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I suffer from a rare disease that causes my joints to bend up to 80 times a day – The Sun.

Lauren Blake, 19, is the head of the girls unit. She lives in Southampton with her parents Jane, 54, a stock auditor and Andrew, a 56-year-old cook.

"Looking from the sidelines while my friends were dancing at our ball at school, I longed to be there with them. [19659003] Loren is determined to be active, although she suffers from a rare disease that affects her mobility "class =" lazyload "data-src =" https://www.thesun.co.uk/wp-content/uploads /2019/09/Lauren-Blake.jpeg "data-credit =" Lauren Blake "data-sizes =" (max-width: 375px) 335px, (max-width: 520px) 480px, 620px "data-img =" https : //www.thesun.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/201

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Loren was identified as active, although she suffered from a rare disease that affected her mobility. Credit: Lauren Blake [19659007] "I wore a gorgeous royal blue dress, but I knew I would never rHA to ties after I was diagnosed with a rare disease that makes my joints to bend up to 80 times a day.

"I suffered my first dislocation in June 2013 when I was 13. We were practicing long jump at school and while I was landing I heard pop in my knee. I yelled in agony and looked down to see my leg bent at a fanciful angle.

"An ambulance took me to Southampton General Hospital, where a doctor manipulated the joint back into place under local anesthesia.

" The medics accepted that I had just landed awkwardly, but five months later it happened again while I was skiing.

   Loren also suffers from gastroparesis, a condition that often occurs with EDS


Loren also suffers from gastroparesis, a condition that often occurs with EDS Credit: Lauren Blake

"Four months after that, in March 2014, I was getting on a bus when my other knee bounced and days later my shoulder popped out while watching TV

" Every time I was pressed into a hospital where they maneuvered the joint back into place.

"I was terrified and my parents demanded doctors for an explanation, but they thought it was a temporary growing pain. However, things only got worse.

" Gradually every joint in my body began to twist. I would cough and drop a rib, or stand up, and my hip becomes snapped.

   While volunteering for Girl Guides, Lauren takes care of her condition not to keep her.


While volunteering for Girl Guides, Lauren makes sure that her condition does not deter her. Credit: Lauren Blake

"Every time the joint was dislocated, it was agony and causing damage to the ligaments, which made it more likely to recur. I realized that the faster the joint returned, the more better, so I learned to do it myself without pain relief.

"By July 2015 I was struggling to keep my food down and had terrible stomach cramps.

" Feeling out of control of my body, I did some research and I came across Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (EDS), a group of disorders than can cause h dislocations and digestive problems. In November 2016, tests finally confirmed this.

   Lauren attends her ball at the end of the year in July 2015.


Lauren attends her ball year-end July 2015 Credit: Lauren Blake [19659007] "Many other conditions usually occur with EDS and for me it was gastroparesis. My stomach was paralyzed and my digestive tract stopped functioning, causing crippling cramps.

"So from that point on, I had to

" Without treatment for these conditions, coming to terms with my diagnosis was difficult, especially since my friends only had GCSE and the school score to worry about.

"was upset as I watched them go to college while I had to stay home.

   Compounds can be dislocated when Lauren does the simplest things


Compounds can be deployed when Lauren does the simplest things [19659006] Credit: Lauren Blake

"I tried to take Open University course s I always wanted to be a primary school teacher, but I felt too much pain and had to drop out. which was so disappointing.

"Now the first thing I do when I wake up is put a few dislocated joints back in place.

" When I go to the bathroom every morning, I'll bend my knee joint or my hip will pop out while I'm

"I use a wheelchair when I'm out, but even that is not a guarantee of safety. Even sitting still, my knees slip out of my joints.

   She uses a wheelchair when she is in pain but this does not guarantee that it will be safe


trolley when in pain while it is, but it does not guarantee that it will be safe Credit: Lauren Blake

"If I bathe for too long my shoulders will pop right out of the water pressure and I will forever off my toes as I put on socks.

"I am in constant pain, but I try not to take medication unless it is really bad. Mostly my EDS is disappointing because it forces me to miss so much.

"For example, I can't go out for food or drinks and dance with my friends, so it's hard to meet people and I'm currently not single. Holding a job is also difficult.

"One day I hope to think of a way to live and work around EDS. I would love to fulfill my dreams of becoming a teacher and although my condition may cause birth problems, I would like to become a mother someday.

   Brave Lauren is adamant that she lives her life to the full [19659052] 7 </span></p>
</div><figcaption class= Bold Lauren is adamant that she lives her life to the fullest Credit: Lauren Blake

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