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Hurricane Dorian Updates: Category 5 storm moves to North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia – the latest on land, route, road, weather and live models and updates

Hurricane Dorian strikes the Bahamas as a Category 5 monster.

Hurricane Dorian Quick Facts:

  • At 8:00 a.m. Sunday, the National Hurricane Center stated that Dorian was a Category 5 storm that descends the Bahamas.
  • Forecasts say Dorian may spare the US coast a direct hit, but will move near the east coast of Florida late Monday.
  • Dorian is expected to hit the South Carolina coast on Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Emergency states were in effect throughout Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina, as well as in 1
    2 counties in Georgia.
  • In some parts of Florida.
  • Evacuations in coastal South Carolina will begin on Monday.

Hurricane Dorian intensified in a severe Category 5 storm as it struck the Bahamas on Sunday. According to the Associated Press, Dorian tied the record for the most powerful Atlantic hurricane ever to land on the Bahamas, equivalent to the 1935 Labor Day hurricane before the storms were named.

Its maximum sustained winds of 185 mph broke. roofs, overturned cars, and broken power lines as hundreds crowd into schools, churches and shelters.

More than 20 million Americans could feel the effects of the storm in a matter of days.

Preparations were underway for a major storm across the southeastern US coast. The hurricane has already struck in parts of the northwestern Bahamas in the morning. The storm can raise water levels 20 feet above normal.



DHS Acting Chief Kevin McAllen said Sunday that the storm could only remain on the continental coast of the United States, but that it could still cause major problems with high wind speeds, devastating storms and heavy rain.

As of 8 pm On Sunday, downtown Dorian looms over the islands of Grand Abaco and Grand Baham and about 155 miles east of West Palm Beach, Florida, the National Hurricane Center reported. The storm was moving west at around 5 mph.

Follow the live storm cover below:

More than 600 flights canceled

According to the Associated Press, more than 600 U.S. flights have been canceled on Monday as the nation prepares for Hurricane Dorian. Almost half of these flights concerned routes either arriving or departing from Florida airports.

The repeal also affected North Carolina, Georgia, Maryland and other states. About 336 flights were canceled on Sunday alone.

South Carolina Governor orders thousands of evacuees

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster on Sunday ordered mandatory evacuations across the state, affecting approximately 830,000 people. The evacuations will begin at noon on Monday and will include seven counties: Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester, Harry and Jasper.

These cities will also survive the closure of schools and governments on Tuesday. To provide quick evacuations, employees reverse the flow of traffic along major highways.

"We don't want people stuck on the freeway," McMaster said during a Sunday news conference.

Abaco Islands report "catastrophic conditions"

"Catastrophic conditions" were reported in the Abaco Islands, according to the Associated Press, with a storm surge up to 23 feet because of Hurricane Dorian, prompting residents to get into their homes and hotels

Dorian has already damaged roofs, downed power lines and overturned vehicles in addition to running water. Prime Minister Hubert Minis told the AP that some areas were flooded so intensely that "you can't determine the difference at the beginning of the street relative to m hundred, where the ocean begins. "

" Dorian rage is now targeting Greater Bahamas, "reports NHC [19659019] The National Hurricane Center issues a 17 hour ET advisor on Sunday warning that Hurricane Dorian is" aimed at Grand Bahamas, the northernmost island in the country and one of the largest, with storms slowing to 5 mph, although its maximum sustained wind remained at 185 mph.

Its intensity forced the NHC to issued new signals for areas around Florida's east coast, including Hurricane P a warning extending from Jupiter's entrance to Volusia / Brevard County Line.

Palm Beach International Airport canceled all its commercial flights scheduled for Monday in response to Hurricane Dorian.

Official calls to Bahamas Hurricane Dorian is "a difficult situation to describe"

Joy Jibrilou, director general of the Bahamas Tourism Ministry, told CBSN's Elaine Kigano that Hurricane Dorian was causing "a worsening of conditions with jumps, buildings already losing their roofs and a difficult situation to describe. "A stormy jump between 18 and 23 feet is expected in the Bahamas, forecasters said, and the jump will be accompanied by large and devastating waves." 19659010] "The Bahamas was proud the fact that they were deeply prepared for hurricanes. "she added." We experience them more than we like, but do not think anyone expected a hurricane with such intensity.

Jibrilou said the Bahamas has experienced wind gusts of more than 200 mph.

"We will be able to assess the impact of the storm once it is gone and we can see the extent of the damage to Abaco and Grand Baham, "she told CBSN. "Abaco and Grand Baham are surrounded by keys and are amazingly beautiful. The keys are very small islands – we really ask people to evacuate tourists especially," said Jibrilou. "The government has done a stellar job of removing people from the keys, low-lying areas, near flood-prone areas … and putting them in hurricane shelters."

Florida Takes Care of Dorian

As Dorian seems to be heading north, Florida wondered if he would sigh of relief. But, according to CBS News correspondent Mark Strasman, after days of heavy warnings, hasty preparations and last-minute storage, coastal residents knew better on Sunday than completely relaxing.

The strong winds of Dorian and coastal flooding are still potential threats. [19659040] Florida Residents Prepare for Hurricane Dorian

As Strassmann reports that even if Dorian's physical damage is less than expected, his threat is already costly: businesses lost millions when tourists escaped just before work weekend leaving empty beaches. The closure of airports and canceled flights will extend the losses to the coming week. Utility crews from the north were already on their way to Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas to assist with any power outages.

Video taken aboard the International Space Station on Sunday afternoon showed the terrifying scale of Hurricane Dorian as it swept the Bahamas as a devastating Category 5 storm.

Cameras on the outside of the ISS filmed the video as the station orbits over the Caribbean , showing her a clearly defined circular mass of clouds swirling around the big eye.

Hurricane Dorian seen over the Bahamas from the space station

Dorian drought in the Bahamas

The Miami National Hurricane Center said Sunday that Dorian landed at Elbow Kay at 12:40 a.m. ET.

Maximum sustained winds increased to a monstrous 185 mph. The hurricane center said the storm's arrival was a "life-threatening situation" with dangers that would cause "extreme destruction."

Wind gusts were closed at over 220 mph. Storm inflows were measured at between 18 and 23 feet above normal tide levels.

Trump informs Dorian

Ken Graham, director of the National Hurricane Center, told President Trump and other senior U.S. officials today via a live web link that Hurricane Dorian is "a textbook case of a very powerful hurricane."

He warned that the storm was so great that it could do considerable damage even far from her eye.

"The big question," Graham said, is where the storm actually ends, turning east into the Atlantic Ocean. while heading north along the US coast.

"We will deal with this hurricane for a whole week," he said, predicting widespread storms and rainfall in some places over eight inches.

  US President Donald Trump attends a briefing by the Federal Emergency Management Agency ( FEMA) on Hurricane Dorian in Washington
President Donald Trump attends a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) briefing on Hurricane Dorian at the FEMA Headquarters in Washington, USA, September 1, 2019.


Graham stated that there was still "so much uncertainty" about the forecast path because even a small variability in storm behavior could significantly change its path.

Bahamas Catastrophic Conditions

The National Hurricane Center says Dorian has become the strongest hurricane in modern records that hit the Northwestern Bahamas on Sunday.

The Center warned that catastrophic conditions were occurring in the Abak Islands, Bahamas, as the storm moved slowly west.

Dorian Becomes a Category 5 Hurricane

Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minis says Sunday is "the saddest day of my life."

Trump urges Southeast to "Be careful!"

After retweeting a series of tips from the National Hurricane Center and others on Sunday morning, President Trump sent a more personal message to Southeast residents: Watch out.

He said that it looks like Hurricane Dorian is targeting Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, and that it can "hit (much) more than expected. It looks like one of the largest hurricanes ever. "

" Be careful! ", Mr. Trump called, adding simply" GOD THANK YOU ALL! "

DHS chief says Dorian may stay off US coast

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleen said on Sunday CBS "Face of the Nation" moderator Margaret Brennan says the Caribbean monster may remain right on the coast of the United States, but warned it could still cause major problems.

"Most models show that it lasts more than 24 hours (over the Bahamas) before moving north and most likely to remain on the coast of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina," McAllen

"This does not mean that there will be no significant impacts from the storm where you expect to see hurricane-force winds that stretch the Florida coastline immediately on Tuesday," he added, noting that the storm was expected to cause a great threat and there may also be 'a prolonged rain event as the storm breaks n north. "

Hurricane Dorian to 8 a.m. Sunday, September 1, 2019.

NOAA / National Hurricane Center

McAllon stated that he "regularly" informed President Trump about the storm and that he expected to do so again, along with other key cabinet members, later Sunday morning.

The acting DHS chief also defended the Trump administration's decision to divert millions of disaster relief funds to the southern border for immigration enforcement as its agency prepares to respond to the severe storm.

In an interview Sunday with Face the Nation, Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McLian said the expected transfer of more than $ 155 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will not affect the response of his hurricane department.

McAllen says transfer of FEMA funds to the border will have "no effect" on the response to the hurricane. as Hurricane Dorian heads to East Coast Room is a potentially devastating Category 5 storm.

In a signal sent to residents, officials said anyone living in "A or B" designated districts should immediately to leave.

The two zones include people living in mobile devices or "non-standard housing" and low-lying flood prone areas. It also includes barrier islands, land areas north and south of the Jupiter inlet and other areas vulnerable to storms south by the intracooreal waterway to the Broward County line.

Dorian May Hover Over The Bahamas

Forecasters Say Early On Sunday, if Hurricane Dorian slows to a crawl over the Bahamas, as predicted later in the day, it could complicate their coastline prospects. Southeastern United States.

The National Hurricane Center stated that Dorian could almost stay above Grand Abaco Island or Grand Baham Island for more than 24 hours on Sunday. Hurricane Center director Ken Graham said it would be catastrophic for the island chain.

Forecasters say ocean levels can rise up to 20 feet in parts of the northern Bahamas with a storm surging with huge waves.

With a report from Associated Press.

Now Category 5, Dorian roars to the Bahamas

Dorian grew into a huge Category 5 storm early Sunday morning, set to sail over the Bahamas with potentially devastating winds of 160 mph and gusts even higher.

The National Hurricane Center warned that the Bahamas would feel the storm rage in just a few hours, and while fluctuations in Dorian intensity were expected, it would likely "remain a powerful hurricane for the next few days" as it northbound toward Georgia and the coast of Carolina.

"Significant impacts can also occur even if the center of # Dorian stays ashore," said the Hurricane Center, adding that "high winds and a life-threatening storm increase along the shores of Georgia and South Carolina midway through next week. "

Orlando Airport Lifts Plan to Close on Monday

The Orlando International Airport issued a statement Saturday announcing it lifted its closure plan on Monday, September 2, and will continue its normal operation.

'The airport emergency operations center will continue 24/7 monitoring of Hurricane Dorian and airport managers will work with industry partners to determine if additional corrections are available. to the airport's operational plans are needed, "noted a statement issued by Orlando Airport.

What deliveries should you prepare?

The National Weather Service encourages everyone on a storm that is never early to start preparing your hurricane kit. CBS News has gathered some emergency preparedness tips for people and pets, as well as a checklist of supplies to have on hand before the big storm arrives. Before a potentially devastating storm through this hurricane season, The Red Cross recommends having several supplies, including a flashlight, batteries, first aid kit, medicines, a multifunctional tool, and an emergency blanket.

See the full list here. [19659040] "You need to get ready": Former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Shares Survival of Hurricane

NOAA Radar Shows Eye of Hurricane Dorian

NOAA Hurricane Hunters released an image Saturday night showing the eye of Hurricane Dorian. The National Hurricane Center reaffirmed its Category 4 status. At that time,

Florida was "not out of the woods," Desantis said.

Florida Governor Ron Desantis encouraged residents, especially those on the East Coast, to "remain vigilant. "as Hurricane Dorian continues to make its way west." We're not out of the woods yet, "DeSantis said during a news conference Saturday night.

" So our pose here has been encouraged over the last 24 hours … but we're also preparing for the fact that this cone of insecurity още включва много райони на източното крайбрежие на Флорида и дори в централната и северната част на Флорида. "

По време на неделна пресконференция ДеСантис насърчава тези в зоните за евакуация, за да се „обърнат внимание на това обаждане“.

„Тази буря с такава величина наистина може да причини огромни разрушения“, каза ДеСантис. „Не поставяйте живота си в опасност, като останете назад, когато имате възможност да излезете.“

Домашните любимци, евакуирани от брега на Южна Каролина, са готови за осиновяване

Длъжностните лица в северната Южна Каролина хуманно общество казват стотици домашни любимци са готови за осиновяване, след като са били евакуирани от съоръжения по крайбрежието, съобщи филиалът на CBS WSPA. Хуманисткото общество в Грийнвил вече има над 200 животни за осиновяване и официални лица заявиха, че се нуждаят от доброволци.

„Много е тежко за нашия персонал и нашия персонал абсолютно обичат тези животни и това може да бъде стрес за животните, тъй като добре ", каза Рейчъл Делпорт, която работи в центъра в Грийнвил.

Тръмп се среща с представители на FEMA в Camp David

Президентът Тръмп в събота се срещна с служители на FEMA в Camp David, за да обсъди отговора на урагана Дориан. Г-н Тръмп отмени посещение през уикенда в Полша, за да планира потенциално катастрофалната буря, която може да засегне над 20 милиона американци.

Г-н. Тръмп за кратко напусна Camp David, за да посети Националния голф клуб на Тръмп в Стерлинг, Вирджиния, в събота сутринта, според докладите на пула.

Прес-секретарят на Белия дом Стефани Гришам заяви, че президентът е бил информиран почасово по време на бурята и че „е участвал в няколко телефонни разговора“. На въпрос за видео, публикувано от The Hill, който твърди, че показва на г-н Тръмп голф, Гришам отговори: „Нямам представа какво е това видео.“

Г-н. Тръмп в събота ретуира няколко туита от Националния център по ураганите, FEMA и Американския червен кръст, предоставящи информация за бурята. Освен това той предупреди в туитър, че Южна Каролина "може да бъде ударена МНОГО по-силно, отколкото първоначално се е смятало."

Запознайте се с първия екип на лов на урагани на NOAA

Докато ураганът Дориан прави път към брега на Флорида, не всички бяга от жестоката буря. Командирът Ребека Уодингтън, лейтенант Линдзи Норман и капитан Кристи Кръстинг полетяха в очите на бурята тази седмица.

Самолетът им на лов на урагани събира данни за NOAA, което помага на синоптиците да прогнозират накъде следващата буря е следващата. Но полетът им в четвъртък беше исторически. За първи път в историята на NOAA полетният екипаж на Hurricane Hunter е съставен от всички жени.

„Има повече жени, които се интересуват от летенето и също е забавно да имат тази компания, защото, за да бъда честен, това е доминирано от мъже полето, "каза капитан Кристи Туининг.

Туининг се надява, че ще вдъхновят ново поколение жени пилоти.

" Да ги уведомят, че това е нещо, което със сигурност е възможност за тях и те не трябва да се чувстват сплашени или така или иначе си мислят, че не могат да го направят ", каза Туининг.

" Хората си мислят, че си малко луд, но когато му кажеш защо излизаме и правим това, излизаме и събираме вс ичко това наистина важни данни, тогава хората обикновено са наистина благодарни за това, което правите ", каза Норман.

– Дана Джейкъбсън съобщава

Запознайте се с първия изцяло женски екипаж за урагани на NOAA

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