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In bomb records, Shaked calls Netanyahu “tyrants” with a “thirst for power.”

Yamina MK senior Ayelet Shaked described Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah as “dictators” and “tyrants” with a “thirst for power” and said the prime minister was only interested in his ongoing corruption process, in bomb records broadcast. on Monday .

The recordings were aired on Channel 12 as Netanyahu was engaged in a last-minute attempt to lure Yamina into a right-wing coalition, with his deadline for forming a government due to expire on Tuesday night.

According to Maariv, comments from Shaked, a former justice minister, were made earlier Monday during a meeting with national religious rabbis, one of whom chose to record it. Channel 12 did not specify who he was talking to.

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Sheikh reportedly prefers a coalition with Netanyahu to a government for unity with the centrist party Yesh Atid, in which its chairman, Naftali Bennett, will be the first prime minister in a rotating agreement. But Monday̵

7;s recordings revealed she is still ready to support a unity government if efforts to form a right-wing coalition do not bear fruit.

Yamina MK Ayelet Shaked speaks at Besheva’s conference in Jerusalem on February 24, 2020 (Olivier Fitoussi / Flash90)

The recording shows a shudder that insists Yamina will be “excited” if Netanyahu succeeds in persuading Bezalel Smotric, chairman of the far-right Religious Zionism Party, to join a right-wing government that relies on Islamist Ra I’m a party.

Yamina party leader Naftali Bennett speaks during a Knesset faction meeting on April 26, 2021 (Jonathan Sindel / Flash90)

She said another option would be for Netanyahu to ask President Reuven Rivlin to transfer Bennett’s government mandate, arguing that Yamina’s president would have an easier time forming a right-wing government with Likud and could even bring the Blues and Benny Ganz White , as well as Gideon Saar’s new hope – both vowed not to sit with the prime minister.

Sheikh further argued that if Bennett received approval from right-wing lawmakers to form a government, “he will not go left.”

“But if [Netanyahu] gives a mandate to Bennett, and we fail to form a right-wing government because Gideon and Ganz [don’t budge]”We are not ready to go to new elections,” she said, speculating that the center-left could eventually form a coalition with the help of Arab parties with a majority if another national vote is called.

Shake said that if Yamina failed to form a right-wing government, “we will continue to elect [of a government] with the left and try to convince Bezalel to come with us, so we don’t have to rely on Raam.

Shake could be heard to reject Smotric’s claims that his opposition to the Raam-backed government was ideologically motivated.

“It’s not an ideological issue.” “If the state is important, if he thinks that the state should not rely on Abbas, then let him prevent us from leaning on Abbas,” she said, arguing that the president of religious Zionism pays less attention to rabbis than Yamina. .

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a press conference at his office in Jerusalem on April 20, 2021 (Jonathan Sindel / Flash90)

But Shaked, long rumored to be looking to return to the Likud party after beginning his career as a Netanyahu official in the prime minister’s office, kept his harshest words about the prime minister.

“He wants to stay in power. He has a thirst for power – he and his wife. They are like tyrants, like dictators. They are not ready to move away. We are not like that, “she said.

“It’s true that he is.” [Netanyahu] should go. He has to go. But I said [New Hope chairman] Gideon [Sa’ar]”There is a state [to run]. Now what? You will build this absurd coalition, with this and that [party]because he has to go? She continued, given negotiations to form a coalition of right-wing, centrist and left-wing parties in a bid to replace Netanyahu.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah on the night of the Israeli elections, at the party’s headquarters in Tel Aviv, on March 3, 2020 (Olivier Fitoussi / Flash90)

“Because of his process, he will move even further to the right,” Shaked added to Netanyahu. “It simply came to our notice then [former prime minister Ariel] Sharon [who moved from right to center as prime minister amid a corruption probe against him]. It is true that the only thing that interests him now is his ordeal. He absolutely doesn’t care about anything else. It’s true … all his considerations, his behavior, his opinion – everything revolves around his process, “she said.

“He is afraid to go for pardon and a settlement process because he is afraid of it. He is afraid that in the end he will have to plead guilty and it will not work out … After all, he is a very paranoid person. So he is afraid of that, “Shaked told Netanyahu, who is on trial for corruption in three cases.

The leader of the party “Religious Zionism” Bezalel Smotric gives a statement to the press in the Knesset, in Jerusalem, April 4, 2021 (Olivier FItoussi / Flash90)

Shake said Yamina was seeking a deal with Netanyahu that would make Bennett prime minister in 1.5 years – instead of the year proposed by the Likud leader – followed by Netanyahu in two and a half years.

Shake said part of the reason Bennett was involved in talks with Lapid to form a unity government was to persuade Netanyahu to come to the table and end his efforts to hold a fifth consecutive election in less than two years. .

“[Netanyahu] understood the situation that Bennett had an alternative government [in his pocket], and as a result [Netanyahu] he was ready to offer [Bennett] to serve first as prime minister for a year and a half. Otherwise this [offer] it would never happen. He would take us [straight] in new elections. “

She said Yamina had paid a “heavy price” for this negotiation tactic, “but I hope that if we can form a government, then we can explain” the party’s strategy.

New Hope Chairman Gideon Saar leads a faction meeting in the Knesset on April 26, 2021 (Jonathan Sindel / Flash90)

It also describes Likud’s alleged attempts to bring Saar from Nova Nadezhda into the government.

“Likud offered to pay [the New Hope party’s] debts .. they really pressed him. I was sitting with him [Sa’ar] for hours. First of all, he is right: Netanyahu must go. He is right about that, but what can you do? That’s why I tell him [Sa’ar], has a frame with which [Netanyahu] there will be no year [as prime minister at the start of a new coalition], and we will limit its term [later in the coalition]… This will be his last term. So live with another term … Gideon and Yvette [Liberman] I really think that Netanyahu is a danger to the state of Israel. They are convinced of that … We don’t think so.

“Besides, now that Netanyahu is” basketing “the Arabs, no one will have a problem forming a government with them. This is the great damage that has already been done, “Shaked said, referring to Netanyahu’s willingness to rely on Raam’s support.

Channel 12 reported separately that amid reports of alarm among Shaked and others in Yamina over Bennett’s talks with Lapid, the chairman of the right-wing list told his colleagues during a faction meeting on Monday that if they felt uncomfortable with the opportunity for a unity government, now is the time to take it and leave, instead of waiting for the coalition to swear an oath to ruin the effort.

Yesh leader Yair Lapid speaks at a weekly meeting of the faction in the Knesset on May 5, 2021 (courtesy)

With less than two days to form a coalition, Netanyahu said Monday afternoon that he was ready to step down as prime minister and let Bennett serve as prime minister first in a rotation agreement – a proposal immediately rejected. from Bennett, who replied that Netanyahu simply did not have the votes.

Opposition leader Lapid, meanwhile, said he expected President Rivlin to instruct him to form a government after Netanyahu’s 28-day term, which ends on Tuesday night, “unless anything surprising happens” before, but that he would like to leave. Bennett to serve first as prime minister in any rotation agreement between them.

Speaking in a video message posted on his social media accounts, Netanyahu said that in talks with Bennett, “I told him I was ready to accept his request for a rotating deal in which he would be prime minister for a year. Yamina party members will enter the government and the Knesset with important roles. “

However, Bennett said he never wanted to be prime minister and reiterated his previous commitment to join Netanyahu only if the current president could offer enough support to the Knesset for a coalition; if not, Bennett said, he would support an alternative government.

Netanyahu was quick to respond with an argument he had made earlier, saying that if Bennett boarded, others would follow, making a right-wing majority possible.

Both Smotric and Saar reiterated Monday that they are not on track to increase Netanyahu’s chances.

President Rowan Rivlin meets with the Yesh Atid party at the presidential residence in Jerusalem, April 5, 2021 (Jonathan Sindel / Flash90)

Although Yamina won only seven seats in the March election, Bennett has become a potential king and even a king, he has not yet declared who he will support as prime minister. He has repeatedly stated that he will support a right-wing government led by Netanyahu if the prime minister has the votes, but if not, he will work for a unity government without Netanyahu.

Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, is fighting for his political and legal survival after the March 23 election, as he struggles to form a government, while he is on trial for corruption charges. Although his official mandate to form a coalition expires on Tuesday night, he may request a 14-day extension from Rivlin.

The last election, the fourth in April 2019, ended without difficulty, with Netanyahu’s right-wing religious bloc again failing to win a ruling majority, in part because three right-wing parties ran with the declared goal of replacing him. With the exception of an unexpected breakthrough, Netanyahu has no clear way to form a ruling coalition.

Rivlin, who as president of Israel is tasked with authorizing a lawmaker to form a government, could either extend Netanyahu, hand over the mandate to another MP, or kick him out of the Knesset for a 21-day period, after which the fifth election will automatically take place. called if no one forms a government.

If Rivlin instructs another member of the Knesset to form a government, it is expected to be either Bennett or Lapid.

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