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How Bad Is Space Traveling on the Environment?

Fad Astra.

Here's the thing: space tourism is coming. This is inevitable. In fact, Elon Musk has already launched a technical excursion to the International Space Station (ISS), which can carry up to four people on a trip. In addition, in June, NASA said it would open the ISS for new commercial opportunities. And then, in September, it was announced that Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic would send its first customers to the stars by June 2020.

While these plans may sound great in theory, their side effects … are more a bit like that. At least according to a recent analysis of the Champion Traveler travel site, which concluded that a trip aboard SpaceX's Falcon emits a carbon footprint so large that it is equivalent to flying the Atlantic 395 times. More of a travel guide than a frequent flyer? Here's another way to look at it: According to Champion Traveler, a space flight reportedly emits as much CO2 as 73 cars in a year.

And while Champion Traveler claims that these emissions represent a small fraction of the annual human race, CO2 emissions cannot be wondered: is it really worth compromising on the health of our planet? Although small in number, who knows how things will turn out of control as space travel becomes more popular and affordable.

Isolated non-cosmic regions but the next best thing

Apart from being harmful to Earth, space is cold, scary and … expensive. For example, a NASA trip involving two private citizens leaving the Earth's atmosphere for 30 days has a base cost of $ 35,000 (per passenger) per night (this includes food, communication and storage). This does not include the time and effort of a NASA astronaut who will coordinate trade activities ̵

1; $ 17,500 an hour.

Yeah, well, let's think about this: Do you really need to go into space? What part of the planet did you travel to? Anywhere? I doubt! Have you read our recently released Go Go List from 2020? On it you will find similarly isolated areas such as Palm Springs – an escape so kitschy that you will feel like on another planet – and the extremely photogenic and Martian Wadi rum, a valley located in the Jordanian desert that is littered with space-age hotels, exciting hikes and natural wonders that will surely appeal to history buffs.

Do you really have to go into space? What part of the planet did you travel to? Anywhere?

For another similar – but more, shall we say, convenient – retrieval, consider stepping into a sensory deprivation tank that usually sees you swim in the blackness of the terrain (almost like space!) In less than salt water foot. It is often used as a form of environmentally stimulating therapy that allows the brain to enter a rare state of relaxation as all external sights and sounds are eliminated.

Carbon Reduction while Traveling (Usually)

Before you start feeling guilty, keep in mind the 100 companies that are responsible for 71% of global emissions. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with considering environmental options when planning your itinerary: if you are renting a vacation car, think of an electric option; staying in a certified eco-friendly hotel; and bring an empty reusable bottle during your travels and fill it with water fountains.


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