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Joe Judis had access to Bravo in prison, but why didn't he watch the show?

Joe Judice of True New Jersey Hosts shared that although he had access to Bravo behind bars, he did not often watch his family on the show.

  Andy Cohen, Joe Judis, Teresa Judis
Andy Cohen, Joe Judis, Teresa Judis | Charles Sykes / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In exclusive footage that was not aired during Joe and Teresa Judice's stay with Andy Cohen, Judice admitted that he did not really watch the show. Cohen seemed intrigued by the access Judice had to cable while in prison. Cohen said, "Teresa mentioned to me Watch what happens live that you got Bravo in prison," Cohen asked. "Did you see the Jersey hosts while you were away?"

Judice explained that while he had access, he had more options to watch the show when he was in Fort Dicks, the first federal prison where Judice was accommodated. When he was transferred to Allenwood, a federal prison in Pennsylvania, his access was not so easily accessible. Even when he had considerable access to the show, why didn't he watch it often?

He watched bits of the show

Judice says he occasionally watched the show. "Sometimes guys would come to me and tell me the show was on," he says. "Sometimes I looked here and there. But not really. "

He adds that he watched only small segments and clips. "But I was watching some things here and there." Then Cohen says that Judis should also have been able to watch WWHL . "I mean, weren't you interested in …," Cohen began. He added that he was curious if Judice was interested in seeing her family.

Judis continues, "Yes, I have seen you several times. Because when I was in Fort Dix, the first federal prison, there was a man named Jack who loved Bravo. So we always have the Bravo channel on. "

But when he moved to another prison, he didn't see so much Bravo.

However, Judis says," When I got to the other prison, which was Allenwood. You know, he was only once. "

Which meant that Judis didn't see his family when they were as many as he could when he was in Fort Dix. "I was able to catch videos here and there," he explained. But Cohen really wanted to know if his family was on television, wouldn't he want to see them?

Cohen wondered if watching the show was too painful for him. "You know, yes, it was actually painful to watch them on television," he recalls. "It was actually sad. I saw an episode where my daughter was going out the window when I went to Fort Dix. And I mean, it was like a bowel movement. I couldn't even watch it. Judice recently reunited with her family in Italy. His daughter Jia re-posted the first picture of the family. "We're back," she wrote.

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