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Hymn: Everything we learned after 20 hours of play

Let's talk about everything we learned about Hymn after we played it for two hours at the BioWare office in Edmonton.

The anthem is just around the corner and we cover it all over the month as part of IGN First. For our deep dive this month, we had the opportunity to go to BioWare and play over 20 hours of working anthem.

With this knowledge, we came back to share what we have learned to give you a better understanding of how the anthem will be and how to decipher some of its lesser known aspects ̵

1; especially if you intend to spend at any time in the upcoming demo. While some of them already know if you've been following the anthem, some of them are probably gone, so let's get into it.

History of the anthem

History of the anthem is a strictly kept secret of BioWare – The team will not yet reveal the name of the planet – give us only the smallest particles so far. The big picture, the fast and dirty synopsis is set on a planet that is full of futuristic technology. The long group of creatures, called The Shapers, built and used this technology – along with the immense powerful energy called the Hymn of Creation – to do well, whatever they wanted.

At one point, the Shakespeare disappeared, leaving the world unfinished. in the process. Unfortunately for mankind, all this God-like technology has been left in various states of functionality and occasionally alive and manages amok, causing chaos – from a monster called storms to cataclysms of levels of extinction. Mankind is now hiding behind the walls of Fort Tarsis – named after the legendary General Tarsis who commanded the Dawn Legion – and just strolling out of the walls in exquisite custom made costumes called Javelins to stop the cataclysms at all times. These pockets, dressed in a pocket, that lend themselves to the safety of the walls, are called "freelancers".

"The Dominion, led by a man named Doctor Hawkin, was looking for a powerful Shakespeare artifact he thought he could use to control the anthem.

But after playing a lot of hymn, we learned a little more. For example, we know there are other cities and probably other continents on the planet. The battlefield, or country or continent – or what you want to call – that we have all seen before, is called Bastion. This is the home of Fort Tarsis where Hymn is predominantly based on what we have seen so far. But it was once home to another big city called Freemark.

Freemark is ancient and thriving, but is attacked by the militaristic, black-faced conqueror, called Dominion, coming from the north. The Dominion, led by a man named Doctor Hawkin, was looking for a powerful Shepherd artifact that he thought he could use to control the creation anthem. It's wrong, like most megalomaniacs. His falsification created a massive cataclysm destroying Freemark. After that day Dominion disappeared with Dr. Hawkin.

  Doctor Hawkin

The Doctor led the lordship in the anthem.

But just as any good neighboring city-state would do, the Freelancers from Fort Tarsis took the call and sent out a number of detachments in the Freemarc's cataclysm – now called The Heart of Fury – in an attempt to close it. Eventually, they were overwhelmed by the storm and the massive titans it created, and after having suffered heavy losses, they retreated to disgrace. After the defeat, the Pharisees are no longer revered as heroes and earn their living with ordinary contracts around Bastion by trying to redeem them.

If you played closed beta at the end of last year, the last part should sound familiar because it's basically the opening of the game. And that's where the history of the anthem begins: the domination has come back mysteriously, and we have to bring the group to stop them and uncover the secrets of Bastion, and I suspect Dr. Hawkin's plans and his stunning face. The biggest question about the anthem is what you will do after going from newcomers and entering the end-of-life cycle that BioWare calls The Elder Game. The Elder Game is a line to personalize your character with the best equipment and weapons you can find to start crazy loads that allow you to enter the most difficult content. The goal is to attract better and better parts of the equipment to increase the overall score of your tooth jump, and the rarity of longing and fine tuning of your personalized workloads, so you can blow through difficult barriers and take the – the hard content of the most difficult difficulty, you get even better equipment to create better charging combinations, and so on.

Once you reach the 30 level cap and start playing Anthem's Elder, you will get access to a new level of difficulty: Grandmaster 1, 2 and 3.

The anthem has several levels the difficulty you will choose before taking an expedition outside of Fort Tarsis. This basically allows you to set the risk and reward for each activity you perform, and from what we have seen, you can reproduce the entire contents of the anthem at each difficulty. The harder you choose, the higher the climber climbs to see high-quality drops of equipment, but the more enemies health, the more enemies will cause damage, so you can see compromises.

When it comes to these difficulty settings, we'll start with the base levels: easy difficulty without pressure, standard normal difficulty, and of course a difficult difficulty. By performing the content on all three major difficulties, the breakdown seemed to work the following way: You will most likely be able to share most of the activities Easy if you know what you are doing. Under "Normal," depending on what kind of content you take – missions, freerops, contracts, etc. – you have to be careful, but you can do it yourself. On hard work you will need friends and tactics to clear most activities.

  Grandmaster 3 Difficulty

There are six difficulties in the anthem, but Grandmaster 3 is your ultimate goal.

Once you reach the level of 30 and start the game of the Hymn, you will gain access to a new level of difficulty: Grandmaster 1, 2 and 3. The choice to perform the content of these difficulties on the Grandmaster is your best chance to find the the best available facility, but the risk is intense. The grandmaster intensely strengthens his enemies, gradually increasing their health and damage, to a ridiculously disheartening 3,100 percent of Grandmaster 3.

It will take a lot of work to build your team's copies to the point where you can start dealing with the content the difficulties of the Grandmaster. , requiring a full team of Javelins and pre-planned loads that synergize with each other to do so. In short, the Grandmaster's difficulties are the best of the best: the best awards and the best that the Hymn has to throw on you.

What does the crazy construction look like at the end? Well, each copy – Ranger, Colossus, Storm and Interceptor – has three slots for gears, two weapon slots and six component slots. Finding the right equipment for each slot helps you assemble a building that works, which then you will continue to modify with powerful up to six components. Components range from basically – increased flight time or damage to the weapon – to specific enhancements to specific copies and their capabilities – such as increasing damage to one ability when using another.


The ceiling for a really crazy ending game appears not only incredibly tall but full of variety.

Gear in the Anthem comes in six rare varieties: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Masterwork, and Legendary.

I spent most of my time playing a Storm copy, which you can learn more by watching our IGN First Storm Javelin profile. To give you an example, I had won dozens of pieces of gear and components that allowed me to start building a powerful boiler base. One Masterwork that I found, called Token of the Master, cut the cooling capacity of my left power by 60% when I hit a slapping hit on the weak point of the enemy I was right to do. This is quite convenient in itself because it means that my cooling cycle is shortened and effectively increases my damage in a second. But then I found a Masterwork component called Mark of Ruin that increased my license damage by 100% while my left ability was cooling for five seconds. You can begin to see how this construction can inflate into disability.

In battle I will use my left strength – a very damaging ability with long cooling, for example – which increases the damage to my abilities for 5 seconds. In my proper capacity, I would go with something flexible, like the ability to cool down, so it's always ready to use in case I trigger a grandmother. Then I kill an enemy with the right ability, activating my grandmother and shortening the cooling time of my left ability, and start the whole rotation. After I had enough practice, I easily doubled my production as long as I maintained this rotation. And it only uses two of the possible six component slots and a relatively good (but not large) gear. The ceiling for really crazy buildings looks really tall.


The progression cycle looks perfect for building physicians and theoretical craftsmen, and I expect a community full of heavy discussions about optimal construction. Then the best facility is further enhanced by accidentally allocated special attributes for facilities and weapons called infusions. The goal is to find or design any piece of equipment you want with the infusion you want to get the best possible version of your load. The progression cycle struck me as perfect for you when building doctors and theoretical craftspeople, and I expect a tough community of discussions and videos on YouTube for optimal construction for every copy and every style of play.

Now you know about the difficulties and the equipment I'm chasing it's time to talk about the activities quickly and what you want to do to achieve your goals. Each anthem activity is intended to deliver a different part of the climb. For example, Freeplay is the best way to get craft supplies and weapons – pieces of copy, charcoal and natural materials in Bastion. You say it, you can find it in Freeplay.

If you just want to gain experience, taking missions and legendary contracts is the best way to do this and increase the overall level of pilots. And Strongholds – the hymn version of the MMORPG dungeons (or Strikes, for the Destiny crowd) – are the best way to find rare gear. If you follow an anthem, you may have already seen one of them: the Tiran Mina fortress, which stands against a huge spider monster. But there are other fortresses in Bastion, like the Temple of Scars, for which BioWare will reveal more in the near future.

Personalization of the anthem

Now that you know what the dental examination looks like, let's talk about it You will look like this. Javelins in Anthem can be incredibly personalized. All personalization is aesthetic, the way you look, unlike the personalization, the different equipment you find and equip, the way you play your copy.

Personalizing your copy is easy, and if I'm honest, it's easy to suck it in. We will all begin with basic costumes, but you will soon be able to change the color of each piece of a huge list of colors or create custom colors if it is your thing. Besides the colors, you can also set the textures. Do you want your bumper look soft and dull, hard and shiny, or maybe metallic? You can set the texture of each piece of equipment: helmet, chest, arms and legs, along with the color for almost infinite variety.


I spent too much time turning my storm into a gilded, overflowing eye – and I loved it.

I turned a spare interceptor into a pink Power Ranger to see what it looks like. My colleague has done his best to recreate Hullbuster's bumper in his Colossus with mixed results in our limited time. I spent too much time turning my storm into a golden coating that spilled into my eyes – and I liked it. Like someone who does not care what the hero in the game looks like, the amount of miniature details you can go to have turned the handcrafted experience into a scandalous look into something I wanted to perfect and show others.

This makes sense, because it makes sense, because just when I thought we were going to make it, a developer from BioWare went in to make some usual glances for our copies. The personalized costumes she invented made everything we had already created, resembling unstable fingerprints.

But maybe you do not care and just want to stick vinyl on your copy and call it good? Well you can do that too. You can even change the wear condition of your bumper to look fallen and dropped if you want that you have lived. And if you ultimately want to invest more, there are premium armor parts that completely alter the appearance of each bumper slot for each copy – which you can buy through a combination of free and premium currency, but we will go into minting Anthem in

"I do not think I'll ever get tired of these delicate, bad outfits that will suddenly drop off all their threatening presence in techno and start jumping on their feet with a coordinated hip-pop while making Sweet Enable Rebound.

My favorite aspect of personalization is emotions and animations. Do they affect you how well you play? Nothing of the kind. But there is one tone to choose from, and there are some really infectious emotions that I need to have.

I'm accustomed to the storm that explodes on the scene with the default animation at the beginning of the expedition, but after I discovered Space Baby animation, I bought and equipped it, I do not think I'll ever take it off. She did not burst on the scene anymore, but she slowly slid into a frame shrinking in the position of the fetus as some sort of cosmic wizard. And I do not think I'll ever get tired of these cumbersome, bad costumes, they'll suddenly drop out of all their threatening presence in techno and start jumping on their feet with a coordinated hip-pop while making the sweet Bounce emotion. But the list is extensive and you can buy and equip whatever you want in the three available emoticons slots. But advice: always carry the emotions of the rocket. Of course, they are useful for illuminating dark places, but torches are really best used to cast them in front of your friends.

  Animation for the arrival of a cosmic baby

What a beautiful cosmic baby.

"If you buy an anthem, you will get stories about history and content, new missions and new fortresses, and daily, weekly or monthly drops of BioWare content has planned everything for free.

Let's go back to the anthem monetization structure: Yes, there is a premium currency called Shards, in addition to the free currency called Coin, But any premium currency that ultimately buys is used only for cosmetics like armor kits, emotes, decals, and so on. And the vast majority of buy cosmetics we see requires a combination of both coins and pieces, although all of this is still finalized when we

BioWare are categorical that they do not want to divide the base of the players by selling content so that , although there are huge plans for an anthem, none of them will be connected to a paid wall. This means expanding the story and content of the game, meaning new missions and new fortresses, which means daily, weekly or monthly content that BioWare planned: If you bought an anthem, you will get it all for free.

The only thing BioWare does not mention strictly cosmetically can cost real money in the future – the new Javelin costumes. There were no specific plans when we talked to the developer, but in the future, if BioWare decides to release more copy suits, you may need to buy a premium currency to unlock them. But if you decide to buy a new copy suit – if and when they are available – they will be just another option for playstyle rather than a requirement to experience the content.

Antique System of Anthem

A cooperative play as an ant, working with other players, is an important part of the experience. But let's face it, finding a group and playing with others is not a preference for everyone, although any Anthem activity will involve matchmaking to find other players. За да разпадне част от тази естествена съпротива на игра с други, BioWare е създала нещо, наречено система на Алианса.

Системата на Алианса е начин да се помогне на други играчи и да се позволи на други играчи да ви помогнат, без да се налага да правите

Системата на Алианса е начин да се помогне на други играчи и да се позволи на други играчи да ви помогнат, без да се налага да правите нищо. Ако играете някакво съдържание с други играчи, или имате химн играчи в списъка си с приятели, всички тези хора ще бъдат автоматично добавени към вашия алианс.

В края на мисията ще разберете личния си опит и награди , но ще видите също и опит за обединение. Опитът на съюза се изгражда с времето и се присъжда на другите играчи във вашия съюз. Идеята е колкото повече играеш, толкова по-голям ще бъдеш опит за алианса на другите играчи, както и повече опит на алианса, който други играчи могат да ти дадат.

 Опит на алианса

Екранът за приключване на експедицията показва опит на вашия съюз.

В края на седмицата, целият опит на алианса, който сте натрупали от други играчи, се превръща в Coin, който можете да използвате. Така всяка седмица, независимо дали се интересувате да играете с други или не, вие всички ще си помагате взаимно да печелите пари, без да се налага да изпращате молба или съобщение до други пиеси. Ръцете са изключени и няма недостатъци. Колкото повече играете, толкова повече награди получавате, и колкото повече играете, толкова повече награди давате на други играчи, които сте изблъскали в света.

Символите на химна и техните лица

Важно е, че потапянето на тези взаимоотношения не се нарушава, ако очите на героя внезапно изплуват от главата си.

Ако има нещо, което BioWare е чуло от феновете на Mass Effect Andromeda, това е, че хората се грижат за лицата. И така, BioWare се постара да се увери, че героите в химна изглеждат като хора, които вярват в човешките лица. Може да звучи като малко нещо, но тъй като по-голямата част от взаимодействието с други герои се осъществява в първия човек, важно е да се чувствате като да говорите с човек.

От многото герои, с които говорихме, можем щастливо казвам, че лицата и героите на Химн се държат като истински хора. В една конкретна ранна сцена с приятеля си Оуен, можете да получите истинско усещане за неговата игрива личност, тъй като той се забърква с друг не-глупост характер, и неговата желание да бъде пилот на свободна практика в свое собствено право един ден. Макар че в химна не може да има опции за романтика, има връзки с героите, които трябва да бъдат направени, и е важно потапянето на тези отношения да не бъде нарушено, ако очите на героя внезапно изскачат от главата си. От това, което видяхме, всеки герой в химн има достоверна личност и мускули на лицето, които да съвпаднат. тъй като системата може да бъде малко по-сложна, ето кратко опреснително

В химна, способностите на твоя Javelin's са свързани с екипировката, която носите, и тези способности идват с елементарни щети и ефекти: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Acid, you го наречете. Но има две класификации на способностите, когато става въпрос за изпълнение на комбинации: Грундове и Детонатори.

Можете да кажете коя е коя чрез малкия символ на способността. Практическите умения имат иконата на малкия пламък и подреждат елементарни ефекти върху врага. В зависимост от това колко силна е предавката се определя колко елементарен ефект се натрупва с всеки удар. Когато удариш достатъчно врага, за да го натрупаш, врагът се зарежда: ако удариш нещо с ледени парчета, врагът се замразява и се грундира и е готов да се детонира за комбо.

цел, трябва да използвате детонатор или меле удар. Можете да кажете, че способността е детонатор от иконата на малката експлозия на нея. Важно е да знаете какви са вашите способности, защото ако играете соло и внасяте само детонатори, няма да получавате комбинации. Комбо са добри;

Всеки Javelin има свой собствен вид комбо, което означава, че когато детонират врага, се случва нещо специално, което само Javelin може да направи.

Но ето голяма част, всеки може да взриви всеки враг, независимо от това кой го е подготвил. Така че нека да кажем, че управлявате Storm Javelin и все още нямате никакви добри съоръжения с умения за грунд. Това е добре. Вашият приятел Ranger или Interceptor с наистина добри умения може да тича наоколо и да постави всичко, докато ги унищожи.

За да изложи на комбо малко повече, всеки Javelin има свой собствен тип комбо, което означава, че когато детонират враг, нещо специално се случва, че само този Javelin може да направи:

Комбинираният тип Ranger е Impact: Това нанася много големи щети на комбо мишена. Тази повреда може да бъде увеличена с определени елементи.

Комбо-типът Colossus е Explosion: Той нанася щети на комбинираната цел и всички врагове в широк район около него. Тази повреда може да бъде увеличена с някои елементи.

Комбо типът „Буря“ е „Верига“: това нанася вреда на комбинираната цел и причинява активност в тази цел да се свързва с малък брой други близки цели. Броят на целите на допълнителните вериги може да бъде увеличен с някои елементи.

Комбо типът на прехващача е Аура: Това нанася вреда на комбинираната цел и след това добавя статус аура към прехващащия, който съответства на състоянието на целта. Тази аура се движи с прехващача, позволявайки му да приложи статуса на близки цели.

Както виждате, ще отнеме известно време, но получаването на добра група, която знае какво е способно един на друг, е важно

Ще продължим да се гмурваме в последната игра на BioWare като част от нашия цял месец като част от нашето IGN First. За да бъдете в крак с времето, не забравяйте да проверите първия център на Anthem IGN за цялото ни покритие досега.

Brandin Tyrrel е Xbox редактор на IGN и ще предаде значителна част от живота си на Anthem тази година. Можете да го намерите на Отключена или чат на Twitter на @BrandinTyrrel .
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