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How to get started playing Fortnite

While those of us who play Fortnite were nailed to the black hole of last weekend, the rest of the world watched us watch him bewildered and in some cases curious. Nearly two days later, when the game finally came back online, many of my friends – and many of you in the comments – asked if you should enter. You also asked if you would be a 10-year-old child. The answer to both questions is: yes.

Fortnite made a major overhaul after the hole, ushering in an era that Epic developer calls Chapter 2. Players still get the best landing places and secrets in the new game map and learning about its new systems. These changes mean that it is a good time to dive into things and learn with everyone. Here's what you need to know, Fortnite .

So, Fortnite is just a video game, right? Sounds like a bigger deal than that.

Well, that's right. You've probably heard about how popular it is, especially with young players. His in-game dances and slang are filtered into the real world; my nieces and nephews who do not play the game, nevertheless play a game called " Fortnite Tag" in a fitness class (I don't fully understand what it is, but there is " Fortnite " in the name . ). The game and its players have also been in the news a lot, with the exception of video game publications. Celebrities like musician Drake and television presenter Ellen Degeneres have played him alongside some of his most famous streamers. Many artists, especially black artists, filed a lawsuit against developer Epic claiming that they used dances they invented without compensating them. 1

6-year-old won $ 3 million for winning this year's World Cup Fortnite . Currently, there is a legitimate effort in Canada to place a game for a task that is said to be addictive. Epic uses some of the money it has made from the game to launch the Epic Store, a computer gaming market that many people have strong opinions about . His great in-game events, such as the black hole, have attracted a lot of attention in the press and social media, making Fortnite
look less like a game and more like a whole new world that corrupts your children. [19659005] But yeah, it's just a game.

Like anything, games can be bad when you do too many of them. I have heard from friends that their children are bullied in the game or their grades drop because they play too much, but Fortnite is not much better or worse than other games when it comes to these types of questions. It's also a way for people to do something together or hang around when away from each other. It is colorful, fun and, although there are rifles in it, there is no blood or burning. So it does not destroy the society, but many young people really like it and it can scare the elderly.

Millions of people stared at the black screen for two days. What was that about?

Fortnite is not just a screensaver, though you might think after this week. In short: the game is divided into seasons that last approximately 10 weeks and usually end in a major in-game event. The hole was the final event of season 10 . It began Sunday afternoon when the entire card of the game was drawn into a black hole after a rocket was fired and a large explosion occurred. To the surprise of the players, instead of continuing the game as usual, all you saw when you loaded the game was a black hole. The internet has been booming trying to figure out when the game will be played again. After about 37 hours, at 16:00 ET, the game returned online as Chapter 2 with many changes. It was pretty wild of Epic to take the hugely popular offline game for so long, especially during the holiday weekend in Canada and much of the US, so the stunt gained a lot of attention.

What is Fortnite when it's not a hole?

The most famous version of Fortnite is its battle royal mode, which is free to play on computers, Xbox, PS4, Switch and mobile devices. This is not the only Fortnite mode that exists . As early as 2017, developer Epic turned part of the battle royale from its not-so-popular co-op storytelling game, Fortnite: Save The World . Save The World is a paid game, while Battle Royale is free.

In Battle Royale 100 players in solos, duos or four teams jump from a flying bus to a card. As the phrase "battle royal" connotes, everyone then tries to kill each other until there is only one player (or one team of players, depending on the mode). If you don't play solo, the game will bring you together with strangers or you can play with your friends. You start with just a pickaxe and you need to find whatever weapon is lying around. Weapons have different colors that indicate how rare or powerful they are. You can also find potions that give you shields, items that give you health, and throwable items like grenades. Also, during a match, a storm closes on the map. If you get caught in it, you will lose health and you will eventually die. This forces players to continue to approach each other.

Fortnite stands out from other combat piles, such as PUBG and Apex Legends because you can destroy things in the environment and build with it. Using your pickup, you can cut pieces of the environment, such as trees, cars, and rocks, to build useful things such as walls, floors, and ramps. Building it can be tricky to find out when you're new, but it's a key component in the game. Someone shoot at you? Build a small hut to hide in. Do you have to get somewhere high? Build a ramp next to it. Learning the basics of construction is quite simple, but knowing what to build, when and how to do it is a little more difficult.

Besides the basic 100 player mode, there are other things you can do in Fortnite . There is a playground mode where you or the people you choose can explore the map and practice shooting or construction without the pressure of combat. There is a creative mode where you can design your own areas and challenges. There are limited time modes with special rules, such as only the use of certain weapons or flying planes . One of them, called Team Rumble, is now a regular, scoring two teams of 50 against each other to compete for a number of kills. There is also a racing ranked mode if you want to be hardcore, but we'll get to that later.

You said that Fortnite is free, but my kids always want money for it.

You may be raising Oliver Twist, but your kids probably want money for the optional items that you can get in the game using the in-game currency, V-Bucks. Some of these elements come from a system called the Battle Pass, which gives you things to do while playing as you unlock its levels. Each season there is a new combat pass. One version of Bitcoin is free and everyone gets it, while another has more rewards and costs about $ 10. A paid ticket also has additional in-game challenges that you can complete for more experience. You can win V-Bucks in the game, but mostly you buy them with real money.

In the current iteration of the game, you level up both tickets by collecting a certain number of experience points. You get points for everything you do in the game: kill enemies, win games, outlast opponents, search for crates and more. Level rewards include items such as various characters called " skins "; dances and other movements your character can do; "Shells" that make your weapons look different; loading screens; and music. Sometimes the Bitcoin runs some V-Bucks. It is possible to buy a ticket for next season only through V-Bucks, which you earn by playing, but it takes a lot of work.

With Bitcoin you will always know what kind of reward you will get before you do the necessary task, which is good. The popularity and transparency of the Fortnite battle pass has encouraged many games to switch to this system as opposed to the division of randomized rewards, which can encourage unhealthy behavior and spending. [19659005] There are also outfits in the play store and other cosmetics . They are only available for purchase and are rotated regularly. Everything is purchased with V-Bucks.

You don't have to spend money to play or make money, but personalizing your character and getting the latest skin or dance is a big part of attracting the game. You will get a lot of fun stuff with the free pass, but I can see why someone might want to cash in on V-Bucks for a paid pass or in-store stuff. Personally, I really don't buy things in the store even though I pay for the combat pass. I'm definitely playing longer than I thought I could to get a certain bitcoin prize. This is not the healthiest choice, but it is my calling as an adult. Set healthy limits for yourself or your children, and that should be fine.

I Googled "Fortnite" and now continue to receive offers for free V-Bucks. Did I find a door? There are lots of scams that claim to offer free V-Bucks, but really just want to steal your passwords or personal information. Make sure you buy legit V-Bucks from Epic.

I want to be a part of a zeitgeist. Am I too old?

The Fortnite brand is very child-friendly and child-friendly but everyone can play. If you are worried about voice chat with minors, you can mute your voice and you should never hear someone speak. As an added bonus, in my attempt to play Fortnite looks really cool to both the kids and their parents because you can answer all the questions parents have.

Do I need to know the story?

No. Fortnite tells a strange story: Each season has a storyline, but most of all it is told through changes in the game's landscape, character skins, hidden messages on boot screens, and player speculation. This main story ends with the great ending of each season, which sets the tone for the next season. One season there was a cube moving around the map and making runes. The Black Hole of Season 10 was obscured by time gaps caused by a background character from the previous season and a rocket during the game and … many other things. An end-of-season event, such as the black hole, may not make sense to you if you are not interested in deciphering the story for yourself in one season (which may include reading sub-documents and wikis). Still, the larger scaffolding of these stories will probably be dramatic and enjoyable, even if you don't understand all the details.

For me, part of the fun of the game is trying to figure out what's going on. Fans are especially active online in discovering hidden secrets and creating theories. Sometimes these stories are filtered into the game. If you haven't followed the cube saga, for example, you may not know that players called it "Kevin," and that may be confusing. However, the new map makes some of the previous stories controversial, so if you are a fan of wild fans and wild guesses, you'll get on the ground floor if you start playing now.

Is It Hard To Learn To Play?

Fortnite is now much more accessible to newcomers. The Black Hole Stunt drew a lot of attention for the game that Epic seemed to be planning with Chapter 2. So many things were optimized or made easier. The battle stars you used to level your battle pass are gone; you do everything through XP. XP is only earned through game play. With the new medal system, you get even more XP for doing the things you regularly do. At least in the early stages, I have the feeling that I am making rapid progress.

Last season, Epic also changed the way the game decides who else is in the circle with you. Now you have to match players who are more in your skill level. This reduces the likelihood of being thrown into a game with experts who will immediately disarm you, which for many newcomers is the biggest stumbling block in many battle royal games.

Epic also seems to have added computer-controlled characters this season. The programmer stated that these bots would come into the game but did not release patches, so we can't know 100% that they are in them, but they look like. Many other players and I have encountered characters who do not move or act like humans. While this may feel like it is reducing the experience, it is also a great way for me to practice keeping cool when I come across an enemy. Killing bots makes me feel good, even if it is a false sense of satisfaction, which means that the game feels more useful to play.

In general, Fortnite feels less intimidating these days, which is good if you're new. If you haven't played in a while, the basics are the same and there are many new things to explore.

Image : Epic

What if I'm not good enough?

There are many ways to have fun at Fortnite if you are not a World Cup contender and there are also many ways to get things done. You can find lots of tips for fighting and building on YouTube and Reddit. Team Rumble is a great practice mode because you rejoin the game when you die, and the chaos means that there are many players to fight. You can also enter playground mode alone or with friends and select a landing area. There you can look at the map or practice your building, which you will need to feel comfortable in order to truly succeed in the battle mode of the royal game.

You can also just play the game with your friends and have a good time. Although you do not want to interfere with the game by paying other people, it is perfectly fine to play the game as a way to unwind or do stunts instead of being rewarded with a win.

I'm also good.

I've never had this problem, but congratulations! If regular games feel too easy for you, you can play in ranked mode, Arena. It is for racing players and does not include bots. You will play against others in your skill level and Epic regularly holds tournaments where players compete for cash. July Fortnite The World Cup was one such tournament, with a serious prize pool of $ 30 million. There are many opportunities for competition for you.

Can I or my child get rich by playing Fortnite ?

Maybe! Export is a viable career and there are many teams that can be ready to scoop you up if you are good enough. While the World Cup winner Solo Boog received a lot of fame for making big money, it didn't come out of nowhere and it took a lot of hard work. So you probably won't get rich fast.

You might also think of famous streamers like Ninja who have made their careers in the game. While I can't say that the life of a streetcar or esports pro is life for me, it may be for you. Make a Twitch channel and see what happens! However, do not rely on instant wealth or great wealth.

I'm a celebrity / politician / CEO. Will the game Fortnite make me more famous?

Maybe, but it will also make you brutal in capitalizing on a trend for your personal profit . Unless you really want to play Fortnite for the fun of it. This is good. Do this.

You convinced me.

Thank you.

I have a whole weekend ahead of me and I'm ready to play. Any final words of wisdom?

Be a Good Player in the Team: Be respectful of your teammates and other players, mute your microphone when you don't speak, and be a good winner or loser. Very few of my friends play the game, but I would recommend finding other newcomers to partner with. Fortnite is more fun with friends.

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