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James Kloss: 2 years after running away from his kidnapper, the teenager is dancing again, says her aunt

Then 13 years old, James fled the home of the man who killed her parents and abducted her for 87 days. Wearing only the pajamas and sneakers of the kidnapper of the wrong legs, she sneaked into Wisconsin during the winter until she found help in the arms of his neighbors.

On the verdict of her captor, Jaime said: “I loved going out with my friends. I like going to school. I like dancing. He took all these things away from me. It’s too difficult for me to go out in public.”

Now she is dancing again and enjoying school activities as much as she can, given the Covid-1
9 pandemic, her aunt and guardian Jennifer Nyberg Smith said in a statement Monday.

Reflecting on Jamie’s escape to freedom on January 10, 2018, Smith said she was grateful for those neighbors, the law enforcement agencies who fought for justice, the world that kept its attention to find her – and most importantly for Jamie’s courage.

“We always want to say and remind others never to take life for granted,” Smith said. “You never know what tomorrow will bring us. Always remember to take the time to tell your loved ones that you love them.”

Dragged from her home to the trunk of a car

Jaime was sleeping in his bedroom on October 15, 2018, when he woke up with his dog Molly barking. She rushed to pick up her parents when she saw an unknown Taurus in the alley of her family with the headlights off.

At the time, none of them knew that the driver had been there before. Jake Patterson, a 21-year-old man who would eventually receive two life sentences, had seen Kloss by accident while riding her school bus and had already been to their home twice to plan her abduction.
The 911 dispatcher describes James Kloss's call:

As her father, James, walked to the door with a flashlight, James and her mother, Denise, hid in the bathtub of a bathroom barricaded with a drawer in the closet. Jamie winced when he heard the shot that killed her father. Her mother called 911.

All the dispatcher could hear when the call was received around 12:53 was “very loud.”

Patterson, who had shaved his head and face to avoid leaving DNA, stormed the bathroom to find Jaime and her mother. After shooting her dead mother, he dragged the duct tape tied to the tape in the trunk of his car.

Patterson accelerated, giving way to team cars that were on their way to Kloss’s home, a deputy said.

Sit under a double bed for months

Volunteers and police searched northern Wisconsin for three months. The photo of James was scattered on posters and a total of $ 50,000 was offered for it.

She was 70 miles away at Gordon Patterson’s house. Her captor forces her to stay under his bed with two twins, where she sometimes stays for 12 hours without food, water or access to the bathroom.

Abduction of James Kloss: Here is the criminal complaint against defendant Jake Patterson

He would turn on the bedroom radio to mute her movements when his father came to visit, and he would make Jaime scared by screaming and hitting the walls, warning that “bad things would happen to her if tried to “come out.

Two weeks after the abduction, Patterson told detectives he believed he had escaped his crimes.

James avoids

But on January 10, he told Jaime he would be out in a few hours. After he left, she pushed the bins and weights that barricaded her under the bed, crawled out of the front door, and stepped into the snow.

A woman walking her dog saw the girl who said she needed help.

“I got lost and I don’t know where I am and I need help,” the teenager said. “I’m James.”

The woman took her to the nearest home, where they called 911.

The kidnapper of James Kloss was sentenced to life in prison

Patterson returned to the area and was arrested shortly afterwards. Prosecutors said he confessed in detail during an interview after his arrest.

He received one life sentence each for the murders of James and Denise Kloss and received a 40-year sentence for kidnapping, including 25 years in prison and 15 years probation.

Jaime had the opportunity to read a statement before her sentence in which she said he should be locked up forever.

“Jake Patterson took away a lot of things that I love. The saddest thing for me is that he took away my mother and father,” she said.

Ray Sanchez, Keith Allen, Faith Karimi, Jason Hannah and Steve Almasi contributed to this report.

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