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How the biggest moments of game 5 will form the game 6

All who played in the game 5 of these strange NBA finals, a series that has turned wild from a dull (game 3) to incredibly intense (game 5), is still somewhat shocked by shells.

The game and probably the series will be remembered with Kevin Durant's torn Achilles – the decision to play it, the public tears of Bob Myers, president of the Golden State Warriors of basketball operations, and the private of other Golden State employees.

Immediately after the injury and classic return of the Golden State, it was hard to discuss the consequences of Achilles' potential tearing in the wider league. It could have changed so many things for so many teams and players: Nix, Clippers, Warriors, Nets, Celtics, maybe Cyrill Irving, maybe Anthony Davis, but obviously Durant more than all of them together.

Duran will come back. of this, but he can never be the same player. The story of Achilles' injuries, as described by Kevin Pelton on ESPN, suggests that Durant returns as something less than his old essence is the most likely outcome.

Durant is not just a superstar. He is perhaps the best player in the league, although Kawhi Leonard has claimed his claim ̵

1; and seemed ready to tie him with a 10-point jump who catapulted Toronto Raptors at the end of six points on Monday.

Durant was there. It is a two-time MVP finish. He is now 30 years old, 31st all time scoring with 22,940 points for regular season. High archers stay well. With good health Durant could be second or third in the list of points. With pure health and longevity, he could challenge the record of Karim Abdul-Jabbar. He has several rebounds and helped to turn into an 18th player with at least 22,000 points, 6,000 rebounds and 3500 assists.

Again He is 30 years old. He is on the move to be one of the top 10 players ever, and this is probably an underestimation of how his statistical summary and achievements in the post-season would look like in a decade if it did not happen Monday night.

Durant is more than a superstar. He is a historic giant.

When everyone was trying to absorb the shock of Durant's collapse, a classic final game unfolded. We'll forget a lot of basketball, and that's human and understandable, but here are eight moments I'll try to freeze in my brain: Clay's first time

This was Golden State's first possession after the already infamous Nick Nurse timeout. The sister's decision seemed strange in real time, with Toronto in 103-97 and all the momentum in his favor. But in the light of the day, it feels like we have attached too much importance to a solution that is easy to see. If the sister thought the Raptors were gagged, they probably were. The Warriors made only one substitution – Quinn Cook for Andrew Iguodala – and this weakened his defense, which could have made the game more difficult

And then Steve Kear unleashed this beauty. This is a variant of a typical action: the big man puts a screen on a ball manipulator, and when his defender interrupts to deal with this problem, he pulls off to place a pirate for another shooter. In most such plays, screening – Draymond Green – crosses the ring to hide the shooter rising from the baseline.

Kerr designed this kit so that Green crosses a 3-point arc. The wars expect Toronto to capture Green's man to catch Stephen Curry, which means there is no defender near Thompson while he shrinks around Green's second selection.

Toronto was sending two bodies to Curry for most of the game, but they were in an ideal position. here to switch instead. They played small, with Pascal Siaakam on the bench, Leonard in power, and Kyle Lowry, who defended Green. Lowry and Fred VanVleet are made specifically for switching. But Toronto was in a "trap" mode, and this deep cut fell unprepared for the predators.

Leonard is doing well with Thompson on the other side of Green's truck. Thompson and Greene made it out with a nice improvisation: Green turns over for a second screen, and Thompson gets dirt.

The sticker can claim that Norman Powell has to climb from the left corner, but he's Cook, a good shooter who played above Iguodal precisely because he deserves this kind of respect.

This was, in a sense, a classical victory for the Splash Brothers. The wars hit 20 out of 42 in depth; Toronto rattles on the 8th-32nd brand. The Golden State surpasses Toronto with 36 points from the 3-point range. It's really hard to overcome, even if you win almost every other statistical category. This reminds a bit of Game 4 for the finals in 2016 when Golden State hit 11 more than 3rd in Cleveland in an 11-point victory that seemed like a blow before understanding the severity of another Green strike.

Golden State also had five 3s combined by Green, Iguodala, DeMarcus Cousins ​​and Cook. They will need some threshold of open brands from these guys to win Games 6 and 7.

Kli gives the Golden State

This is the pass that I will remember the most. Boys who see the game in front of all the others – boys like Igguedal – vibrate with some anxiety. They want the ball fast because they already know where they are going, and if you wait for half a second to go to them, the window you see – but you do not – will close. Iguodala jumps to meet the ball, so he can accumulate some extra crowd on what else is almost a touch of green.

"That's what makes Andre," Thompson told me after the game.

Iguodala and Green throw the ball. Leonard could not close Thompson without flying

Maybe Leonard was supposed to stay closer to Thompson, and Marc Gasol could stifle Iguodalla on the edge without help. But when the warriors move the ball that way, opponents do not have time to think beyond crisis response.

A lot of Clay who comes out of the dildo 3

How many boys are going out of the posts, half the pot, and spinning in the disputed out-diving 3s? This is funny. Thompson told me after the game that he was just doing that shot. "It's a rhythm for me right there," he said.

Raptors started Thomson's double-up at 4, probably to test his weight by making him get out of tight boundaries. Raptors also love to keep traps of action that are not stuck in previous games just to keep their opponents equilibrated.

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One disadvantage of putting Laurie on Thompson: Thompson is six inches taller than Laurie and handy to shoot over him.

In addition to some hiccups in Toronto's defense in the first 18 minutes, Game 5 was largely played and at both ends, two great teams are forced to stretch. The Golden State had 52 points in the middle of the second quarter; over the next 30 minutes he scored 54 points and to get there, he needed this crazy run of the late game.

When Danny Green got the job for Curry, he did well (at least after the start) over the floor and using his length to close the gaps. VanVleet has managed to do well with Curry of all the series.

When Toronto joined, he mostly did it without revealing wide openings. Watch as three different curry guards raptors within five seconds:

Raptors often leaves Gold State only a winning off-ball screening option: Running the Splash Brothers off Gas (or Serge Ibaka's) banking on Toronto centers that are stepping slowly lunging beyond the rainbow. For most of this possession, Gasol achieves the right balance – not a small thing – in defense of the Warriors non-shooter (Iguodala). He moves away from Iguodala to stop the potential Durant and then returns to push when Iguodalla receives the ball.

When Iguodala transfers her to Curry, Gasol remains close, knowing that Thompson is nearby. But he turns to look at Curry, and at this point, Thompson moves away from the screen of Iguodala. Laurie comes down almost unharmed, but "almost" is not enough, given the advantage of Thompson and the transcendent shooting. (Thompson is 20-of-35 from the depth in this series.)

No big answers. If Gazolin jumps to double Thompson, Iguodala throws himself freely on the edge, and the ping ping ping of the Golden State takes him from there. Forcing Golden State to make more passes is probably preferable to even the semi-challenged Thompson / Curry threes, given the exhausted state of the Warriors list, but the Warriors know how to do it. The Golden State Centers:

The Golden State was in Game A on Monday. The two wireless days revived the tired legs.

Curry runs to Thompson in the corner, as if they are sitting in a screening dance – another thing that Toronto did well in game 5 – just to speed up the U-turn Kevon Lonnie. VanVleet loses a little land rotating around this pick. However, this is a good defense.

(Leonard, strangely guarding Moons there can pass, although this will require some improvisation high level. His semicircle to Karri is useless and launches Moons.) [19659002OchakvayteGoldanSteytdaatakuvaGasoliIbakapotozinachinmnogovigrata6TovaeedinotmalkotofalshiviseyfoveostavenivchantataimTorontomozhedaopitanyakolkootgovoravklyuchitelnodaprodadeoshtepo-dramatichnoteziskriyari-ivsekidrugkoytoneestreletskoytosenamiranablizo

Another safe : pick-car-greens, the main game of the Warriors dynasty. The Golden State wins 1,36 points of imprisonment on every trip involving such a game for Second Spectrum data. Toronto has failed to fully protect him; Greene's defender often had fun in no-one land, and the cone of movement was moving around. In this series the volume of the Curry handle slightly decreases. A small bloom may not solve everything, given the insignificant shooting around it, but that can help.

Kyle Laurie's Moment

In about eight minutes of overcoming the third and fourth quarters, Laurie enjoyed one of the best levels of high stakes. His career in keeping Toronto close enough for Leonard to take the Raptors' home

Most often he attacked his cousins ​​on keys, shaking him with a dart at start and stop and putting Ibakka on a pickup truck. Before the hectic end – including this missed corner 3 for everything, and another wide-open missed three with 2:15, all have already forgotten – that section looked like Laurie's crowning moment.

Even against the background of a slow start in which he (and Gasol) appeared to withstand some decent 3rd, Laurie was summoned to his game:

What a combination of fake balls and rotating movements. Laurie notices that Carrie has dropped under the pickup, and instead of storming in an ultra-long three, he beats Curry to the other side. This forces Lune to spin further than Gasol.

Laurie falsifies a pass, goes into a shot that forces Luny to the edge, and ends with a little break in the water balloon next to Great Spain.

For Three

By Leonard's flight, Golden State had an answer every time Toronto slipped within three or four points. (Raptors also missed some open looks in these scenarios, including the end of the first half.)

One such answer:

I mean, come on. When are you allowed to turn your head against these guys or start turning into a crime? Never no? That must be a terrible feeling for Green – to observe the ricochet of bouncing over three raptors and back to Curry, knowing you left Thompson. (This should be a strange feeling for Thompson: If it was a movie, someone – probably a sister – would scream "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

Queen Cook's fake time-out

Hold: Did Cook use a fake time-out in the fourth quarter of the elimination game in the NBA Finals? "I did it," he told me. "I'm practicing this in my mind at any time when Steve tells me to take [a timeout] I think I'll do it." (The chef said Kerr really wanted a time out and you could see Kerr's signal for one.) "That's something from the NBA, you say ref." But when I went to point to the referees, Norman Powell interrupted me so that I [19659002] I have long advocated that any team should have a false timeout in their book Cook says Curry is doing it from time to time but Cook is a bit cautious to get out of his way He also worried that this column could put Toronto on the fragrance I do not think so

Block man, man on board

Ok, Kawhi If Toronto had won the tittle

The Warriors did not win without 14 points and six Cousins ​​racing who were sitting on the bench until Durant's injury forced Kerr to rework the rotation of Golden State At the beginning of the second quarter, the cousins ​​set up good screens, finished around the rim, and dropped some pretty gaps.

Kerr attracted this bad guy from wait. Draymond Green's hockey checker urges Toronto to switch Siakam on cousins. Siakam is at the helm of the cousins, but the Lob is clear because every shield who can stop him is stunned by the threat of Curry appearing on the right wing screen.
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Toronto attacks the cousins ​​at the other end of almost every possession. He worked, though his cousins ​​had two pickups – one by Leonard and Laurie – about 1:45 to go on a journey that ended with Laurie, putting the ball in the back. we will have to dig deep into Game 6 – especially if Looney is limited. (The Golden State found some success in switching against the Lonnie peaks, though it felt weak, their total switching was uneven, the Rapter too often sneaked to the rim -10 in 41 minutes and allowed Toronto to accumulate a huge number of points at that time , according to NBA.com.)

Toronto will come to the cousins. Can he produce enough to even break things up again? Can the Warriors make their first victory in this series of Game 1
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