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How technologies can improve the daily lives of older people


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<p>  You "are never too old to get back in shape. Exercise offers many physical, emotional and mental health benefits to people of all ages. Now, that doesn't mean you have to hit the gym like Schwarzenegger (though if you can, even a slight to moderate workout can be beneficial as long as you do it regularly – preferably daily, according to the CDC. </p>
<p>  While walking and gardening are the most popular forms of exercise for people over the age of 65, they are far from the only options.Training yoga can help improve balance, coordination, muscle tone and endurance while requiring little more than a little free exercise. ave This half-inch, pot-resistant, $ 16 ($ 16) thickness from Amazon offers comfort and stability, reducing chances of slipping and falling as you move to Virabhadrasana II. Plus, it's durable enough to easily wash with soap and water after use. If stability is an issue, be sure to bring a foam or two support unit ($ 11) as well, which gives you something to lean on if you are not flexible enough to reach the ground during posture. Also, be sure to keep a chair nearby for extra support and allow you to perform posture variants, commonly known as chair yoga, created specifically to reduce the strain on your joints. </p>
<p>  After you've trimmed your equipment, it's time to find a yoga class. If you're just starting out or don't feel comfortable trying out the practice on your own, don't worry, there are loads of resources for you offline. For people interested in a group class, consult your local YM / WCA, JCC, Senior Center, or yoga studio. If you, on the other hand, hope to restart or expand your practice, YouTube offers a number of training videos and procedures. Yoga With Adriene, The Mat Project, and DoYogaWithMe are widely-followed YouTube accounts that offer tutorials specifically designed for older people. </p>
<p>  Maybe sweating in a hot room with a bunch of strangers doesn't sound all that great. But do you know where you can't sweat? In the pool. Aquacism classes offer strong cardio benefits without the combined stress that terrestrial aerobics classes offer. Plus you have to play with pool noodles. Most facilities will have loan equipment on hand, but if borrowing makes your skin crawl, you can grab everything you need in the Amazon Aquastrength Aquatic Fitness Ultimate Bundle ($ 200) and just pull it to the pool and back . </p>
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For those who are not interested in group classes, this is also well earned the right to be a chick. But this does not give you the pass to be potato on the couch. If you sit down, you can also exercise by using a fitness chair ($ 150). Essentially a folding chair with integrated resistance bands that offers more than 50 exercises, all of which can be performed from a seated position. Or, if you don't want to have to assemble a whole thing, grab a few light-resistant strips ($ 10 +) and a set of DVDs with instructions ($ 30). As long as you have a sturdy chair at hand, you can insert reps.

Ergometers, better known as rowing machines, provide unsurpassed cardio workouts for the entire body. The problem is they are quite expensive and if your shape is wrong you can easily exacerbate existing back and joint problems. Stationary bikes, on the other hand, will not work on your upper body, but you can still get a solid cardio workout, such as a recumbent Marcy exercise bike ($ 155). It has a low, stepped design so you don't throw your hips out trying to get on the saddle. The supine position further reduces the tension of the lower back and joints. And at $ 155, you won't have to dip into Grandma's Holiday Fund to pay for it. Hell, you can even build your own DIY Peloton (ask your kids what it is) by combining a recumbent bike with an iPhone or iPad and this free iOS app.

Then again, where is the fun of spending your senior years hanging around the house when there is still so much to go out and see? If you're still mobile enough to not need a walking stick or walker but feel more confident with a stick in your hand, check out Urban Poling's Activator poles ($ 110). Created by an occupational therapist, these walking aids "can be useful for knee / hip surgery, injuries, Parkinson's, stroke, MS, chronic pain, cancer rehabilitation, spinal conditions and adults," according to the product's website.

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