Former Special Advisor Robert Muller said the "report is my testimony" while reading his opening statement to Congress.

Now what?

Robert Muller's long-awaited testimony two congressional commissions on Wednesday did not fire bombs and did not cause fireworks that many Democrats hoped for, but that would have consequences. may affect Republicans and Democrats, Congress decisions in the next few weeks and presidential elections next year.

Here are five ways in which the seven hours of the witness chair could deflect on the way:

1) President's Intimidation

It's simply less likely.

Of 235 home-Democrats, at least 92 have approved the launch of President Trump's Immunity Investigation – it is important that Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not included. Before the hearings, those who supported impeachment showed Müller's testimony as the most likely way to incite indignation and perhaps respond to Pelosi's claim that he had broad public attitudes and the ability to win a sentence in the Republican-controlled Senate, before continuing.

While Muller outlined an attack on democracy by the Russians and a response from President Trump and his campaign, which was "problematic" and even worse, his testimony left Democrats disappointed. As he had warned in advance, he refused to disclose the content of his 448-page report, two years in the beginning.

He refused to be a cinema, sound or create a viral moment.

I refer you to the report, he repeated again and again.

When the committee members asked him to read aloud from the report, he told them he preferred to read them.

outline the narrative story that can convince skeptics to support impeachment. In the first instance, the chairman of the judiciary, Jerry Nadeld, urged Muller to say he had not cleared Trump from accusations of impediment to justice, noting that the Ministry of Justice guidelines forbiding the accusation of a seated president. Nadrr asked. "No," Muller said.


Nadrel asked Robert Mueller to explain his "no" answer if the report offers "complete release" by President Donald Trump.

But after the hours that followed, he refused to rule on the question of whether impeachment was justified. which some Democrats wanted – enough to say, to pick up another 26 board members who would create a majority of the Democratic Party behind the investigation.

The clock ticks. Congress is now in the break in August, and the time is coming when Democrats are likely to conclude that the triumph over Trump in 2020 has an edge and is more feasible than being overlooked before. 19659008] It may happen, Muller clearly explained as Trump has moved from the White House.

Indeed, in what appeared to be blockbuster exchanges, Muller confirmed that he would have condemned Trump for impeding justice if

Democrat Ted Lewu of California had noted through Trump's actions that he said he responds to the "three elements" behind the crime hurdle. Then he said, "Again, the reason you did not blame Donald Trump is because of O.L. (This is a reference to the Chancellery of the Judicial Council of the Ministry of Justice.)

"That's true," Muller said.


Rep. Ken Buck asked Robert Mueller if you can get the president to be obstructed after he leaves office. Mueller replied: "Yes.

But after a lunch break, Muller explained that it was not what he meant. "What I wanted to make clear is the fact that we have not decided in any way about guilt," he said. He did not decide whether to blame Trump because it was not an opportunity.

In so doing he repeatedly confirms that a president may be charged with impeding justice or other crimes after leaving the post.

The Democratic Republic of Mike Quigley of Illinois asked if Trump could wait for a second term of office. "What if a president is outside the limitation period?" he asked.

Muller said there was really no answer. Deadlines for limiting the charges in federal obstruction, Quigley said, were five years. most Americans opposed the removal of Trump. In the ABC News / Washington Post this month, nearly six out of every 10 people said that Parliament should not start an impeachment procedure. This is true, though the majority has called Müller credibly and said the Special Advocate's report does not justify Trump

. Most Democrats supported impeachment; most Republicans claim that Trump has been released.