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In the morning after – Engadget

Apple AirTag tracking elements are reasonably priced, small and now quite useful. (I attached one to my keys and slid it into my wallet). However, they require some additional periphery to keep them attached to things. Yes, there are formal (and cheaper, unofficial) keychains and other things, but the lack of a keychain hole is a disappointment. So can I just make my own and drill a hole?

According to a recent iFixit shutdown, yes. He outlined how you can drill a hole in an AirTag – just be sure to remove the battery first. Naturally, this also erases the water resistance of the unsealed with the AirTag. Precision is also crucial, otherwise you could easily distort the finely packaged electronics inside.

“Matt Smith.”


Just like Tesla.

The morning after


Do you know what’s cool right now? Design your own chips. Apple does, as does Tesla. Now VW wants to enter. It is reported that the carmaker will design its own high-performance chips for autonomous vehicles, and although it would not create the chips itself, it wants to own the patents. VW has plenty of time to understand chip architecture: the company does not expect to sell self-driving cars until 2025, if not later. Keep reading.

Elon Musk’s company has not yet delivered a product.

Neuralink co-founder Max Hodak quietly left the company “a few weeks ago.” He did not say why he left the brain-machine interface company, but said he was still a “huge cheerleader” for his former employer’s job. This doesn’t necessarily mean the company is in trouble, but Hodak’s release could complicate attempts to translate Neuralink’s work into practical products – and a product is yet to emerge, even if the monkey can now play pong with his mind. Keep reading.

The agreement can be a boon for diabetics

The morning after


Long-standing rumors of an Apple Watch with blood sugar monitoring will not go away. The last nod to that is actually happening? It is reported that the British health technology company Rockley Photonics recently confirmed in the SEC that Apple is its largest customer in the last two years and that it has an ongoing deal to develop future products. Rockley’s focus is on sensors that monitor blood sugar, blood pressure and even alcohol levels. Don’t expect anything too soon: Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring remains a major challenge.Keep reading.

It has almost double the maximum power, but only in some cases.

Tesla is annoying an improved Powerwall called Powerwall +. In a Reddit post noticed by Electricity, a user publishes a specification sheet for the battery, along with photos of what it will look like during installation. The battery capacity of the upgraded version is still 13.5kWh, but the maximum output power is now 9.6kW, compared to 5kW continuous and 7kW peak power. This increase in power is only possible when you are offline. Keep reading.

An Epic witness claims that the profit from Apple’s App Store reaches 78 percent

Apple disagrees.

Epic Games is using its lawsuit against Apple to accuse the iPhone maker of being particularly greedy. Expert Eric Barnes testified that Apple assumed that it had an operating margin on the App Store of 77.8% in 2019, and the rise of 74.9% in 2018. He also rejected the claims of the Apple witness that you can’t actually calculate the profit. Apple is not surprisingly at odds and says the margin calculations are wrong, according to comments received from On the edge. He plans to fight the charges in the case. Keep reading.

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