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John Oliver on Trump’s refusal to admit: “Absolutely unforgivable.” Late night TV review

John Oliver has fallen apart in Donald Trump’s “pathetic, dangerous” refusal to recognize Joe Biden’s victory last week tonight, after two weeks of attempts by the president to delegitimize election results with baseless allegations of voter fraud backed by most Republicans in Congress. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, for example, said Trump was “100% within his rights”

; to challenge the election result, and punished Democrats on the Senate floor for “any lectures on how the president should immediately accept joy the preliminary election results. by the same heroes who have just spent four years refusing to accept the validity of the last election. ”

“First, no one expected Trump to take the results immediately,” Oliver countered. “He’s not happy to accept anything but whistles, Nazi approvals, and the opportunity to shout in an unfamiliar truck,” to return to a photo from two years ago or what it feels like two decades ago.

In addition, Democrats in Washington never refused to accept the 2016 election results: Hillary Clinton officially stepped down the morning after election day, and Obama received Trump at the White House the next day. “Yet Republicans are trying to defend their support for Trump’s defenseless behavior,” Oliver continued. A senior White House official asked the Washington Post, “What’s wrong with insulting him in such a short time?” Which Oliver called “a question that never ends well, whether those who ask it are tired parents in need.” from holiday, or the Weimar Republic ‘.

The Trump campaign and its television surrogates on Fox News lobbied for many baseless allegations of voter fraud before, during, and after the election, and “if you’re a casual viewer of right-wing media, you might think, ‘Well, there must be something here.’ they wouldn’t be able to deal with all these problems for nothing, “Oliver said. “But the thing is, they are. This is really nothing. “

Oliver summarized Trump’s allegations of fraud from Pennsylvania to Georgia to Michigan. “I could spend the rest of this show debunking stories,” he said. “The problem is that it is endless” and often meaningless. “And who knows why Republicans are having fun with this – maybe it’s the fact that there are two Senate run-offs in Georgia and they want to make Trump happy to help him get voters there,” Oliver added. “Maybe they’re doing him a favor because they’re worried he’ll be an energy broker in the future, I don’t know. What I do know is that the answer to the question “what’s wrong with insulting him?” Is a lot.

The Trump administration’s refusal to recognize the election result prevents Biden from receiving high-level intelligence reports or gaining access to funds for his transition team. He urged Trump officials to share with Biden’s team critical details of a plan to spread the Covid vaccine. As cases set new records across the country entering the holiday season, “you really want the new pandemic team to be able to talk to the old team,” Oliver said, “even if, as I suspect, the old one The plan was just a whiteboard in Jared’s office, on which there was nothing but “find a cure?” He circled five times and then a drawing by Donald Trump saying, “Good job, new son.”

Many of Trump’s allegations of fraud are ridiculous or ridiculous, Oliver continued, but “the fact is that many people believe in such things. And when you keep insisting that elections have been stolen in big cities, and suggest removing that requires “the biggest battle since the Civil War,” to quote a video retouched by Trump of actor John Voight, comparing Biden’s challenge to the struggle with Satan, “Things are starting to get deadly serious.” Earlier this month, two gunmen were arrested in front of a convention center in Philadelphia, where city officials were counting ballots. One city commissioner, a Republican, told CBS News that the counting center had received threatening phone calls, reminding us that “this is the second amendment.”

It is clear, Oliver said in response to the situation in Philadelphia, that Trump is playing a dangerous game here because there is a huge difference between “not my president” and “not on President “. And to be clear, people who are so angry do not suffer in a vacuum. They are fed a constant diet of misinformation, allegations of fraud and nonsense about victims from stores such as Fox News, Newsmax, OANN and, most importantly, Trump himself. “

Trump’s continued spread of conspiracy theories via Twitter, as the election is “the right code for a president who has killed so many lives,” Oliver said. “So many of us have lost loved ones, either because you can no longer equate your love for them with their love for him, or because they have fallen into a mind-melting rabbit hole from conspiracy theories that he has happily perpetuated, or because he has allowed a deadly virus raged and that, damn it, killed them.

“And now, as a farewell gift to the country,” he concluded, “Trump somehow manages to divide us even more, while throwing his successor at the worst possible moment, which is absolutely unforgivable.”

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