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Jedi Star Wars: The Order Has Fell

Everything you need to know about PS5 and Xbox Series console upgrades

Wow, that came out of nowhere! A few days ago, Respawn Entertainment surprised us by releasing a next-generation patch for its impressive Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, bringing with it specific enhancements that include More ▼ of horsepower provided by the trio of new consoles. This is not a complete next-generation croup as such – like the Cyberpunk 2077, it simply modifies the latest generation code to get higher frame rates than the new machines, using in particular the processor to give us much more. close to 60 frames per second.

The patch is also interesting with Patpa̵

7;s notes for Respawn Entertainment, which tell us almost everything we need to know about technical improvements. The frame rate increases overall, the quality of the post-processing improves and the resolutions increase. The actual range of upgrades actually varies from machine to machine for reasons that are not entirely clear, but we would expect this to have something to do with the capabilities of Sony and Microsoft’s cross-generation SDKs, as opposed to the capabilities of the machines themselves.

The Xbox Series X seems to be getting the fuller range of upgrades. Of the three consoles, it is the only one that retains both the quality and modes of execution of the latest versions – both have been improved. Quality mode is aimed at 30 frames per second with a dynamic window with a resolution of 1512p to 2160p, providing the purest image quality and the highest consistency of any console version – albeit with a lower frame rate limit . Its performance mode is as high as 60 frames per second, achieving it for the most part with a dynamic range from 1080p to 1440p.

Here’s John and Rich from DF giving you the lie on the ground of the next generation of Fallen Order.

As a limitation, the PlayStation 5 gets a single mode, targeting 60fps and locked 1200p with 1440p buffers after the process. This is a more limited upgrade, given that the standard back-compat of existing state-of-the-art code delivers 1080p, but the extra pixels and post-processing accuracy are welcome. Finally, there is the Xbox Series S – this is a huge upgrade over the One S version, again aimed at 60fps. The correction notes do not provide resolution indicators, but we see a dynamic window with a resolution in the range of 720p to 900p, inclined to temporarily upgrade Unreal Engine 4 to give the feeling of more pixels, most effective at more static scenes.

These are the basic specifications of the patch, but how to play? Well, Fallen Order has always had some problems with asset transfer, causing hassles and stuttering. This is something that has happened to all versions of the game, even the PC version, and it is interesting to see that in 60 frames per second modes there are still some problems in all systems. To be clear, the overall performance in the game is relatively constant at 60 frames per second, but the attachment is most noticeable when crawling and occasionally in cutscenes. The PlayStation 5 seems to be smoother overall, but all versions show the problem. For its part, the Series X is able to provide the highest resolution visuals, and if stuttering is an issue for you, the 30fps quality mode really clears most of them. As for the Xbox Series S, this is the least stable gameplay – in addition to the challenges of streaming, it has areas where it also seems to be limited by the GPU. This is still a significant improvement over the unlocked frame rate of the performance modes found in the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, but it’s the least impressive upgrade of the band.

Overall, though, this is an interesting upgrade that is worth checking out, especially since the game comes bundled with EA Play and should therefore be available to play on the Xbox Game Pass. Although we are divided, we rather like the game, which combines some great production values ​​with quality gameplay and nuances of Metroid in how it gradually opens access to different levels. The new patch doesn’t quite solve all the technical issues the way we’d like to see it, but it’s definitely the best way to experience Fallen Order on consoles and we recommend checking it out.

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