It seems Ja Rule can try again to return to the festival space. TMZ sucked Ja off LAX on Thursday and talked to him about the unusually popular FYRE documentaries and his new Iconic app that he says wants to throw a music festival. I have not seen any of FYRE's documentaries because he lived it and that he accepted the disaster of the FYRE Festival very seriously. He said it was broken. However, despite the negative impact of these documentaries, Ja Rule is back in the technology space and is launching another new application, called Iconic, which is similar to the Fyre application for acts and performers.

wants to cast a music festival for his application to promote it without realizing the damage that Netflix & Hulu's documentaries have probably done. "I have plans to create the Iconic Music Festival, but you have not heard it from me," she says, as she walks away from the TMZ operator.

Watch the video (below) and let us know your thoughts. Would you attend another Ja Rule Festival after watching FYRE?