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How to respond to Messenger Kids Mess

The Messenger Kids app on Facebook, the type of app you put on your child's device to ensure that they can only speak with approved contacts, had a less useful error that allowed strangers to interact with children.

The Verge report on the affected group service calls: Kid A can invite (approved) Kid B to join a chat group, but Kid A can also invite Kids C, D, E and F in the group, even if they were not technically authorized to talk to Kid B through the normal approval process of Messenger Kids. Then Kid B can talk to people whom Kid B's parents did not know (or approve in advance).

In other words, this is a problem with the allowed and surprising passage of the Facebook portion, given the simplicity of the setup. Facebook recently responded by closing the affected group conversations and sending a message to inform the parents:


We found a technical error that allowed [CHILD] to a friend [FRIEND]] to create a group conversation with [CHILD] and one or more of the parents approved by the parents [FRIEND]. We want you to know that we have excluded this group conversation, and we are sure that group conversations like this will not be resolved in the future. If you have questions about Messenger kids and online safety, please visit our Messenger Kids Help Center and Parental Controls. We would also like your feedback. "

If you are a parent affected by this, you have a few steps you can take to get some control over what your child was, I hope it is meaningless Fortnite Chat inappropriate content.

Time to take your child's device

Facebook, in its infinite wisdom, has not built a tool to let you see what your child is sending and getting through the Messenger Kids app. Children can not delete their chat history, but you'll need to check their device app using their login to see what they say. There is no way simply to throw your chat history through your own Facebook profile.

On the other hand, it means you will not feel enormous guilt for spying on your child. This may even give you the opportunity to unite and have a great discussion about relevance, privacy and digital security – something you would miss if you could just look at what your child wanted to do through your own application.

How to ask for your children's Messenger child account

To get an idea of ​​who your child was talking to – as well as other Facebook data that Messenger Kids might have for their Messenger Kids calls) – start by downloading your own Facebook account. If you think you are on your computer, look for the Explore section in the far left sidebar and click on "Messenger Kids". If you do not see it, first click on "See more".

Click on the children's Messenger child account and you will be able to see "your child's profile information, friends' links, and active contacts requests" as described by Facebook. This will tell you nothing about what your child is doing or will not address the confidentiality issue of the Messenger children's group, but it is worth knowing that this data exists if you ever need to examine it. “/>

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] Your child's children's name Messenger Kids [19659009] Deleting the Kids Messenger app from your child's smartphone or tablet is an easy step – a great way to put the app on time for your misconduct. However, if you think it's time for permanent disintegration, it's easy to delete your child's entire profile. (19659004) At the same place you clicked on your child's Messenger child account – Facebook Home> Browse> Messenger Kids Account icon of your child and select "Edit account information". You will find the option to delete it for good.

You can also delete a Messenger Kids account using the iOS or Android Facebook app. This is a similar process and Facebook has detailed instructions in case you are the madness of your family. “/>

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Stop running your little kids at all to use Facebook

This is the nuclear option, and your child is probably going to attack, but let it become real for a second. Considering how much Facebook advertised Messenger Kids as a sure and secure way for approved calls for his service, this glitch – though not as bad as could be – is still pretty bright.

Does your child really need such an early exposure on Facebook? This is probably a question you asked when the young woman asked you to access the full Facebook app and somehow ended up compromising with Messenger Kids.

Facebook has done enough to offer a disinfected version of the messages so your child can use it? Obviously not. I mean, he has taken how long long for Facebook to allow even parents to block the app so kids can not tell their friends way their past bedtimes?

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Read Does Facebook Fix Messenger Kids? Sure. They can restore the application entirely around approvals by changing it so that parents receive a daily summary of the messages a child wants to send (or receive). Parents can then choose which messages they want their child to see and which ones to delete – whether spam, adult content or whatever. The app would not be very real-time in terms of messages, but it would be infinitely safe. (In a perfect world, parents could also fill in a white list of little Timmy, who is nothing but a messenger.)

Heck, Facebook can even give parents an easier tool for tapping conversations or your children's notifications when some issues mentioned are keywords – the modern equivalent of "you can have a broadband connection, but we'll put the family computer in the living room."

But this is not the way of Facebook, which is why Messenger Kids already feels like some mess even before problems such as this group chat can further undermine the reliability of the service.

There will always be a messaging app to worry, whether you have it installed, so your child can use it, install it behind you, or understand what "text" is. In order not to be everything "the sky falls" for Messenger Kids, but it's a great time to have a family discussion about the role of widespread social media in your life.

I do not have children, but I feel like the best way to deal with digital messages with my kids is to create basic rules, conduct early discussions about the dangers in the online world, and build a culture of openness and respect for digital communications and privacy. Then mistakes like Facebook will not be so worrying – I hope.

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