President Trump announced a national emergency to release funding for his US-Mexican border. But the proclamation of a national emergency is not new – in fact, the use of urgent powers is older than the country itself.
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OAKLAND, CA – A federal judge on Friday banned President Donald Trump from using $ 2.5 billion in military assets to build high-priority segments of his valuable border in California , Arizona and Nova

Judge Haywood S. Gilliam, an Oakland junta, acted in two lawsuits filed by California and activists claiming that the money transfer is illegal and that the construction of the wall would create environmental threats. has succeeded in building a constitutional crisis that threatens immediate damage to our state, "California Prosecutor General Xavier Bechera, who led a 20-member coalition of lawyers-general in one case,

The decisions are in line with Gilliam Month's management, work from the beginning of two projects with the highest priority – one covering 46 miles (74 kilometers) in New Mexico and another covering 8 miles (8 kilometers) in Yuma, Arizona. 07] But the fight is far from over. The US 9th District Court of Appeals is expected to deal with the same problem with the use of military money next week. "There Was And No National Emergency Situation": ACLU Judges Trump Order For Border Wall

Is the Trump boundary built: Here the facts

could divert 6.7 billion dollars from military and other sources to begin the construction of the wall, which could start on Monday.

The Trump has announced the emergency situation after losing the Democratic party's hostile battle, which led to a 35-day government

The president has allocated $ 3.6 billion from military construction funds, $ 2.5 billion from defense activities, and $ 600 million from the asset retention fund of the Treasury.

Judge Friday did not rule out funding from the military.

In the second lawsuit filed by the US Civil Liberties Union on behalf of the Sierra Club and the Southern Border Coalition, the judge said the use of $ 2.5 billion for two sectors on the wall was illegal. , although he rejected the ecological arguments that wall construction would endanger species such as birchhorn sheep.

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