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Intel executives unveil Trump Bay for North Korea, Iran, ISIS

But the top intelligence officers in the Trump administration said on Tuesday that many of President's alleged allegations of national security are inconsistent with their own estimates. When they were pressed by Senate MPs during a hearing about the most pressing global threats facing the United States, Trump's intelligence officers, including National Intelligence Director Dan Cowts and CIA Director Jina Haspel, seem to contradict several statements by President to justify his foreign policy. The apparent gulf between Trump and his own intelligence services has been a constant topic over the past two years, and testimony on Tuesday illustrates how sharp the difference between what the president says and the information he is presenting.

What Trump said: On December 1

9 the president announced that US troops would withdraw from Syria. In the announcement, Trump said in the video posted on Twitter: "We won from ISIS, we defeated them and we defeated them badly, we took the land back and it is now time for our troops to come."

Since then the members of the Trump administration have been repeatedly

Last week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo highlighted the benefits that the United States and its counterparts achieved in the fight against the terrorist organization

. "It should not be unnoticed that we also broke down the caliphate and Isis in Syria and Iraq, along with more than six dozen nations in the Global Coalition to defeat Isis, Pompeo said in a commentary on the World Economic Forum was delivered via satellite

Pompeo noted that there is still a lot of work to do, but said before the forum in Davos, Switzerland, that "with your help know that we will achieve it."

What intelligence officials said on Tuesday : "ISIS is the intention of resuming and still commanding thousands of fighters in Iraq and Syria" , says Coats.

Despite repeated statements by the Trump administration and the president himself that ISIS is defeated, the US intelligence services estimate that the terrorist group "will most likely continue to carry out external attacks from Iraq and Syria against regional and Western opponents, including the United States, "added Coats.
In the World Threats Assessment, published by Coats on Tuesday, also says that with the recent loss of territory, ISIS will seek to use Sunni complaints, public instability, and strain security forces to regain the territory of Iraq and Syria in the long run. "

Coats told members of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday that Isis" had returned to its roots in the guerrilla war while continuing to attack attacks and direct

But he also clearly stated that the group below

What is Trump id : On June 13, the president wrote on Twitter: "There is no nuclear threat anymore from North Korea." The message came when he wrapped up a historic first meeting with North Korean leader Kim Chen Un in Singapore

Since then, Trump has not reiterated this statement, but he said talks with North Korea to end his nuclear program are progressing well and he committed to reuniting with Kim at the end of February (although no date, place and daily one).

The month of Trump declared North Korea's progress as proof of a successful administration.

"We did a lot of progress on denuclearization and talk about a lot of different things," he said on January 19

On January 6 he told reporters: "North Korea, we are doing very well. There are no missiles There is nothing We do very well. What the intelligence officials said on Tuesday : "We are currently assessing that North Korea will seek to maintain its WMD abilities and is unlikely to completely abandon its nuclear weapons and production capabilities , because its leaders ultimately see nuclear weapons as critical, "According to Cowtas, during the hearing," The assessment of the intelligence community is supported by the observation of some activity that is incompatible with complete denuclearization. " And his CIA colleague, Haspel, said Pyongyang was "committed to developing a long range nuclear missile that would pose a direct threat to the United States." However, Coates admitted that North Korea had stopped because Sega its missile and nuclear tests, a trumpet that is evidence of successful diplomacy. Hassel pointed out that Kim "appreciated the dialogue" with the United States, and the United States saw "indications" that "trying to navigate the road to a better future" for the people of North Korea. Asked about Coats' comments Tuesday, a spokesman for the White House said, "Our goal is to achieve the final, fully confirmed denuclearization of the DPRK as Kim's commitment in Singapore." When the President announced last May that the United States is withdrawing from the Iranian nuclear agreement, he argues that remaining in the 2015 agreement will lead to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East

"It is clear to me that we can not prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb under the degrading and spoiled structure of this agreement," said Trump of the White House's diplomatic hall, calling the deal "defective at its core." 19659005]

By announcing his long telegraphed decision, the president said he would start new sanctions against the regime by crippling the agreement with a trial stone agreed by his predecessor. Trump said that any country that helps Iran receive nuclear weapons will also be "severely sanctioned". "It was a terrible unilateral deal that should never have been done," the president said in remarks that sometimes misinterpreted the provisions of the international agreement. "It did not bring peace, bring peace, and never will." What intelligence officials said on Tuesday : "We do not believe that Iran is currently undertaking key activities, the judge needs to produce a nuclear facility," Coats told lawmakers.

More than eight months after the president announced that the US would withdraw from the pact, US intelligence officials testified that there was no indication that Iran is currently trying to develop a nuclear weapon and told MPs that Tehran remains in agreement, despite the withdrawal of C Z.

"While we do not believe that Iran is currently undertaking key activities that we deemed necessary for the production of a nuclear device, the Iranian authorities have threatened to publicly remove the limits of the JCPOA restrictions if Iran does not receive tangible financial benefits expects the deal, "said Coats .

When asked by Senator Angus King, independent of Maine, if Iran continues to adhere to the terms of the agreement after the US withdrawal, Hassel replied: "Yes," but added an objection.

"Currently, they are technically in line, but we see them discussing each other as they fail to realize the economic benefits they are hoping for," she said.

While Coats and Hassel raised further concerns Tuesday on issues not specifically addressed by the nuclear deal, including Iran's ballistic missile arsenal and the support of regional militaries that could pose a threat to the US, their testimony on Tehran's nuclear ambitions have little evidence to support Trump's earlier claims for the agreement itself. Climate Change

What Trump has said : Before becoming president, Trump said climate change was a "scam". Since then, he has retreated, saying "60 minutes" in October, believing that "something is happening," but it was not caused by human activity and can be turned around.

It also questions the administrative assessment of the potential impacts of climate change on the United States. "I do not believe that," he said in November in a report that predicted severe risks from climate change.

"In the beautiful Midwest, the temperature of the wind turbines reaches minus 60 degrees, the coldest so far recorded, and in the coming days is expected to get even colder, people can not stand for even minutes, please come back quickly, we need you! "He wrote on Monday. In its written assessment of global threats, the US intelligence community outlined the potential security challenges posed by climate change, including "public health threats" at historical levels of human displacement, attacks on religious freedom, and the negative consequences of environmental degradation. "

The report says that these consequences can trigger" competition for resources, economic stress and social unrest "in the coming years

" Climate hazards such as extreme climatic conditions, higher temperatures, droughts, floods, forest fires, storms, sea level rise, soil degradation and ocean oxidation are intensifying, threatening infrastructure, health and safety of water and food, "said the report." The irreversible damage to ecosystems and habitats will p economic benefits that they provide, degraded by air, soil, water and the marine environment. "]
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