The San Francisco 49ers did not draw a broad successor to the NFL project in 2021. The team had chosen at least one band in each of the previous 19 projects dating back to 2002. This series is dead.

Most speculated that the 49ers could add a receiver this year, which would potentially increase the depth behind Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk. One of the recipients of the San Francisco draft class for 201

9, Jalen Hurd, has not yet stepped on the field for a regular season match, landing on an injured reserve in each of the last two seasons. He suffered an ACL injury during training camp last year.

General manager John Lynch spoke to reporters after the 49ers made their eighth and final draft pick and provided up-to-date information on Hurd.

“Jalen’s rehabilitation is going well,” Lynch said. “We are eager to bring him back here because he is rehabilitating far away. But we are registering regularly and he is doing a good job with his rehabilitation, so we are excited about that.

“I think Jane has always been hardworking and just had a hard time with these things. He will continue to work hard and we think he will be ready to go.”

Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan have admitted that the team’s bad luck with injuries has changed its strategy strategy this year. They placed more emphasis on health, and the duo was less likely to seek value from players who may have seen their stocks fall due to injuries.

Lynch also provided up-to-date information on the shots of Shon Coleman, who gave up last season due to concerns about COVID. Coleman missed the 2019 season after suffering a broken fibula and an ankle injury.

“He’s been here a lot out of season and he really looks good,” Lynch said, “just in training we’ll see after we go out on the field. But Sean is doing a good job. We’re happy with that.”