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Insurance companies confused by the new driver's safety technician

Photo: Volvo
Morning shift Is not your time more important?

Insurance companies are not sure about this all new, technology for driver safety help, some consumer protection groups are crazy in Tesla, BMW has battery of the brain and are still waiting for you this morning Friday, July 26, 201


Many new cars today can be offered with a range of advanced ADAS systems such as 360-degree cameras, automatic braking, tape support and adaptive cruise control. It's just a way of the future. These features are very attractive to buyers and are designed to make driving safer.

However, insurance companies that set up their entire profit system for accidents and collisions can see that these systems are starting to influence premiums, according to Reuters. From the history:

Personal insurance, albeit a traditionally low-margin business, provides the largest liquidity to insurers, generating more than $ 244 billion in 2018 directly in the United States, data from the National Association of Insurers, commissioners have shown. Motor insurance is also seen as a way for insurance companies to sell other, more profitable products to customers.

According to Swiss Re AG, the world's largest car reinsurance and mapping company HERE, ADAS has the potential to reduce the incidence of car accidents by up to 25 percent by reducing global insurance premiums for fully equipped cars by $ 20 billion by 2020.

However, US insurance companies say they do not have "enough data" to "confirm promises to the automotive industry about the safety benefits of automated management systems."

Which means that although you have ADAS on your car, you probably will not get a premium discount soon. Insurance companies claim that there is no OEM data on the measured safety of their characteristics, non-compliant standards, unpredictable consumption and more expensive repair accounts as variables.

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As cars are loaded with more and safer technologies, they are becoming more and more expensive to repair. These …

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This part of the sky repair accounts is especially true. Since most sensors are located in the vehicle's windscreen and windscreen, they are no longer a cheap fixer and can reach thousands of times after a simple chip or bending of the fenders.

Allstate and Westfield Insurance agreed:

"We will not go against the data and create any kind of false discounts for marketing purposes at this point, and we just want to make sure the percentage reflects the risk "said Steve Armstrong, vice president of pricing at Allstate Corp, one of America's largest insurers.

"We are dying in a blurred connection," said Jennifer St John, a national leader in automotive claims at Westfield Insurance. "ADAS has shown that they provide real benefits to the world, but there really is not much in common in terms of what's there."

But perhaps, as more of these characteristics become standard, insurance companies will be forced to review vehicle safety. I still do not think there will be a change in all our bonuses. What, do you think car insurance will become cheaper ? I want to live in the world you live in.

Second Eye: Autopilot Investigation, please: User Groups

This includes players: Automated Safety and Consumer Monitoring Center (both consumer protection groups), Federal Trade Commission, some state attorneys and Tesla. And that is, you suppose, autopilot. The two advocacy groups published a statement renewing their call to the Federal Trade Commission and the California, New York, Florida, Michigan, Utah and Massachusetts general practitioners to investigate Dangerous Misleading and Fraudulent Practices and Presentations of Tesla Motors on " safety and capabilities of its Autopilot function. "

They argue:

The Center for Vehicle Safety and Consumer Surveillance has warned that Tesla's presentation of its Autopilot function continues to violate Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act and similar state laws because they are essential misleading and may mislead users into a reasonable belief that their vehicles have self-driving or autonomous capabilities. The letters state that Tesla and Elon Musk's public statements on Autopilot mislead and mislead consumers.

I will say again, because I suppose it must be said. The autopilot is no self-managed function. This is a very advanced driver assistance feature. When you turn it on, do not be sorry to ignore the road and you should not pull your hands off the wheel.

We do not have cars that run alone. People should stop behaving the way we do.

Third gear: more batteries

When more and more electric cars and hybrids are moving along the road, battery supply should continue. BMW plans to increase battery production, according to Automotive News Europe.

This is a $ 10 million investment at Spartanburg's South Carolina plant, which will hope to double the production capacity for lithium-ion batteries. The new batteries will be used for the PHEV versions of the X5 and the upcoming X3, according to the output.

This is part of BMW's plan to launch 25 electrified cars (half of which will be the EMC) by 2023. 19659010] If they are something like the wonderful i8, then I'm for it.

Fourth gear: Chinese car sales still do not look great

As the world's largest car market, it seems that almost all carmakers have turned their attention to China. Last year, however, sales of Chinese cars fell for the first time in two decades and did not seem to recover soon.

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China's carmakers' association, the automotive industry's largest carmaker, predicts car sales drop five percent from a year earlier to 26.7 million vehicles this year, according to Reuters. From history:

This compares with its previous forecast of zero growth and decline last year by 2.8%. Sales of new energy vehicles are expected to continue to grow, but at a slower pace to 1.5 million, less than the previous forecast of 1.6 million, CAAM said. Rapid tracking of new emissions rules in China is poorly managed, reaching sales.

Also, the continuing trade war has not done anyone. This has obviously influenced consumer confidence.

We go to the children with recession.

5th Gear: A revised car that you've probably forgotten about

The Cadillac XT5 has been revised to 2020. Please try to keep your applause until the end of the presentation.

  • Standard Rear Fog Headlamps
  • Standard Rear Folding Headrests
  • Standard Rear Folding Rear Signs
  • Rear Pedal Signs
  • The four-cylinder turbo is now the standard engine
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    Neutral: Do you think car insurance will become obsolete?

    Playing a fun and completely hypothetical game. Let's say we have finally achieved completely autonomous cars. Communication from vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure and everything else. No one will ever drive anywhere, everything is automated. Will there be any need for accident insurance?

    Of course, you will need if the tree falls on your car, but if all the cars are autonomous and "talking" to each other, does this virtually eliminate casual collisions? In this way, the accident insurance is obsolete?

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