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Jupiter Jackpot: Goldschmidt to become the highest paid cardinal in the history of franchising | St. Louis Cardinals

Jupiter, Fla • Paul Goldsmidd, still new to this red jersey, the bird of the bat and his No. 46, remains in complete uniform by recently throwing the ball with his son out of the cardinals club. Other young children competed around them, as the training game shrank in the distance. All that Goldsmith had left to do was to change and leave for the day.

Jacob, three years old, muttered after his father, and as they went to the club, the younger Goldsmith released: "Dad, this place is the Cardinals and their new first pools end a five-year $ 1

30 million deal that will made Goldschmidt the highest-paid player in club history, two sources with direct knowledge of the talks said. The deal includes a ban on trade clause, a non-opt-out, and will keep it with the cardinals by 2024 and 37 years of age. The agreement reached on Thursday will be officially announced on Saturday in the Spring Team after Goldschmidt passes physically

The team's officials refused to comment and Goldsmith was only briefly in the club after Cardinal's victory 11-3 over the Yankees at Roger Dean Stadium.

Cardinals acquire Goldschmidt, 31, in the deal with four players with Arizona in December, and he arrived for a year under his contract.

"We're working for something," said John Moselleac, president of baseball operations. The Cardinals said their goal was to attract a permanent MVP candidate to stay on a regular basis.

The original goal was to give him the opportunity to get acquainted with the organization and play at a sold out stadium in Bush before "crashing". negotiations on it. Earlier this month, a cardinal employee said it makes sense to see the vision of the opening day and have a wife and two children in St. Louis before studying the conversations. In the last week, they accelerated.

A record agreement was reached before his first official representative before he first sneaked into his official white housewives. Jacob already has a matching home knitwear, though his name is shortened to "GOLDY" to match his smaller frame.

In Goldschmidt, the cardinals have discovered the wide presence they have been pursuing by the three-time MVP Albert Pujols. left the Angels as a free agent. Jason Hayward rejected the cardinals for the youth after a year in St. Louis, and 15 years ago, Giancarlo Stanton vetoed the cardinals trade in order to move to the Yankees. In recent years, the success of the cardinals has acquired and maintained signing players such as Scott Rolen, Jim Edmunds and, very recently, Matt Holinday. This only increased their hopes for the court and kept Goldschmidt. "So, when you talk about why Goldschmidt against X, Y, or Z, that's because of these intangible assets, how is he as a player and as a person," Mozeliak said in an interview a week ago at his office. He describes in detail the decision of the Goldschmidt aggressive trading team. "Through this process we were trying to figure out what it might look like, and we just did not seem able to do what we hope to do in another way. That's why there was a lot of urgency to do with Paul.

"I think the added value of Goldie is that it will make your strength stronger, it will make you stronger," concluded Moselauk. "And we've already seen how it will make your club stronger."

The only player in the National League to appear in the previous six consecutive All-Star Games, Goldschmidt hit .290 with a .533 breakthrough rate and 26 home last season for Arizona. He competed with Joey Votto as the first league player in the National League to leave Pujols, and Goldschmidt won two consecutive Silver Slugger awards for the best striker of the position he shares with elites like Votto and Anthony Rizzo. Goldsmith has twice finished second in the National League MVP vote, finishing sixth in his previous season, and is one of the top five players in any major offensive category, new or traditional.

His .534 Deferment Rate of 2012 Leads all first pools in baseball and won three Golden Glove Awards. His 934 OPS in this range ranks fourth among the active players with at least 3000 appearances on a plate

Mike Trout is ranked first in the 1,000

Stenton is fifth in 915, just before 900 of Bryce Harper. Two teammates last week called it a "force multiplier."

"It was everything that was advertised," said manager Mike Schildt late Thursday night. "The beautiful thing about Goldie is that he just has to be himself. He is really committed to winning. He wants to do it in every aspect of the game. When you have a person who is one of your better players, he has this mentality, he has a lot of residual effect. Professionals Professional. "Throughout the spring, Goldsmith politely refused to discuss his contractual situation, saying he preferred to keep his thoughts private. But he speaks openly about his concerns about the stalwart free agent market that has met the players of the past two winters, and what he writes about the willingness of the teams to spend to give fans the best possible product.

Last week, partly because of the frigid free agency, baseball grew happily. Trout agreed to record record 12-year deals for 430 million dollars. Cy Young winner Blake Snell and Tampa Bay received $ 50 million. Houston signed the third fighter Alex Bregman for five million dollars.

Earlier this spring, the cardinals signed Jose Martinez and Miles Mykolaas for extensions. Mikolas received a four-year expansion for $ 68 million, and when the Goldschmidt final finished, the cardinals would have committed more than $ 200 million, providing three players.

Goldschmidt's contract with cardinals surpasses Holliday's seven-year deal, $ 120 million, as the richest guarantee in club history. Goldschmidt will finish his current contract at $ 15.5 million this season, and in 2020 exceed Yadier Molina's $ 20 million salary to become the highest-paid cardinal.

Goldsmith was asked this week by a Post-Dispatch reporter. The jersey of the cardinals and whatever was going on in the coming seasons would have been what his children Jacob and Emma, ​​1, remember. There will be plenty of pictures of these memories. Goldsmith explained how, as a young man with Arizona, he saw the older players bring their kids around the team around the spring training, and their sons at the club.

"I thought it would be really great to share," he said. He added, "I now have the opportunity to see how a different organization is doing things. In fact, everything is about arriving with open eyes. "

On the Day of Sts. Patrick Jacob Goldsmith once again joined the Cardinals Club with his father, this time to see a special jersey. Goldsmith asked if he could pull out his festive green jersey from the chamber, and after he took it, he looked at her to see it in the front and back. Jacob's eyes, like his smile, widened.

He will have enough time now to take it.

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Hall of the Stan Musial Family and Future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols at a 2009 Bush Stadium Portrait Session (Photo by Chris Lee)

Paul Goldsmid is the newest star in the pantheon of the cardinals. This position, which probably had more prominent players from any other position in the history of the club, is similar to Pujols, Musial, Bottomley, McGwire, Hernandez, Mize, Clark, Cepeda and White. Then add Collins, Torre, Guerrero, and Alan.

Ranking is a challenge, but when in doubt, I will be deluded by the longevity of the position while these players are carrying red cardinals.

Spoiler Signal: Neither Tino Martinez, nor Bob Horner, nor Joe Hague made a cut. Even Matti Allu. Here are the top 15:

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