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Jussie Smollett, upset over salary, staged assault, police say

CHICAGO – Jussi Smolet, upset by his salary and seeking publicity, organizes a fake attack against himself a week after he wrote a threatening letter, the Chicago police reported on Thursday that the actor Empire surrendered to be charged Criminal Police Report

Chicago Police Officer Eddie T. Johnson, apparently angry at a morning press conference, said that Mr Smletlet had used the pain and anger of racism, exhausting resources that could be used to investigate other crime for which people actually suffer.

"I just want the families of gun violence in this city to attract so much attention," he said, citing the media.

Police say the attack has been committed. two brothers to whom the actor paid $ 3,500 and that they have a copy of the check that Mr. Smletlet used to pay them. They are also recovering, they say, telephone files that show that Mr. Smletlett talked to the brothers an hour before Mr. Smollett said the incident had happened and an hour later.

Governor Johnson refuses to explain why investigators now believe that Mr. Smolet has also played a major role in sending a threatening letter he received. The letter, which arrived a week before the reported attack, contained an innocuous white powder and a sketch of what looked like a hanged man. According to Mr. Smletlett, the return address has said "MAGA", which mentions a slogan from President Trump's campaign.

Governor Johnson mentioned another comment on the letter to FBI, which is investigating this part of the case. The agency declined to comment.

The officer seemed particularly upset that Mr. Smollett had arranged, he said, a fake assault that involved a looping around his neck.

"Why is someone – especially an African-American man – use the symbol of a loop to make false accusations? he asked. "How can one look at the hatred and suffering associated with this symbol and see the opportunity to manipulate this symbol to improve its own public profile?"

A representative of Mr Smolelet did not respond immediately to a request for comment on Thursday, the actor who surrendered to the authorities on Thursday morning claimed that the attack had occurred and that he did nothing wrong. He is scheduled to appear for an afternoon hearing on the charge of disorderly conduct that contains a maximum sentence of three years in prison.

After his arrest, the change of public opinion for Mr. Smletlet was quick and harmful. The report of the attack has spurred national support, including Democratic Party presidential candidates and President Trump, who called the incident " terrible." On Thursday, celebrities, including Michael B. Jordan and Tracey Ellis Ross, who initially supported Mr Smolette, began to take off their posts from social media after the end of the attack. Trump said in a post on Twitter " @JussieSmollett – what about MAGA and the tens of millions of people who have offended racist and dangerous comments! #MAGA Fox, the network that emits an empire, issued a statement on Thursday that it assesses the situation and the capabilities of the network. "We understand the seriousness of this issue and respect the lawsuit," the statement said. is publicly known, but it is not obvious that he had clashes with Fox leaders who recently issued a statement, strong supporting the actor who calls him a "unsurpassed professional."

During the press conference, police officers revealed much of what they had revealed about the reported raid, and Mr Smoletti, who was black and open gay, told the police that about two hours on January 29, two masked men attacked him on the 300 blocks on East Down Street in the center of Chicago. He said his attackers had targeted homophobic and racial insults, put a rope around his neck and poured a chemical. Mr. Smolet said the attack had happened after he had gone to take food.

Commander-detective, Edward Vonnicki, told the press conference that the investigators interviewed Mr. Smolet at the Northwest Memorial Hospital and found they had scars on his face, some bruises but no serious injuries

Investigators turned to the case as a possible hate crime, but had difficulty in finding evidence to match Mr Smlet's bill. The attack was not visible to surveillance cameras and there were no witnesses.

Days after the investigation, the investigators released a monitoring image of two men believed to be potentially interested persons who are now two brothers who have said

The police said she had found the brothers with the help of observers cadres who show they are taking charges from the area of ​​the reported attack. Investigators followed the cabin, interviewed the driver and identified passengers as Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo, two brothers and associates of Mr Smollett.

One worked as an extra of "Empire" and Mr. Smollett later admitted. that he has paid money so that one of them can teach him a music video.

The men arrived in Nigeria shortly after the incident, police said and spoke on the phone with Mr. Smletlett while they were off. And they were met by investigators after their return to Chicago on February 13 and were detained for two days.

Commander Vodnicki said the Brotherhood Advocate Gloria Schmidt had come to him and said, "You really need to talk to these people. I will allow them to give you a video interview with us and we will make you hear their story. They are not intruders. They are victims. "Men recognize that they are paid to participate in the reported assault, investigators said. As the brothers seemed to have struck Mr. Smolet, Chief Johnson said, "As far as we can say, the scratches and bruises you saw on his face were most likely caused by himself."

After the interview with the brothers, the Detectives released them without accusation, while seeking additional evidence to confirm their account. Asked about this decision on Thursday, director Johnson said: "It is Smolet who organizes this crime. They have witnessed cooperation. "

Almost from the outset, there was some skepticism about Mr. Smolet's story. It has grown over time, although the police have been insisting that the actor is seen as a victim. Mr. Smlett recognizes suspicions in his first public statement on the incident on February 1, when he says through his publicist: "I work with the authorities and am 100% factual and consistent at every level. Despite disappointment and deep concern with some inaccuracies and misrepresentations that are still spreading, I still believe that justice will be bestowed. "

In an interview with Morning America broadcast on February 14, Mr. Smolet said," I feel that if I said he was a Muslim or a Mexican or a black man, I feel the suspects would support me much more. "

These kinds of appeals for public sympathy seemed particularly unpleasant to Master Johnson. "Absolute justice would be an excuse for this city, which he blunted," he told the press conference. – By accepting what he did, then being a man enough to offer what he has to offer in terms of all the resources that have been invested in it.

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