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How often does Trump misspell words on Twitter? These researchers have an answer

President Donald Trump has a serious spelling problem, as pointed out by many news outlets and hosts late at night. He even misspelled his wife's name on Twitter. He recently mistyped the name of his Secretary of Defense.
But some of his typographical errors have been erased and corrected. Others are forgotten – "covfefe" is a fun exception. There does not appear to be an exhaustive list.

So CNN's Trusted Sources asked Factba.se, which tracks every word spoken by Trump and other politicians, to list the number.

"All spelling mistakes," Brian Stelter of CNN commented on Sunday's Trusted Sources. But on Twitter, he said, "Trump does a lot more than most people."

Referring to Trump's grieving leanings, Stelter said, "it's not the greatest thing in the world, but it still matters. Accuracy always matters. "

Factba.se researchers went a step further and looked for spelling mistakes from other members of the Trump family and presidential candidates in 2020 who want Trump's job.

Two things make Trump's mistakes stand out: Quantity and absurdity.

Researchers gave Trump the benefit of any doubt and skipped things like punctuation errors.

Still, they counted 1

88 spelling errors since @realDonaldTrump took office. That's a misspelling every five days. this has been happening more often lately. [1 9659004] The premier misprint should "include autocorrection," says Bill Frischling, CEO of FactSquared, which directs the project.

His company is set to debut a new tool that will track Trump's spelling errors in real time. [19659004] These typographical errors and other errors "are things that can be avoided," Frischling said. "Because he is the 11th largest Twitter account in the world, someone should check it out.

Trump's most commonly misspelled terms include "kunsell," "Barack Obama" and "Capital Hill." to name a few.

Factba.se analyzes Trump's tweets from the day he took office 2017 to October 31, 2019 and identifies 188 spelling errors, although the total number is fairly conservative, considering the methodology on the site.

From Halloween, Trump also writes beautifully as "weird," people as "proxies" and abducted as "haiduk."

Not only English teachers are embarrassed by this bad spelling pattern. Some of his critics argue that this is indicative of Trump's lack of suitability for the presidency.

To put Trump's mistakes in perspective, Frischling's team compares Trump's mistakes to Democratic candidates, his family members and past presidents.

"Even with the benefit of the doubt – the mistake is always on the side of 'whether this is possible correctly', by judgment and judgment – eight of the first 10 [biggest misspellers] are either members of the Trump family, current or former employees of

For example, Ivanka Trump has posted only 14 typographical tweets since her father took office. just five Tweets in the Trump era Joe Biden

Compared to former President Barack Obama, Trump's fallacy is even clearer, counting from the time Trump began tweeting in May 2009 and when Obama began tweeting in November 2012. Mr. Trump made at least 350 misspellings, while Obama made only four.

Trump has an error rate of 1.40%, while Obama has an error rate of only 0.06%.

Methodology: Having the raw method of sorting grammar and spelling from PerfectTense is first implemented by Factba.se. Due to the prevalence of space-saving techniques in tweets and the general ease of language, almost all grammar rules were ignored and only three rules were retained as follows: spelling, homophone exchange, and misspellings. [19659004] Factba.se does not count retweets, replies or any tweet starting with "@". Incorrect punctuation and grammatical conjugation are not reported. In addition, the spelling rules have benefited from doubt. If any spelling is correct, e.g. non-US spelling as judgment and cancellation, they were not reported as an error. If a phrase can be slang or an accepted abbreviation given the context, it is not counted as an error. Highlights and accents with additional letters e.g. soooooo don't count. Every multilingual phrase, which is a running or repeating word, has been given the same benefit of doubt.

If the words were in a language other than English (Spanish and in one specific Hawaiian account), they were not spell-checked and removed from the number.

Similarly, misidentified people, e.g. "Melanie", when Melania was clearly identified, was spelled incorrectly.

The data is from account creation until October 31, 2019 at 11:59:59 PM ET

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