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Joe Biden's new blunder questions the truth in the Trump era after the facts

This, after he persuaded a raped crowd in New Hampshire for a story last Friday, later verified by The Washington Post, the fact: "This is God's truth. My word is like Biden."

His string of recent artificials is happening in a highly chaotic political environment because of President Donald Trump.

Biden's mistakes, delusions, and other blunders are not the same as Trump's deliberate daily intrusions on the truth.

But they spark a debate about the nature of truth in politics and how voters must distinguish between Biden's change and the president's argued more serious habit of breaking facts at historical speed.

The cavalcade of lies uttered by the President is inflated to dispel the traditional indicators of assessing a candidate's allegiance to the truth and consequences of such abuse. Still, exposing the president's usual lie did not disqualify him politically. On the contrary, it often thrives, creating its own reality in which loyalists can buy.

As a result of this new era of retail fact, the 2020 campaign is evolving into a historic moment of folding.

Every word the candidates utter is analyzed for lies, as never before, by the armies of fact-checking media recruited to meet the challenges posed by Trump.

Yet, it is also a time when the truth in politics seems more depreciated than ever, since the president stands as an example that lying should not be fatal to a political career.

In a surreal moment on CNN's Cuomo Prime Prime on Wednesday night, Trump campaign re-election spokesman Caylee McKenna insisted that Trump had never lied to the American people.

The behavior of the president has led many media commentators to argue that politics has entered the post-truth era ̵

1; where there is no real punishment for lying.

It is hardly news that the former Vice President is a blunder, predisposed: His reel would extend from his beloved Delaware to originally in the Iowa nation.

And many Democrats argue that fixing Biden's verbal fiches is a waiver of Beltway's robbers when Trump appears to be tearing up the national fabric.

In fact, Biden made the case himself in December.

"I am a bluff machine, but my goodness, what a wonderful thing compared to a person who can't tell the truth," he said in Montana. "I'm ready to appeal all those things. The question is, what kind of nation are we in? What are we going to do? Who are we?"

Former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean said Friday that Trump's serial falsehoods meant that gaps from other candidates were taken less seriously.

"See, if voters can forgive Donald Trump for corrupting and washing his own nest of money, they can certainly forgive a few Joe Biden failures in memory. I think Trump has cut the bar so much .. "I think the rules of the game have changed," Dean said in "CNN's New Day."

Is Trump unique or is politics in the aftermath?

[19659002] One of the most important tests of the 2020 campaign will be whether Trump is unique and overbearing. Or has he introduced a style of leadership that is not just exempt from evidence, but can be imitated by other politicians and has lowered the bar to the truth in public life?

Given this new dynamic, how then should false fakes be scattered, Biden's exaggerations

And should they undermine his campaign's central rationale – that he is best suited to defeat Trump?

Biden is a particularly interesting test case. As a Democratic rising star, the then senator rejected his 1988 presidential nomination because of a plagiarism scandal.

He reluctantly gave up after appearing to have lifted passages from former Labor Party leader Neil Kinock for a speech and was accused of using other loose materials.

"I am no less disappointed with the middle of presidential politics, which makes it so difficult to allow the American people to measure all of Joe Biden, and not just the false statements I have made," he said at the time.

This is a measure of how the standards governing presidential politics have changed that Biden's crime may not seem so grave in the current era, nor should the punishment be so definitive.

It seems unlikely the candidate seeking to remove the current president will have to get out of the race for plagiarism, given that Trump is guilty of making more than 12,000 false statements in office, according to The Washington Post. CNN's Daniel Dale reported on Wednesday that Trump had made 48 false allegations in the last six days alone.

Some Democrats argue that Biden's blunders are so important that they fit into his political image.

All this is part of the Irish blarney of a man whose heart always looks in the right place, even if his foot is constantly pointing to his mouth. After all, this is a man who laments people who are still alive, told a man in a wheelchair to get up, Chuck, and once called his old boss Barack America.

Still, there is a clear double.

Hillary Clinton was ridiculed by the Obama campaign in the 2008 Democratic race for her exaggerated claims of landing under sniper fire during the Bosnian war.

In the case of Clinton, the lie confirmed the existing allegations that she had a common problem. with the truth.

The Post reports that Biden understood "the time period, location, heroic act, type of medal, military branch and recipient's rank wrongly, as well as his own role in the ceremony" in the story of an Afghan veteran.

Biden is not treated the same way, there will be more than a whiff of sexism.

Biden's tale also recalled a sweet yarn told by former President Ronald Reagan about an aviator from World War II who stayed with a comrade oo wounded to save himself from a crash The airplane that led them to their deaths. Like Biden, Reagan boasted about the heroism of others, but later it turned out that he had raised the story from a movie rather than a real life.

Biden insisted on Thursday that there was no cause for vanity. "

" I pointed out how brave these people are, how amazing they are, this generation of warriors, those fallen angels we lost, "he told the Post in an interview.

" I don't know what is the problem. What is it that I said wrong? "

Biden's Distraction

However, every day that Biden's campaign history hits the blunders is a bad day for his candidacy.

The Vice President presents himself as the most experienced and street smart Democrat, who can best be trusted to deal with the negative color that Trump is waiting to dispel.

But the self-imposed contradictions undermine this argument and offer openness to question Biden's attitude to the truth – which Trump certainly assumes with pouring cheatspack.

Their president already raised questions about the age of 76-year-old Biden, calling him "sleepy" and speculating on his mental state – despite the fact that Trump is also in his 70s.

Democrats have blamed the media for covering up Biden for false equivalence insofar as they claimed that the focus in 2016 on Clinton emails ignored Trump's much worse behavior.

There is also an undeniable question about the extent. Is the messy history of the Biden war really in the same league as Trump's false claim that he won the popular vote in the 2016 election
Biden's last flap also unfolded after CNN, citing Trump's top aides said the president had lied that he had received phone calls from China over the trade war during the G7 summit.

Not telling the truth about a critical state affair affecting the global economy certainly goes beyond the clumsy conflict in campaign history.

However, nuance and proportion are always in the midst of a presidential election campaign.

Veronica Strakcaloursi of CNN contributed to this report.

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