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Is Turkey bacon in fact healthier than regular bacon? Experts weigh.

We have a serious problem, America. Bacon is delicious.

To say that crunchy, smoky meat is attractive would be an understatement. To say, however, that bacon is bad for you would also be underestimation.

The World Health Organization classifies processed meat – a category that includes all types of bacon – as a carcinogen, referring to "convincing evidence" that it causes cancer. Earlier this year, a study published in the British Medical Journal found that rising consumption of red meat was associated with higher mortality rates. So it makes sense that you would like to find an alternative to bacon, something less dangerous and almost as satisfying ̵

1; maybe bacon with bacon or lemon bacon. So let's take a look at the foods we think are healthier.

The following nutrition facts are from United States. The Ministry of Agriculture and percentages are based on the recommended daily food and drug value . Keep in mind that the figures below are for a single cut – and then multiply accordingly because we all know that eating a piece of bacon is almost impossible.

Classical bacon: one piece, fanned

Turkey Bacon: One share of Jennie-O Turkey

Canadian Bacon: One Piece of Baked Baked

Many of us grew up with the familiar sizzling and tempting aroma of bacon from the kitchen. Unfortunately, at least one expert says this is almost nostalgic for the harmful smoke of cigarette smoke.

"The problem with traditional bacon is usually two-thirds of calories coming from fat," said Kristen Smith, RD, LD of the Piedmont Healthcare dietician in Atlanta. And half of that is "saturated fat, which is the kind of fat we treat when we talk about heart disease." And there are differences between brands: Smith says the facts about nutrition vary widely depending on how it is prepared bacon and what are

She warns that bacon is not something to eat regularly, especially given its designation as a carcinogen.

"The WHO report clearly states that there is no data indicating a" safe "quantity to eat, but this risk increases with increased consumption," explains Christine Kirkpatrick MS, RDN, author and lead nutritionist at Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute

Neil Barnard, professor of medicine at George Washington Medical University, offers fewer qualifications: He said we should stop eating bacon entirely. "This is related to some of the most common and deadly cancers we have," Barnard said, including colorectal cancer and breast cancer. A WHO report found that daily consumption of bacon increased the risk of colorectal cancer by 18%. And since colorectal cancer is the second most common cause of cancer deaths, it is a worrying increase.

"If you increase it by 18%, that's a lot," Barnard said.

he categorically said, "The problem we have is that we are now with bacon where we had tobacco in the 1960s."

So it sounds like bacon mostly not. But there must surely be other options that would satisfy and satisfy.

Other bacon

Turkey bacon: This is when you do not care about bacon tasting but want something fresh to add your eggs

Unfortunately, you will have to continue the cave of food for a healthy alternative. Kirkpatrick said a new study found that "ultra-processed foods" – like turkey beef – "have led to weight gain and overeating." risk for people with high blood pressure or certain chronic conditions, "said Kirkpatrick.

Then there is a possibility, since you eat a "healthier" bacon, you can eat even more than something that is actually carcinogenic and high in sodium. 19659028] With turkey bacon, you are sure to consume something lower in fat than classic bacon – but also contains less protein than pork breeds. The solution then has to lie somewhere else … right?

  Turkey's Bacon has less sodium than classic bacon. But this is still not very tight, experts say.

Turkey bacon has less sodium than classic bacon. But this is still not very tight, experts say.

Canadian bacon certainly is tasty healthy (read: completely devoid of essential taste). But she still sinks in the pan and provides this animal protein that some of us crave.

In this case there are some good news and – as one might expect – some bad news.

Canadian Bacon offers a "healthier alternative" to classic bacon with bacon and turkey bacon, because it has fewer fat and lower calories, Smith says.

This may be enough to shrink the path , while throwing packs of Canadian bacon into your trolley at a time.However, the fact that it is high in protein means you will be full for a longer time keeping these attacks after breakfast after breakfast

But the Canadian bacon still has "a significant amount of sodium," Smith said, bringing the bacon party [19659023] "It's still dried meat," Barnard warned, "It's clear and finely processed meat and it's cancer-related."

"Of course, an alternative is simply to cut the animal products from the diet," says Kirkpatrick

According to Barnard, the artificial bacon is "a lot

He has no cholesterol, unlike bacon, Barnard said. In addition, it is significantly lower in saturated fat, which is bad fat. The sodium content will vary, some lower, some higher. "

But in terms of cancer, alternatives without meat protein are a clear victory:" When you heat them, they do not produce carcinogenic heterocyclic amines, "says Barnard. "There is no connection between them and the cancer at all."

If you're brave enough to go past the meat, alternatives such as soy, tempe and wheat gluten are considerably healthier options.

If eating bacon is really as bad as inhaling cigarettes, as Barnard suggests, it would be wise to clear all forms of bacon for good.

But Smith and Kirkpatrick are somewhat more generous in their assessments of the sizzling kindness that is Bacon.

An occasional piece of bacon is not what makes us "overweight and sick," says Kirkpatrick. – Enjoy, just follow moderation. And limit yourself no more than twice a month. "

Smith agrees. "I'm not saying that bacon is" never, "but it does something you might like on weekends," she said. "It is important to remember that all foods fit into a balanced diet."

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