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Jeff Bezos investigator: Saudi Arabia received personal information

"Our investigators and several experts concluded with great confidence that the Saudis had access to the Bezos phone and gained personal information," Gavin de Becker writes in a publication for the Daily Beast published on Saturday. He did not offer any concrete evidence in support of his allegations against the Saudi government. De Becker said his findings had been handed over to federal officials and that I would not share details of the investigation into these officials, adding that "I think today's writing will be my last public statement on the issue." He added that it is unclear whether the parent company of National Enquirer American Media Inc., or AMI, "knew the details."

AMI responded to de Becker's statement in a statement to CNN Business on Sunday, saying he relied on one source, Sanchez's brother, Michael Sanchez, for his story.

Despite the false and unsubstantiated statements made by Mr de Becker, the American media refuses and continues to refute the unjustified allegations that the materials in our report have been obtained with the help of someone other than the only source that brought them first we did not have any involvement from any third party. "

Saudi Arabia denies any connection to the history of Bezos, according to de Becker. Officials from Saudi Arabia and De Becker did not respond to CNN's comments on the weekend edition.

De Becker's article raises the bets on the National Enquirer tabloid exposition of the romantic relationship between billionaire Amazon CEO and Sanchez, a former anchor for Fox's local station in Los Angeles. Bezos suggests that AMI has attempted to blackmail him to please the Saudi government ̵
1; who claims to have links with AMI and is upset by the coverage of Bezos on the Washington Post on murdered Columnist Jamal Hashohi – or President Donald Trump. AMI says this is not the case.
  Writing about the everyday beast, Bezos; investigator Gavin de Becker accused the Saudi government of leaking evidence of Bezos; an extramarital affair with the National Researcher because of the Washington Post Postage on the death of Jamal Hashogi.

In the Daily Beast, De Becker writes that he and his team are talking to current and former AMI executives and sources, Middle Eastern experts, Saudi Arabian intelligence officers and dissidents, and current and former advisors to President Trump before to reach the conclusion.

The National Enquirer tried to "put a strong hand on a US citizen whom [Saudi Arabia’s] the country's leadership wanted to be harmed, compromised and muted," said De Becker.
Both Bezos and the Washington Post have been criticized several times by a president who has connections with the US media.

AMI Chairman David Peker is Trump's longtime friend, and Enquirer is one of Trump's most reliable and enthusiastic media amplifiers during the campaign. The publisher has assumed he has paid $ 150,000 in co-operation with members of Trump's presidential campaign to prevent claims of former Cali McDougall's model of Trump's affair from the audience during the 2016 race. Trump denied the affair.

Federal prosecutors eventually reached an agreement with the non-prosecuting authority with the publisher, thus excluding the accusations of AMI about its role in providing money to Trump's private attorney Michael Cohen.
  A divorce from a billionaire. Supermarket tabloid. Exclamation Request - Jeff Bezos and National Enquirer

But de Becker claims the National Investigator knew about the messages before coming to Sanchez. Sanchez told CNN Business that AMI is already pursuing a story about the relationship when it comes to him. He added that "the last abduction of De Becker's smoke and mirrors" contained "zero evidence".

In his statement, AMI said that "the fact is that Michael Sanchez was the one who made the national researcher go to the affair on September 10, 2018, and for four months provided all the material for our investigation. added that "Sanchez's ongoing efforts to discuss and falsely represent our accountability as well as its role in it have abolished all sources of confidentiality."

De Becker argues that the first source is the government of Saudi Arabia, that the Saudi leadership wanted to injures Bezos because of the Washington Post's stance on the death of Hashogi Khashoggi, who was critical of Saudi Arabia and Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, was murdered and dissected at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul in the fall

The Saudis presented passing stories about the fate of Hashogi, initially denying any knowledge before claiming that a group of deceptive operators, many of which belong to Bin Salman's inner circle, are responsible for the death of the journalist. Riyadh argues that neither bin Salman nor King Salman knew of the operation directed at Hashoggi. But US officials said that such a mission – including 15 men sent by Riyadh – could not have been done without the permission of bin Salman.

The Washington Post is close to the incident, and Bezos was the subject of a pro-Saudi campaign used by Saudi social media users and a Saudi journalist after Kashogi's death, calling for a boycott of Amazon and Souq, an e-commerce site, owned by Amazon.
  Since the questions are being held around Jeff Bezos; blasting proposals, tabloid identity leaking is confirmed

trying to blackmail him with proof of the affair.

In this post, Bezos noted that AMI was being investigated "for various actions taken on behalf of the Saudi government."

He pointed to the Associated Press story for AMI's glossy magazine publication that celebrates Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's visit to the United States in April 2018. three weeks before the prince's arrival, the media company sent a copy to the Saudi Embassy, ​​where they spread amongst clerks who then shared it with Washington's foreign political contacts. AMI said it did not share a preliminary copy of the report with the Saudis, the AP said in its history.

De Becker also mentioned history as evidence of a link between AMI and the Saudi government.

Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubiere in the past has denied any connection between his country and CNN's AMI. Brian Stellter, Oliver Darcy, Tom Clint, Nicole Gautet, Nada Altair, Chandler Thornton and Sheena Mackenzie contributed to this report.

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