коуни не обвинява бившия си, че е убеждавал себе си, че ваксините са убили София, но той е ядосан точно същото.

"Просто искам истината там. Бебетата задушават, това се случва", каза Кууни. „Тези антиваксинални хора непрекъснато се свързват с родители, които са загубили деца, давайки им невярна информация и лъжлива надежда. Тези неща са грешни.“

„Къде е доказателството?“

Клобус нарича Еве „супергерой“ за нея посмъртна роля в антиваксинното движение. На своята страница във Фейсбук Clobes публикува скрийншоти от съобщения на родители, които, според нея, са видели нейната история и са били убедени да не ваксинират децата си. Катоните публикуват подобни изображения, заедн с хештега #onestarfishatatime, препратка към вдъхновяваща история, в която едно момче, изправено пред плаж на умиращите морски звезди, спестява колкото може, едно по едно.

Докато е невъзможно да се измери влиянието на тези истории върху процента на ваксинация или общественото мнение, е безопасно да се каже, че са били виждани и споделяни милиони пъти.

По-голямата част от родителите в Съединените щати ваксинират децата си, но нарастващ брой не. Това колебание допринесе за най-голямото възраждане на морбили от десетилетия, водещи служители в общественото здравеопазване да озвучават алармата и да противодействат на дезинформацията за ваксини онлайн със собствено послание: Множество проучвания и научни прегледи показват, че макар да са възможни сериозни реакции от ваксините, те са изключително рядкост. Скърбящите родители може би смятат, че ваксините са причинили смъртта на бебето им, но времето е често съвпадение, тъй като всяко бебе, което умре, вероятно би било ваксинирано наскоро.

Последното място за историята на Иве е Калифорния, където са били активисти срещу ваксинация протестирайки срещу законодателството, което затваря пропуски за медицинско освобождаване в закона за ваксините на държавата. Този месец Clobes публикува в противовес на законопроекта споделяйки снимка на Evee в ковчега си, заедно с твърдението, че има „огромна прикритие“ около смъртта й.

Миналата седмица, щата Калифорния Сенатор Ричард Пан, педиатър, който ръководеше законопроекта, попадна в шпиона на в Twitter с актьора Роб Шнайдер, който спори срещу законодателството, споделяйки публикацията на Клобес.

"Кейти изпитва моите симпатии към загубата на дъщеря й Иви “, отговори Пан на Шнайдер в Twitter. "Обвиняването на смъртта й във ваксинацията изисква доказателство."

Забележките на Пан бяха иззети като безсърдечни от поддръжниците на Клобес, които го обвиниха в нападение на скърбяща майка.

Но Пан, който е бил тормозен, физически нападнат и наскоро прицелен от защитника на анти-ваксинацията, който изля червена течност на пода на Сената в Калифорния, казва, че съчувствието не трябва да козове на науката, когато става дума за решения, оито могат да повлияят на общественото здраве.

"Едно нещо е едно семейство да каже," Детето ми умря ", каза Пан пред NBC News. "Но когато кажете:" Това беше причинено от ваксини и сега искам да променя законите или да спра законите по начин, който ще навреди на децата ", тогава не е неуместно да се казва:" Къде е доказателството? ""

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