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How Justin Tuck thinks Giants fans have to watch Odel Beckham's trade

Justin Tuck is a voice of reason at a time when fans of the giants who welcomed him for two Super Bowl championships are emotional crashes following the talks of world trade of Odell Beckham Jr. Browns. Once Giants' captain, always captain of the giant. "I will be angry at his decision if we are still there after two years.

Meanwhile, he will trust General Manager Dave Gettleman. "I think Getleman does what he thinks is best for franchising in the long run, and I do not think anyone can doubt that," Tuck said on Post. "Everyone gets so emotional about these things, but I think all the players understand that this is a business, and we have to approach it as a business, and things like this happen unfortunately."

A New Landscape Change as well as this team who had to go ahead and try to get what he got for him. "And I also think that Getleman has seen him from the point of view of this team and had many holes from which he wants it

"I think it was good for both teams, I like what we came back to, and I think it was a good place for Odell He has a lot of understanding with Landry over there, the young talents that Cleveland Brauns' team is appealing to. "

" We get the chance to get back to the drawing board that I think brass is ̵

Meanwhile he will trust John Marah. "" I guarantee that if you ask Mr. Mara if he wants Odell Beckham to be a life giant, you think, "Tuck said," I can very much guarantee that. But at the end of the day what decision was made? What is the best for the long distance team. Do you think he does not think about the long trip? This is his livelihood. It is on this that the legacy of his family is built. I know for sure that he had thought long and hard before he pulled the trigger on him. Manning should not be a man on board the Big Blue sinking ship.

"Unfortunately for us, we are in this difficulty where you have that face of the franchise that is on his last leg when it comes to his career. Tuck said. "Depending on what we do O-line wise, he may call it two years."

"I expect them to prepare a defender this year. If this is the case, why does anyone like Elly Manning teach him on the ropes? If I'm Bethelman, if I'm Mr. Mara and the giant brass, I want this defender to learn at Eli Manning. If I'm GM, I'm definitely going to be a quarterback if there's a person they like.

One would think the last thing he wants to see is Manning, thrown out like a 38-year-old sacrificial lamb. 19659002] "I do not know about it," Tuck said. "If you look at the games last year when Eli is protected, he's a pretty decent defender."

Besides not going to make Beckham now. "Well, I understand this," Tuck said. "Odel Beckham is one of the biggest talents in this league. I think he's headed for the Hall of Fame. I would dare to say that they feel as if to return to the Super Bowl-caliber team they had to make a change. Every day I will give up a superstar to get four or five very solid pieces. "

Tuck added," Did we have a superstar with a wide successor in "07" and "11"? I do not remember. I remember that we had a very good group of guys playing together and a team playing together, that's what I remember. I think this is what the giants are trying to get back to.

But trading with Beckham less than a year after signing a 90 million dollar contract?

"I know people who divorced for six months who are so in love, then hate everyone.

His beloved Giants' defense is a futile wasteland.

"I'm just a fan of opinion," Tuck said.

And Pat Shurmer needs a team leader to step forward.

"You can have all the players in the world, if you have no leadership, you are small," Tuck said, "Right now I think I miss it, and it's not a shot for anyone in the team right now. , which people need to step in. We need a bona fide leader in the dressing room.

Landon Collins could fill the role of Tuck-Antrel Rolle, but Gettleman left him a contract with $ 84 million with Redskins. to do because I love Landon, I love how he played, I'd like to be able to play with him, he reminds me a lot about a young Atrell, Tuck said. "

give him both sides without allowing my friend like Landon Collins to hinder me, right? I probably would not do a good GM, he did whatever you think you want from a player in the Giants uniform

Tuck, vice president of private wealth management at Goldman Sachs, admits that the loss of Beckham and Collins was a bitter pill for him.

"The pill is swallowed. At this point, you can not return Landon or Odell, you can swallow the pill. I expect to see if this pill helps or not, "he said.

He calls Giants fans to move on.

"I'd say the years were good for fans of the New York giant in general," Tuck asked. "Obviously we have a couple of years now, but I think you see a group of boys led by Mr. Mara who is trying to understand.

What's your variation? You can either not be a fan or give him time. "

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