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"It Works": Ryan Day Will not Change City Meyer's Approach to Michigan Game

CHICAGO No one flaw.

For seven years as the chief coach of Ohio, the city of Meier never lost to Michigan. Not once. He triumphed Brady Hawk three times and won all four matches with Jim Harbo. The rivalry that constantly measured the two Big Ten programs meant Meyer's all, and he won the seven games with an average margin of 12.3 points.

He has gone now, although he has retired after retirement in 2018.

Comes Ryan Day. Unlike Meyer, Jim Tresel and Woody Hayes, Den did not grow up in Ohio. But he has an understanding of the rivalry. Day said he had watched the game since he was a child and is now 2-0 against Wolverine as a coach.

As the head coach of the first year, Den does not intend to make any changes to how Ohio is preparing to confront Michigan.

"No. It works," Day said on Thursday in the Big Ten media days. "That works well.

The dozens of reporters on the dais of the Day could not help but laughed. Everyone knew he was right.
Meyer's approach worked with Ohio on the road and worked when Bucket had hosted Michigan. He worked with his team as a heavy favorite and worked when he held the outsider's rare position. It works in tight games and works in holes. She was working against Hocke and she was working against Harbo.

Ohio has never won seven games in a row against Michigan. Mayer changed that. The day has a chance to extend the series to eight when he and Buckeys invade Ann Arbor, Michigan, on November 30.

"What I learned from Urban at the very moment I got there was to work the game every day," Den said. "And the way to respect the rivalry and respect of rivalry is to work every day, and we do it. This is part of what we do when recruiting or everyday we have periods we have in practice where we call it Nordic Team Workout where we work in practice so we live every day. This is something we always have in the back of our minds. We have things in our facility and we must respect these guys to the greatest extent and the program they have and we know that this year will be difficult. Last year was a little anomaly. It was lateral. But we know that this year it will not be easy, so we will have our hands full up again.

<img alt = "Chase Young" src = "https://www.elevenwarriors.com/sites/default/files/c/201
9/07/chase%20shea.jpg" – Centric off-season workouts season, stay the same.

If the clock counts the days while the Ohio State faces Michigan, said 189 days, players must do 189 reps, regardless of the strength and training of the coach who has appointed Mickey Marotti. If the clock says 312 days, Marotti makes everyone make 312 repetitions of the exercise. Pain causes contempt and neglect leads to results.

These types of training were prevalent at Meyer, and they at first glance did not change until the day is over.

"It helps a lot when we train so hard for something so long and then the day is finally there to get rid of it," said Jonathan Cooper. "You are ready and prepared and have put the work on a continuous and constant basis. The boys are a pay day and let's get out and have fun. You realize why you've done all these sessions, all those repulsions and all those tracks. It was for them. This day we hate them, and they hate us. That's right. When you have a pouch in front of you with the letter M on it and you are tired and you keep hitting it and you keep hitting it, because you have a coach who tells you to hit it, that puts the attitude in you. It changes you. It's different. "

Even the music – LL Cool's It's Time For War – played in the Woody Hayes Athletic Center during the Michigan week during Meier's reign, will remain the same, Cooper said.

Traditions, approach, and communications have worked, so why change something?

"You really do not understand it until you actually play, how intense and how important each game is," said Jordan Fuller. "It will hurt, it will be dirty, it will be dirty, but I mean, that's why we work so hard. Just to overcome this. "

Meyer has been dealing with two aspects of the rivalry for all seven years: respect and constant focus.

The more the day is talking about rivalry, the more it sounds like someone trying to follow Meyer's book, which leads him to a 7-0 record.

"We live every day," Day said. "As part of this rivalry, growing up and seeing it, it was one of those things that looked bigger than life and now they play it for two games and 2: 0 is incredible. We know we're going to be back in next year, and it's going to be tough and all that stuff. Nothing but respect for rivalry.

In order for Day to remain in the good mood of Buckeyes fans, he will have to continue to translate this respect into victories.

"It did not take long to figure out what are the expectations for football in Ohio," Meyer said at his retirement press conference on December 4th. – First, he won the rivalry. And second, win every game after that. "

Meyer reached number one, leaving the program as the first permanent coach of the 1940s to never lose to Michigan. No one in Ohio has done the rivalry better than he did.

After 134 days, it will be time to see if Day will begin to find similar success in the game that sets so many legacy of coaches.

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