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If you feel tired afterwards, you may have had COVID

Under the stresses and strains of everyday life during a pandemic, a little exhaustion is considered equivalent to the course. But experts warn that some forms of new exhaustion could point to a much deeper problem. In particular, a new study suggests that if you feel unusually tired after exercise, this may actually be a sign that you have what some experts call a “long COVID,” a long-term case in which symptoms may continue. for months, even after the virus is no longer transmitted. Read on to learn more, and for more information on the signs you had COVID, check. If you have this subtle symptom, you may have already had COVID.

The December study, which has not yet been reviewed, was conducted by researchers at University College London, New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medicine and the University of Oregon Health and Science. They found that among individuals who had long-term symptoms, 72 percent reported experiencing “post-exercise malaise”

; or PEM when the patient felt extra tired after mental or physical exertion.

The research team designed a study to identify the most commonly reported long-term symptoms of COVID in a diverse patient population. With 3,762 respondents from 56 countries, patients varied significantly in age and included men, women, and nonbinary individuals. All have experienced COVID for a long time, with 96 percent of respondents reporting symptoms over 90 days.

The researchers found that there are three key symptoms that are most common in general and most common six months after exposure. They felt tired or tired, had PEM, and experienced cognitive dysfunction.

As it turns out, these three symptoms are closely intertwined: according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fatigue is exacerbated by PEM and PEM can lead to increased cognitive problems, such as memory and concentration deficits, also known as brain fog.

The CDC further explains that PEM usually occurs within 12 to 48 hours after activity and can last for days or weeks. The health authority suggests mitigating PEM by stepping up your activities and balancing with rest to avoid serious bouts of fatigue and subsequent cognitive symptoms.

Of course, this is not the only long symptom of COVID that you can deal with. Read about more symptoms that occur in prolonged cases, and to learn about a serious long-term symptom of COVID, see “Really Worrying.” Doctors for a Long COVID Symptom Doctors want to prepare.

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