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If You Can’t Defeat the Pirates, Marquez and Instructions, Optional Years, Bauer and Other Bits

Due to a Twitter error yesterday, our BN Bulls Twitter account is limited, as if it were an automatic spam bot. Obviously most of the accounts have been incorrectly marked, which is bad for many reasons, but for us the obvious is that we can’t tweet. And it just looks bad. But the process of fixing things is one of those huge black boxes where you have no idea if there’s another person on the other side who can only take two seconds to look at the bill and say, oh, wait, yeah, that’s it. normal. Anyway, if you see the account warning or wonder why we didn’t tweet one day, that’s why. We are working on this as much as we can!

• The Pirates are one of the worst MLB teams in several years and have increased their overall win of the season in the last week of the season by 1

3.3% in the last two days against the Cubs. Yes, the dice had terrible BABIP luck last night and yes, the night before was a walk. Both games were solved with only one performance. Poison poison poison. I get all this. But none of this changes the reality that the cubes were owned by landing personnel, which was terrible this year. Trevor Williams, who dominated Cubs last night, entered this start with a 6.70 ERA and had allowed 30 RUNS in their previous five starts.

• So yes. We are allowed to be worried and disappointed. More on this topic soon. Cubs will try to split the series of four games with Pirates in just a few hours. It’s early today.

• At least Kyle Hendrix finished his year dominating a team he should dominate – these two first inning homers made Cubes, although:

• When the league starts next month with instructions, here’s something to keep in mind about whether Braille Marquez has been called up and included in the list of 40 men:

• So, if Marquez is placed on 40 men in the last few days of the season and after the season, he cannot come for instruction. Which would really suck. It is still worth educating him if you think there is a great chance that he will help and you think that there is almost no chance that this is a serious risk for his development. But if you’re on the fence, that’s just another factor that suggests it might not be worth the risk when you’re talking about the first prospect of climbing Cubs at the start of a decade’s rotation.

• Ed Howard is expected to be at the Cubs instruction ball this year, and only I seem to have, or already seems to have gained some good weight:

• Then again, maybe it just seems like he has, because most of the videos we have about his amateur career are from the time he was junior in high school or younger, which was more than a year ago . Just more than the oddities that are 2020.

• Speaking of the prospects and oddities of this year, consider this important as an unresolved issue:

• We have long assumed that this year will be the last option year of Adbert Alzolay. It may not matter if it looks similar to that day, because at this point it’s obviously one of your best 13 pitchers and makes Cubs out of camp anyway. But in case you wanted to be able to choose him for AAA Iowa, now there is a huge open question whether he actually qualifies for an additional option next season due to the shortened structure this year. I have to believe that this problem was foreseen by the union when they drafted the March agreement that governs this season (but this issue does not appear in the text of this agreement). So, I guess for now, we still think that Alzolai has no options … with an asterisk that may not be.

• I know you’ll have jokes, but it’s a legitimate achievement for any player:

• Reaching the age of 10 means a lot for a person’s future healthcare and pension, and this is just one of the goals that many long-time players (non-stars) are striving for. Also, the Cubs could DFA’d Descalso at any time this year, but instead keep it on the 45-day IL. The price for them was the same, but this approach guaranteed that he would get his 10 years.

• Trevor Bauer dominated again last night and he had an absurdly good season, Cy-Young caliber with the Reds. Quite a platform for the future free agent. Still, there is a huge part of his season that is still not discussed by the general public. I am also at a loss on this issue, which concerns Bauer:

• Bauer, you’ll remember, made a very public case of suspicious Astros pitcher behavior a few years ago and said that the only way to add 400-ish RPM to your fastball is by using an illegal grip improver (and he demonstrated it for inning, just to prove your point). Now the rotation speed has jumped 400 rpm this year and he will win Cy Young. He himself * compares this to the use of steroids. What exactly are we doing that we don’t even talk about? Doesn’t MLB just want the negative attention that is inevitable, especially given the reality that SO MANY pitchers do it? Can we just change the danger rule and make the use of traction enhancers legal?

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