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John Shaffer’s colleagues at Iced Earth: “We absolutely do not justify or support riots or acts of violence.”


John Schaefer‘s ICED LAND teammates distanced themselves from the violence and destruction of property at the US Capitol building on Wednesday (January 6th). The ICED LAND guitarist and founder is among dozens of people wanted by FBI for storming Capitol Hill that day.

Earlier today, a singer Stu Block, bassist Luke Appleton, drummer Brent Smedley and guitarist Jake Dreyer released the following statement: “We want to thank those of you who have sent words of support in recent days. Some of you have been concerned about our silence, which we understand. We needed some time to process the information properly and understand some facts before we make a statement.

“First and foremost, we absolutely do NOT justify or support the riots or acts of violence in which the rebels took part on January 6 at the Capitol in the United States. We hope that everyone involved on that day will be brought to justice. to be investigated and answered for their actions.

“With broken hearts, we send our love and compassion to anyone who has experienced pain since the events of January 6. We are deeply saddened and our hearts go to the families of the life lost that day. There really are no right words to console. Just know. that we are with you in your shock, sorrow and pain, much love for all of you.

Stu,, Luke,, Jake,, Brent“.

The FBIThe Washington field office released 40 photos early Friday morning of people suspected of illegally entering the U.S. Capitol violent uprising Wednesday during the final vote count in Congress for the 2020 general election. and a photo of Shaffer taken from Roberto Schmidt on AFP. On the picture, Shaffer can be seen in front of the crowd, a sports hat from Guardians of the oath, an anti-government militia group, and pointed a finger as he shouted at someone outside the frame.

Less than two months ago, Shaffer was interviewed by the German daily The world at another demonstration in Washington in support of the demonstration President Donald Trump and protesting against the results of the 2020 presidential election. In a two-minute chat, the 52-year-old musician told a journalist Carolina Druten: “A group of thugs and criminals have kidnapped this country a long time ago. Now they are making their big move and it will not happen. And that̵

7;s it. These are globalists. These are the scum of the earth. These are the criminals behind the whole fraudulent currency fee, they are behind all the wars, they are behind all the shit, they are behind the tactics of division and conquest, behind the racial division, it’s all nonsense, it’s all rubbish, people have to wake up and get out of the matrix because they’re coming down. They made the move. They’re messing with the wrong people here – trust me. And we had to be open – open fraud, open theft. Because now we see you and you’re coming down. Mark my words. “

He added: “I think that goes beyond that President Trump. President Trump is a populist. He’s not your typical Republican. He has not been identified. He doesn’t go out to start wars everywhere, as they do. Which is funny – where are all the Democrats who were anti-war? There is so much hatred Trump, it’s just ridiculous. He has been dealing with a criminal mafia that has been in the shadow that has ruled the world, frankly, for a very long time. They want to destroy our entire sovereignty and lead to global governance. We don’t have it. We can still do business together, the countries can still be at peace, but we will not merge into some globalist, communist system. It won’t happen. There will be a lot of bloodshed if that happens – believe me. The American people will not agree to this nonsense – once they understand what is really happening. So, there we are. Nobody wants that, but they push us to a point where we have no choice. “

Back in 2009 Shaffer he raised his eyebrows as he let go of his SONS OF FREEDOM project through an appearance on a radio show organized by the far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Recently Shaffer expressed his conflicting views on the coronavirus crisis during an interview with MetalSucks‘s “Quarantine broadcasting”, arguing that COVID-19 was “a campaign of psychological warfare against humans more than a serious pandemic.” Hinting that the shadowy Kabbalah of elites is using the global crisis as a cover for profit and the strengthening of their power, Shaffer said: “I think a lot more is happening here than it seems at first glance – in fact I know there is. Legitimate doctors and scientists are censored and banned YouTube always. These are incredible levels of fraud. “

In September 2020 Facebook Live chat, Shaffer he said he did not trust his government. “I don’t care if the person’s name is ‘R’ or ‘D,'” he explained. “You can’t put your hope in a president or a person, or a mayor, or a governor, or anything. You have to be there and actively put pressure on these people, to let them know you’re paying attention. If you don’t. you pay attention, they’ll rob you and steal everything. Your freedom too. Not just your money. They’ll steal your fucking freedom. Because they’re a bunch of perverted control freaks. “

Block – before IN ETERNITY – made your live debut with ICED LAND in November 2011

ICED LANDlast album “Incorruptible”, came out in June 2017 via Century Media.


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