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Jim Kliberne shrinks to fish: Democratic candidates appear in South Carolina fish; Watch a stream of interviews and live speeches – current news

Interviews with candidates, state party representatives, and others. The fish of Rep. Jim Klbourne. and avoided attacks on each other. At the end of the event, they joined together on stage with Jim Kliberne. Joe Biden gave what Kyleburn called the "shortest speech" he ever gave. Bidden's big theme was party unity, claiming the most important thing is the election of a Democrat in 2020
  • Several candidates cited last year's shooting of Emanuel AME, in which a white murder master murdered nine black devotees of the speech of Charleston on June 1
    7, 2015
  • While some candidates focused on biography, others – including Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders – relied heavily on their policy proposals.
  • Had there been any doubt that Jim Kyleborn was a major power broker in the Democratic Party, he fell into heat in South Carolina on Friday night. Almost the entire Democratic presidential field spoke to Kleyburn in Tiburn's t-shirts in front of a giant sign with one word on him: KLEBERBURN.
  • South Carolina Rep. Jim Kyleborn hosted his annual Fish Fry event on Friday night in Colombia, and almost all Democrats that have run for president have made the voter pitch in a critically early primary state. Their speeches are limited to about 90 seconds, giving the famous event a lightning quality.

    Joe Biden has said that "any candidate from the Democratic Party must remain together and elect [Democratic] the President of the United States, and all candidates have less than two minutes to deal with." After Biden finishes , KLEBER JAUGHT "This is the shortest speech that Joe Biden has ever done."

    South Carolina hosts the first major in the South on February 29, 2020. It is considered a key country for candidates where black voters 61% of the voters get better if the candidate performs well in South Carolina he may be seen as an indicator of his support among black voters across the country

    Most of the candidates are planning to stay around Saturday when the Democratic Party of South Carolina will hold its annual convention and elect its staff

    In a post-game interview, Ryan targets China

    Tim Ryan discusses a plan to "compete" China

    Tim Ryan talks to CBSN after Fry's Fish, discussing plans to "compete" China by investing in clean energy .

    Climate change, Ryan said, "must be expressed to most Americans fighting as an opportunity," meaning workers who have lost their manufacturing jobs can go into solar panels and wind turbines.

    The Ohio congressman said his plan would be for American workers to "compete" and "build" their Chinese counterparts.

    Ryan said he agrees with President Trump's decision to take Chin

    "The Tariff is a tactical move that should be part of a larger strategy," Ryan said.

    Candidates ending event with group photo

    21 candidates attending the fish closed the event with a group photo of the scene together with Kyleborn.

    Harris urged the church in South Carolina

    Kamala Harris began his speech, referring to the mass shooting by a white supporter who killed nine devotees in the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston four years ago this week.

    Harris paid tribute to past civil rights heroes. She said she stands on their shoulders as a candidate with a vision of the future that includes health care for all, a higher salary for teachers, and "reasonable" arms control laws.

    "It's a struggle not only for honoring history and heroes," said Harris, "It's a struggle for our future."

    – Stephanie Ramirez

    Warren advertises "Big Ideas" In it, heavy Elizabeth Warren advertised her campaign for "major structural change." She experienced some of her most famous policies, such as a wealth tax she thought she would pay for universal child care, and a college free of charge

    In the biggest applause in his speech Warren discussed his plan to give $ 15 billion to historic black "We have to have courage in this country," Warren said. "2020: We can dream big, fight hard and win."

    Andrew Yan underlines his universal proposal for a major Revenue

    Technology developer Andrew Yan, who has an informal base unofficially known as Jan Gang, uses the opportunity to present his proposal for universal basic income where every citizen will get $ 1,000 a month.

    Yan said most voters knew this about him: "An Asian man is running for a president he wants to give every $ 1,000 months."

    Appointing President Trump's decisions to increase the automation of manufacturing jobs " rubbish and nonsense ", Yan repeated his usual phrase to close his speech." The opposite of Donald Trump is Asian.

    Tim Ryan Discusses Hot Yoga and Campaign

    "I Think We Hot Yoga Here Tonight!" Tim Ryan told the crowd after Kleyburn said the Ohio congressman was a hot yoga fan.

    Ryan's main message to the crowd is "the middle class has been spinning over the past 40 years," with manufacturing jobs vanishing across the country. Focusing on workers like these, Ryan argues that the Democratic Party's "center of gravity" will move "in the middle of the country and to the south."

    Bennett: Trump does not love America

    Michael Bennett, one of the lesser-known candidates in the race, spends most of his speech attacking President Trump.

    "I think we have a president he does not care about America, he does not like anyone but himself," said the Colorado senator to laugh at the audience.

    Bernie Sanders focuses on prolonged speech policy

    In one of the longer speeches of the evening – over three Bernie Sanders stressed his promises to sign the campaign, including Medicare for All and raising the minimum salary to $ 15 hour.

    "We will gather our people around an agenda that works for all of us, not just 1%," Sanders said, "and also talks about reducing student debt and releasing public colleges."

    He ended the speech "We are 99%," and 99% have far more power than 1%, and it is remarkable that Sanders is the only candidate who has not yet worn a Tiburnan campaign

    Castro Discusses Police Brutality in Speech

    Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro has called in 2015, in Mother Emanuel Charleston, South Carolina, where nine fellows were murdered, and Castro noted that the white shooter had been detained by the police "no incidents." "What about Eric Gardner ? But what about Stephan Clark? "Castro asked, continuing to list other black Americans shot by the police," We will be fearless to make sure that this country works for everyone, "he added

    – Bo Ericson

    Biden makes an atypical short speech

    "The shortest speech made by Joe Biden," what host Jim Clayborn calls Biden less than a minute's address to Fish Fry tonight.

    Biden said during the years of the campaign in South Carolina, and attending this meeting, she "seems to have lived in South Carolina. "The former vice-president also remembers the long-lost Senator Fritz Holings of South Carolina." [19659907] – Bo Eriksson

    Booker underscores the unity of the party, the cracks of "daddy joke"

    In his short speech, of the unity in the Democratic Party – even if it is not the candidate of the Democratic Party. "

    " These elections are not about a man and an office, but about who we are as a nation and who we should be for, "Bucker said. "We all need to be sure we can be in the middle of the original, but when the core is over, we become a unified force."

    Bookkeeper, who widely announced his love of "father jokes," concluded his short speech.

    "Do not bump, get out there and kick bass," he said.

    Warren says he's not here to attack the Democrats

    Elizabeth Warren arrived in the fish to fry, saying she was excited to eat fish and drink beer.

    "I hope there is beer," she told reporters. "Michelob Ultra."

    She was greeted by supporters who chanted "L-I-Z, she has a plan for me!" Asked whether Joe Biden should apologize for his comments earlier this week about his previous relationship with segregation lawmakers, Warren said he was not attending the event to criticize his fellow Democrats.

    She also said that the new charges against sexual assaults against President Trump

    – Eleanor Watson

    Delani says he will not offer "impossible promises"

    Rep. John Delany discusses his candidacy for the World Famous Fish Fair

    John Delaney defended his moderate political proposals in an interview with Elaine Chyan and Major Garrett, saying that unlike some of the other candidates in the race, he will not offer "Impossible"

    Delaney, a former Maryland congressman who announced his campaign in 2017, said he believed there were two categories of candidates in the race: "people who promise things that make no sense or will never go "Candidates who would present" real solved ija ".

    Criticating candidates like Bernie Sanders, Delani said he believes the running of a socialist platform against President Trump is "risky".

    South Carolina voters say they want to see candidates in their community

    CBS News poll Anthony Salvatta and Democrats strategist Antwyan Seyrer talked to South Carolina Democrats about what they want to see

    "You have to be there," one voter said, on how candidates can appeal to local voters.

    Harris responds to criticism from Clayburn

    Kamala Harris responded to the criticism of Jim Kleyburn that she did not do enough to put her political suggestions for South Carolina voters by encouraging him to come to her events.

    According to the latest CBS News, Harris and Cory Booker are far behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in South Carolina. In an interview with NBC News this week, Clyburn said he was surprised that Harris and Booker, both of whom were black, had not collided with the state.

    Clyburn, widely perceived as the most influential Democrat in South Carolina, said there was "a little bit of surprise to me because I thought for sure that there would be a much bigger leap, and I still can not understand that." He added that Harris did not "describe politics with his vision."

    In response, Harris told reporters on Friday: "I would like him to come to some of my events so he can hear them."

    "I am very proud of our policies and told me that we actually have among the best two or three best candidates, the most policies that we have we worked in very important details, "said Harris.

    JA Moore, who approved Harris, told CBSN that he believes the enthusiasm will grow for Harris as she continues to visit the state.

    Candidates Respond to Growing Tensions With Iran

    Democratic presidential candidates insist on caution when it comes to Iran, after Iran dropped a US aircraft into the international airspace. Late on Thursday evening, the president ordered Iran to strike, but retreated, he said after learning the likely human impact.

    The candidates hope that President Trump, who campaigned for the US out of the wars in the Middle East, would turn to diplomacy, not to aggressive military action. Mr Trump said the strike for which he was "inflated and burdened", which, he said, could have killed 150 people, was not "proportional" to the strike on a non-pilot jet committed by Iran.

    The reactions of candidates to the escalating tensions with Iran here.

    Moulton explains how he will respond to the attack on the Iranian dron

    Seth Moulton, a Democratic congressman from Massachusetts, said he would respond to Iran, knocking down an American unmanned airplane with a "purposeful" clear answer, "and that President Trump's decision to cancel the strike in response to Iran showed that the president "has no strategy."

    Molton, who served in the Afghan army, said he would perform a targeted cyber attack

    Muelton also pointed out that it is important to turn attention to foreign policy in a presidential platform.

    "Not applicable atachno just criticize Trump, but must show how they will lead, "said Moultan." He is weak as commander in chief. I do not know why I'm the only candidate in the race that leads him as a commander. "

    Marcia Fudge:" Sensitive "to the race in 2020

    Marcia Fudge, a Democrat from Ohio, judged Joe Biden's comments. "I do not know he has to apologize," said Fudge, who is black, Major Gareth, CBS News, that "when you decide to be at the greatest stage in the world, you have to be very, very careful" when you make a note RI race.

    "There is sensitivity, which is important, especially for people with color. because we have always been the party's most loyal base, "Fudge said.

    Fudge believes Biden will address directly or indirectly the comments he made earlier this week during his speech to the FRY, especially since most of the Democratic electorate in South Carolina is black.

    Fudge said he did not support Biden, although he said he "liked him" and knew him for a long time.

    In a CBS News interview, Ed O'Keefe on Friday afternoon, Kirsten Gillibrand pushed against criticism that she had compared the anti- activism of the fight against racism in the interior in an interview with the De Moine Registry

    In an interview with the Registry, Gillibrand compares the nomination of abortion judges to nominate judges with racist beliefs. Earlier, Gillibrand said he would nominate only federal judges who support the abortion rights. "Imagine it is good to appoint a judge who is a racist, or an anti-Semite or homophobic," she continued. "I want someone to hire someone who takes away the basic human rights of any group of people in America … I do not think that's political issues anymore."

    "All these efforts by President Trump and other ultra-radical, Conservative judges and judges to impose their belief on Americans is contrary to our Constitution," Gillibrand told the Registry. "The United States would only appoint judges or judges who see Rowe vs. Wade – that was a precedent, a law on earth for more than 40 years," Gillibrand said, adding that in order to "Take away" the right of a woman to abortion "undermines our civilian p our human rights. And I do not think there is room for candidates in our party who do not understand that these are basic human rights. "

    She also said that people in the Democratic Party with Rights Beliefs against Abortions should not apply [19659007] "I do not think they should be democrats because they literally say," Women of America do not deserve human rights. "Women of America have no agency to take the most important decision in their lives, says Gillibrand. ] Where is Mayor Pitt

    Buttigieg says: "USA One of the main candidates is missing tonight – Pi Buttigieg returns to South Bend, where he is a mayor, deals with the murder of a black policeman, which prompted protests in the African-American a community in South Bend.

    Kylebone told Elaine Cijano of CBSN before the event that Buttigieg had personally contacted him to explain why he should have missed fish from the fish. "Caliburn said he understood:" I know a little about where we had police firing … I know what I'm going through and I wish him well, Major Gareth said that although Buttigieg's absence was propelled by the shooting, his absence in South Carolina was noticed и "сега е тема на разговор"

    – Емили Тилет 19659113] Джим Clyburn: 2020 Dems трябва да направи случай за достъпни и достижими "политики

    Република. Джим Клайбърн: Демократите трябва да се позоват на "достъпни " и "достъпни" политики

    Тъй като 21 кандидати за президент се спускат на риба на Реп. К лайбърн (която според него може да постави запис за присъствие), кралицата от Южна Каролина казва, че кандидатите трябва да

    "Казвам, че се опитваме да направим опит да изберем кандидат за президент, който може да направи величието на тази държава достъпно и достъпно за всички негови граждани." Каквото и да говорят, бих се надявал да излязат от облаците и да стигнат до мястото, където са хората – каза Клайбърн на Илейн Киджано от CBSN.

    "Ако ще говориш за здравеопазването, отговори на въпроса, "Как ще го направя достъпна – как ще го направя достъпна?" той обясни. Той посъветвал кандидатите да бъдат възможно най-ясни за плановете си за американците и избирателите от Южна Каролина, когато те правят терен този уикенд.

    – Емили Тилетт

    Кой идва на рибата?

    Очаква се 3000 души да се появят с Клайбърн и Реп Джо Кънингам, които ритат рибите с риба. Очаква се кандидатите да дадат на тълпата по-кратки версии на техните пъзели

    Ето списъка на кандидатите, които по сещават рибите:

    • Sen. Майкъл Бенет
    • Бивш вицепрезидент Джо Байдън
    • Sen. Кори Букер
    • Кметът на Ню Йорк Бил де Блазио
    • Бивш секретар по жилищното строителство и градското развитие Юлиан Кастро
    • Респ. Джон Делани
    • Респ. Тулси Габард
    • Sen. Кирстен Гилибранд
    • Sen. Камала Харис
    • Бивш губернатор на Колорадо Джон Хикленкопер
    • Вашингтонски губернатор Джей Инслее
    • Sen. Amy Klobuchar
    • Мирамар, кмет на Флорида Уейн Месем
    • Респ. Сет Моултън
    • Бивш реп. Бето О'Рурк
    • Респ. Тим Райън
    • Sen. Бърни Сандърс
    • Респ. Ерик Сулуел
    • Sen. Елизабет Уорън
    • Мариан Уилямсън
    • Андрю Янг

    Какъв е правилният начин да се яде риба на рибата?

    Храната често представлява опасност от кампании за кандидати за президент. Попитайте Джон Кери, който погрешно е поръчал швейцарско сирене с неговия сирене в Филаделфия. Или Мит Ромни, който неправилно е казал за неговите "сиреневи зърна" в Мисисипи. На последните избори, Джон Касич се озовал за пилорист, за да изяде пицата си с нож и вилица.

    Рибата зарибява риба, отрязана с царевично брашно, брашно и подправки, след което се приготвя в каци с горещо масло и се сервира на парче бяло. хляб с горещ сос

    Clyburn може и да не одобрява никого, но поне помага на кандидатите да избягват риба с риба. Той публикува инструкции и кратко видео на бившия президент Обама, който яде рибата на риба, когато той е бил кандидат.

    "Как правилно да се яде риба на рибена риба: Стъпка 1: Вземи си риба, стъпка 2: Увий рибата в бяло хляб, Стъпка 3: Нанесете горещ сос, стъпка 4: Насладете се, ”написа Клайбърн.

    Организаторите наредили 4 400 паунда риба и 6400 филийки хляб, за да нахранят масите.

    Клайбърн, който е най-мощни ят афроамериканец в залата, заема позицията на политически крал в държавата. Рибата му, която той е домакин от близо 30 години, се превърна в ключова спирка за кандидати за президент, особено след като Южна Каролина официално се превърна в първоначална държава през 2008 г. Въпреки че той отказа да приеме одобрението си в Демократическите първични избори 2008, Клайбърн одобри Хилъри Клинтън за Бърни Сандърс през 2016 г.

    Байдън предизвиква противоречия с коментарите за сегрегационистите

    Дни преди рибата да се сдобие, Джо Байдън предизвика спорове, когато говори за връзката си с Джеймс Ийстланд, сенатор от Мисисипи и забелязан сегрегационист. във вторник в Ню Йорк. Байдън посочи Ийстланд, докато се бореше за повече любезност във Вашингтон.

    "Бях в група с Джеймс О. Ийстланд", каза Байдън пред тълпата. – Той никога не ме наричаше „момче“. Той винаги ме наричаше "Син".

    Истланд, дългогодишният председател на комисията по съдебна власт в Сената, горещо се противопоставяше на движението за граждански права и бе признат за бели превъзходства.

    "Поне имаше някаква любезност", каза Байдън. в изказването си във вторник. – Нещата са свършили. Не сме съгласни с нищо. Днес той каза: "Погледнете другата страна и вие сте враг".

    В сряда някои от неговите противници от демократите го критикуваха за забележките и една двойка дори го призова да се извини. Байдън заяви в сряда: "Въпросът, който правя е, че не е нужно да се съгласявате. Не е нужно да обичате хората по отношение на техните възгледи, а просто правите случая и ги биете." Той не се извиняваше, обявявайки вместо това: "В моето тяло няма расистка кост."

    – Бо Ериксон, Захари Худак и Алън Той

    Кой всъщност харесва демократите от Южна Каролина?

    Изследването на CBS News Battleground Tracker, публикувано в четвъртък, установи, че Байдън е най-добрият избор сред демократите от Южна Каролина, спечелвайки 45% подкрепа от партийните гласоподаватели.


    Повечето афро-американци обмислят Байдън, а половината обмислят Бърни Сандърс – една трета от черните избиратели обмислят да подкрепят Камала Харис. беше направено преди Байдън да направи забележки за работа със сег сенатори от регионалистката в миналото.


    Байдън връзките с президента Барак Обама му помагат да се издигне в предната част на пакета в Южна Каролина и в страните с ранно гласуване. Повече от осем от десет души (включително повечето бели и черни) казват, че историята му като вицепрезидент на президента Обама е причина те да го подкрепят, като надделят над неща като политическите му позиции и времето в Сената.


    – Дженифър де Пинто

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