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Is Taran Manning, the Star of Orange the New Black, really hacked?

Orange is the new black star Tarin Manning found himself in the news today after slamming Netflix's hit show and his colleagues. In a long, simple post at Instagram, Manning drew attention to the concerns she had with the show, its impact on her life, and how she was treated by her teammates. Fans were shocked to read this harsh criticism just days after the last season. But shortly after the excessive post, Manning says he's hacked and canceled his statements. But is there any truth in this claim?

  Orange Star of Orange Tearn Manning is the New Black
TARIN MUNING | Photo: Tomazo Bodi / Getty Images

"This show hurts me more than anything in my life and if that's what I have to do to try out what I'm doing, I'll do it. I have to talk before something happens to me. Fuck glory! This show hurt people. You will never really know, but many have been hurt! Just imagine those you have never seen. You think you felt good about them, "Manning wrote in a post of Instagram, which had already been deleted.

Instagram's rank continues

"I do not need to work again in this city. They all let me have a backbone. I was released because a person terrorizes me daily. So my team just goes away. Like a car crash. Rubberneck, but do not help. Fuck show business. Take a look. Laugh, I'm right and you know it. Any rough comments I laugh at. Get off my page if you do not like me. None of the crew members are interested in me, "Manning continued, calling out the lack of support he felt on the scene.

Epic Hacknings?

Very soon after Mounning published this loud noise, she was erasing her post and publishing a new image to her and her colleagues. – My profile was so epic hacked. I came back and sorry, "she noted in the inscription. She also took the time to update her biography at Instagram to reflect the alleged hacking. "My account is hacked and I'm sorry for these messages: (I'm right now and I was able to get rid of it," Manning wrote.) But Manning really hacked or just tried to cover his traces

Something, of course, there is no way to prove that the actress has not hacked, but there are a few things that seem too risky when they say it was hacked. "There were many very specific notices and criticisms that only Manning would have had unless it was hacked by a close friend or family member with whom she shares all her complaints

Other a hole in Manning's history is the motivation behind the wound: we will not pretend to understand the minds of hackers, but usually hackers will post personal photos of celebrity, useless images or follow / remove casual sick people even threaten the celebrity and require money before to start deleting pictures or videos It seems that this behavior does not exactly match what happened to Manning The idea of ​​the hacker taking time to penetrate into the actress's bill to make this tirade and share it with 1 million pounds Manning's patrons seem a bit overcrowded. Again, we will not claim that we really know the truth about the situation. If Tarchin Manning was really hacked, we feel for her because the tirade really has the power to hurt her career. As for the fans of Orange Is The New Black they seem mostly divided on whether they think Manning's allegations have been hacked. Fortunately for her, the show is over, so this scandal can not affect her stay on the show. We will have to wait and see if this will affect her career in the long run.

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