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Jungkook Blond Hair and Jimin & # 39; s Take Center Hat

Even a week after the Internet was lit up with rumors of return and news of new hair colors, BTS returned to Korea from Finland. The K-pop group – comprising members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook – arrived at Incheon International Airport for their trip abroad on November 11, but before leaving, BTS irritated Jungkook's blond hair, which made fans wonder if the band was preparing for their next album return. Then, when BTS returned home, they continued the trend. And, in general, BTS fans were left devastated by Jungkook's two-tone hair, Jimin's hat and many Bangtan Boys' charms.

BTS returns to Korea from Finland on November 16, 2019.

On November 16, BTS returned to Korea from Helsinki, Finland, according to a video posted by Newsen. The South Korean publication filmed BTS as they arrived at Incheon International Airport in Seoul. And usually every member of the BTS wandered around in an airport fashion, with cameras flashing from huge crowds along the way.

As seen in the 154-minute clip, individual BTS members lit up a face mask – except for Jin, who showed his face globally. The members also tied themselves to a hat that, to ARMY's disappointment, covered their hair.

Fans Responding to Jungkook's Blond Hair and Jimin's Hat When BTS Returned to Korea from Finland

Although most of the BTS members were covered, there were still a few key things that fans noticed when the band went returned from Finland. On the one hand, most ARMY members have found that Jungkook's hair is still blond and black in color. However, upon further inspection, some fans indicated that Jungkook's two tone hair looks almost green. But this may be due to the lighting.

"What is the color? Green? Rus? Black and white? ", A fan on Twitter asked. "Jungkook is too brilliant, I can't see it."

"I still don't understand jungkook's hair ," another fan tweeted.

Back then, holding Yungkuk's gig in a white white hat was none other than Jimin. And that sent ARMY mad. " Jimin with that big hat and a coat sticking to the jungle's hand," one fan wrote. PEAK TIME.

Later, Jimin published a selfie with his hat, noting that this was the idea of ​​J-Hope . "Hoseokie hyung said that if it looks like I'm wearing this ARMY, I'll like it," a fan reported on Twitter.

Some BTS fans even compare Jimin Airport's fashion hat to a rice ball . "I squeezed my HONOR in Jimin a fluffy baby polar bear from a cotton t-shirt with egg fluff," says one Reddit fan.

Meanwhile, other members of ARMY were simply grateful for the appearance of Jin's face. "Much respect for Seokjin's dedication to letting us see his face," wrote a Reddit user.

"Kim seokjin and the 6 masked men," another user wrote.

Nevertheless, most fans were excited to see BTS return safely to Korea, even if their hair was – for the most part – hidden from everyone's eyes.

"ARMY is trying to guess @BTS_twt hair colors like," writes a fan along with a line of laughing emoji.

Why was BTS in Finland?

  BTS adopted the Top Duo / Group on stage during the Billboard Music Awards in 2019
BTS | Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for dcp

Naturally ARMY was also curious why BTS is in Finland, according to Koreaboo, the K-pop group flew to Europe for a photo shoot with FILA On October 1, the Italian sportswear company struck a deal with BTS for advertising campaigns "Billboard arrives in early 2020.

" Passion, positivity and their true communication with BTS fans are qualities that are in line with FILA, "said a FILA spokesman." Their energetic and unique personalities also make them optimally suited as brand ambassadors, and we look forward to creating meaningful synergy between two global brands.

Therefore, some ARMY members have their doubts about the FILA campaign being filmed in Finland. As Apparel News reported, BTS will shoot its FILA campaign in December . And with the reason for the BTS trip to Finland unconfirmed by Big Hit Entertainment, fans have begun to wonder what else might be on the horizon.

"I wonder what they did in Finland, I'm so curious and excited to see what it will be, is this a return material? Is the winter season a welcome photo shoot? Or maybe CF, who knows, "a Reddit fan writes.

Nevertheless, the return of BTS from the trip to Finland has raised further speculation about the return of BTS especially because the boys were so well covered.

"Yes, they are still hiding their hair so far. There is probably something about their upcoming return," writes a fan.

Nothing has been confirmed yet regarding the trip to Finland – even less a return date. But one thing is for sure – ARMY can feel it coming in. Until then, maybe Jungkuk's blond hair, Jin's hat and Jin's pretty face all over the world will live forever. on Facebook!

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